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  1. Theres zero doubt we're better than last season, and we shouldnt be near relegation if we keep this up. My worries about how we adapt to losing certain players (Matthews/Mitchell in January?) and how we approach moving the squad forwards over the next 2 windows remain though. Last Summer we had a good squad playing well but it clearly needed players brought in to improve it now and in the future, but instead we just added numbers and a rot set in. He cant afford to repeat that mistake, we need to see players, especially next Summer, brought in who can give us what Considine/McGowan in particular are but over 2/3 years, as both will likely be out the team by then. Ill enjoy these good spells while i can though, and hope lessons have been learned.
  2. Theres a few plot holes been shoved into the show so far simply so we can have a nice scene, and its annoying. Either that or theyve cut scenes that help explain things better.
  3. Theyre headed towards Mordor, think theyre now virtually on the same route as Frodo/Sam now, you see them in the dead marshes (not yet the dead marshes) in episode 5, and i think the north east route is them going around the worst of it. Presumably theyll witness the eruption in the next episode and by the end of the season we might see The Stranger meet Halbrand/Galadriel, which should clear up a lot.
  4. Yeah i hate this "arrive just in the nick of time" stuff. Like we know for a fact Galadriel and Isildur, as examples, arent dying this season, so stop teasing it. Mountain was/is Mt Doom, with the "Southlands" being Mordor before Mordor, which it now will be. They, briefly, showed that in the map the Numenorean Queen looked at in the boat, plus the river they sailed up to get close, but quite why they decided to charge full speed over, presumably, hundreds of miles to a tiny village where they had no idea was under attack i dont know. Galadriel should be able to tell its him, but thats book Galadriel who im sure is already married with kids by now. I think Sauron should be with the elves just now and hope thats how it goes. I like the idea he has an Aragorn arc but then fails at the end and becomes a Nazgul by accepting a ring, but there was about 4 solid hints hes Sauron in the last episode. We're now down to it being him, The Stranger, or not seen yet.
  5. Im still enjoying this, and liked the Mt Doom moment. Felt like a few too many convenient moments though, and im still a bit worried theyre going to have Halbrand as Sauron. Like persuading Galadriel to persuade Numenour to remove his enemies from Mordor* is very, very, on brand for him, but the most important Sauron stuff is whats happening with the elves. Celebrimbor suddenly desperate to finish his forge + the bullshit about them needing mithril to survive. If they dont tie that stuff to Sauron, and i dont see how they can if hes Halbrand, then theyve absolutely fucked it. Still hoping we havent seen him yet.
  6. I like, i think, the theory that Halbrand will become a Nazgul of some description. If done right it could be great to see a Galadriel whos learned to ease up, and an Aragorn-esque "lost king" storyline, be ripped apart by betrayal as he accepts a ring from Sauron.
  7. - The SPFL as a whole could do more, and do things better, to help increase the TV deal. Its lower than we deserve. - Theres little interest from companies in showing games and we're stuck either with the guaranteed Sky money, or taking a Setanta-esque punt on something new and unproven, so Sky have us over a barrel. Both these things are true, to me.
  8. Ive no issue with the actual accents, im just expecting issues when enough people latch on to the fact they purposely made the travellers in the show Irish. Im sure ive seen theres already been complaints from Ireland about it. Thats how elves were written by Tolkien, though. Thinking they were superior to all others as they were "first" to be woken. The world was built for them and all other races are just ugly things to fill up space. They live multiples time as long as other races so assume their issues are more important too. Most times they interact with other races around this time they speak down to them, maybe taking a patronising interest in their problems, then go back to more important issues of their own. Apologies if neither are contesting that, and are simply complaining shes an arsehole.
  9. Saints with the better chances, County the better team, for me. You could see County had multiple plans. Go direct to White with Callachan coming on to the knock downs, get it wide for the two direct, pacey, wing men to create something. Samuel came on to add a runner in behind White as knock downs weren't working. Dhanda came on to try and dictate play in the centre as Cancola was just recycling play instead of doing anything risky. Changed RB as Watson wasnt exploiting the space. It didnt work for them but theres variety there and you can see either the players fit how they want to play or they play around their players strengths. We still, 3 seasons in, rely entirely on crosses for chances no matter whos on the park. Chucking these in while having an attack of Clark, May and Murphy on the park seemed daft, but it was still happening after 90 minutes of Countys CBs winning literally every header. Not sure what Crawford was meant to be changing, but the McLennan one had an idea behind it at least. Although it came far too late (Countys RW had zero interest in defending and Watson was there to be run at). We're better than last season through nothing more than Mitchell and Considine being better CBs than McCart, Muller and Dendoncker (yet both new players will likely be out our starting 11 this time next year), but we now seem to actively hold the 3 CBs in our own half these days rather than trying to push them forward which also helps us look better defensively, at the cost of attacking play. Drey Wright has looked good but hes still a downgrade on Rooney for me, and hes still remarkably easy to take out the game due to him needed to go down the wing and there being no overlap/underlap coming from the RCB. Teams will have us sussed out pretty quickly again this season and i dont know what answers we'll have.
  10. The accents are a bit misguided in this, i think. Having the travelling hobbits speak Irish is an issue in itself, i think.
  11. If they do the Numenor story correctly its going to be absolutely outstanding, and so far its looking promising.
  12. Hard to know yet. If you love tolkien stuff then stick with it to see the cities etc., the films didnt show. If you've no interest then im unsure. Its still building plots and characters just now.
  13. Glad Halbrand doesn't look like being Sauron, them trying to make him anything but evil will be awful. Charming etc, yes, but dont make him sympathetic Warg design as said was awful, a pointless change, while the horse riding scene was one of the worst things I've ever seen. Loving seeing all the places and characters though, the world is incredible.
  14. Its awful. No ad breaks, no news breaks beyond the odd update about the royal families movements from a solemn sounding DJ. Just endless depressing music being pumped out at you.
  15. Ive been at work since half 8. I either work the entire time in silence, which would drive me insane, or listen to the radio, which is literally only playing sad songs. I cant wear earphones and cant stream music. What do you suggest i do to avoid that? Quit my job? Sadness is being forced upon me, as to avoid it ive to either drastically change my day or risk losing my job.
  16. Tay FM has spent the entire day playing depressing songs (Angels by Robbie William has 3 plays so far), no adverts, and no news updates beyond whats happening with the royal family. The whole country is literally being forced to be sad for absolutely no reason. Football returning after covid helped show how important the experience is for many with depression etc., chance to spend time with friends/family, blow off steam etc Theres absolutely people with depression being pounded with 24hr "be upset!" coverage and have had their weekend escape stolen from them, all because a rich 96yo died peacefully surrounded by family and we've all to be upset.
  17. It most definitely is. Folk are either just up front about it, or are trying to hide behind some bizzaro criticism that a show that'll go on for 5+ seasons is a slow burner. Peoples minds were made up before the show began, and thats fine, but stop boring the folk who actually want to try and enjoy a brand new LOTR story please. I love the LOTR world Tolkien built, and read all the books multiple times etc., and I'm just delighted to see new parts of it on screen and characters come to life. If it turns out to be shite then so be it.
  18. Shite like this is just infuriating to me. Folk acting like the original trilogy didnt change characters looks, change entire plots, and just plain make stuff up, compared to the books. Its a work of fiction based on a work of fiction.
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