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  1. Pointless arguing about who is less shit than the other. We only have a handful at most who are worth keeping. All I know is Muirhead McKee and Kidd better not be here next season.
  2. Well not much to be said that we didn't know about. The 95% of that squad need punted. No point in discussing the bunch of shit any longer so my next post will be to discuss the first new signing in January. I just hope the manager is good enough to get us out of the hole we are in!
  3. Thank f**k it will all be over today. It was good for a while laughing at the state of the Morton fans but my god it's boring now. Them getting sucked into a relegation battle will be class though
  4. Don't give a flying f**k how it went down, he's our manager now and can't wait to see how well he does with us when he gets his own players in.
  5. He started the game but was subbed off at some point.
  6. I'd take 3 or 4 right now providing we don't lose to Alloa.
  7. It has probably been a bit strange for the Thistle fans to read about us going on about having players missing. We are genuinely that shite that McKinnon has had to get us playing in a certain way to scrape points. He has us defending then trying to hit on the break with the pace of Rudden and Petracvius. It wasn't just that we missed those players but it as the fact it fucked up our style of play that has improved us over the last 4 games or so. January can't come quick enough for us, I'm sure the Thistle fans are thinking exact the same.
  8. Priority for me is a goalkeeper, creative mid and a striker. Obviously need more but that would be my starting point. With the defence looking better and with us adding a right wing back I think it will be 352 for the rest of the season.
  9. I agree with this. He feels like a good fit for the club and I think he will do well for us. The tossers on onef sound like they want him gone already though. Just shows what little football knowledge they have on there!
  10. To get a point against anyone in the league with our team is an achievement. To get a point without Buaben Rudden and Petra is a miracle. Would definitely have taken a point before the game.
  11. Jesus that team. If Partick done win today then they must be dreadful.
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