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  1. I checked his "best actions" section on WyScout and nothing appears Listed as only playing 3 games on there too, EFL trophy in 2019 when West Ham U21s lost 3-1 to Exeter, then 2 games at U18 level for Liverpool. His 1v1 defensive reel is great fun to watch.
  2. Unfit/lazy players aren't playing top flight football in CM at 35/36. Its that simple really.
  3. I've no idea what's happening with contracts but I think McCart is 100% off. Club will probably already have players in mind for next Summer. Clark and Rooney feels like it depends what offers they get elsewhere and it'll probably be later than January before the decide. Not sure how long the club would wait before signing alternatives. CM area needs a huge overhaul. Ideally we sign almost an entire unit in there, especially with Wotherspoon being out, so someone stepping up in January is key. Whether that's a new signing or one of the loanees returning.
  4. Aye. His contract expires at the end of the month, and he tweeted "sacrifice" the day before he signed for us. He might help in a game or two but he'll be gone as soon as he can.
  5. Who could've possibly predicted Craig Bryson getting injured. A real head scratcher. Fortunately we signed, erm, nobody else who can play the deeper role well in possession to cover for him. As for "last seasons attacking form", we scored less a goal a game in league and broke records for the least amount of home goals. The idea we can rely on the defence keeping a clean sheet and someone scoring the only chance we create, long term, isn't based in reality.
  6. Absolutely astounded to come on this thread and see Aberdeen fans talking about the 80s. Astounded.
  7. Shaun Rooney wasn't signed by Davidson and then sat on the bench for 6 months. Danny McNamara he'd known about for at least a year before he signed him. Has Middleton been that good beyond a couple of key goals? Even last season he drifted through a lot of games. Won't argue he's been a good loan due to the goals he did get though. Melamed was handed to him on a plate and again, he spent months out the side before being chucked in. I know how this'll sound but was he really much better than Brian Graham was for us? Better than Graham Cummins in his first season? I liked Melamed though tbh. Won't argue he can improve a player over the course of a season.
  8. I think you're right tbh, too many games coming up for any upheaval to be worth it. If he leaves then we'll need to find someone who either knows the squad well, or knows the league well. Best outcome is we pick up some form, hit January, we get players in to suit how he wants to play and everything starts improving. @glenrothes 1884 saint 's McInnes shout the obviously good one for the second part, and I've no idea how much he knows about the squad. Some sort of deal until the Summer there might suit everyone. Long term I wouldn't have a clue. Its not the right situation for Craig/MacLean yet IMO especially if he does go this month.
  9. I think Davidson is a great manager, and with the right squad, could do great things. Theres a difference between "not being adventurous" with signings and being negligent though. His permanent signings who got more than 1 year deals are James Brown and Charlie Gilmour. Vertainen too if people are wanting to credit him with that signing. Bryson and Conway signed to get us through the "Covid" season, one of which is 35yo, unable to play 3 games in a week, and is probably our best midfielder. Melamed just a complete punt as we were desperate. For me hes made 2 permanent signings of note in 3 windows. One of them he doesn't even know where to play and the other is on loan at Alloa. The rest are just short term loan punts. Its like he puts no effort into it as he knows he can improve players off the pitch, so now we're stuck with half our squad being inexperienced, flawed, players who hes desperately trying to fashion into the type of players he wants. He had, at least, 6 months to plan for a really obvious situation where we lose Kerr in the Summer window. He signed James Brown, then Hayden Muller on loan, then Lars Dendoncker on loan, then Efe Ambrose. 4 attempts, spread out over weeks and beyond the window, for one position, and in the end we've ended up moving Rooney back there. Its not good enough.
  10. Maybe to outsiders. I think a fair chunk of Saints fans both blame his, dreadful, transfer record and his "style" for us blowing an incredibly strong position and finding us where we are. We had a quality, young, side all contracted for 2+ years when he came in, and nothing was done to capitalise on that in terms of squad building. We still rely on Davidson, Craig and Kane FFS. The double will never ever be forgotten, but nothing points to him managing any sustained success with us.
  11. Aye its nowhere near value just now. Last season was fine as you got to rewatch the game the next day and see interviews etc., but now you're lucky if they even upload the match and interviews at all.
  12. Aye that's it. Thursday nights at Loft. May chatting up 16yo lassies, Tade and Hasselbaink having the time of their lives, and Vine/Croft hanging around in the background trying to chat up lassies after they've spoken to May.
  13. Lomas was in The Grill singing the Sash, most likely. I'm fairly sure another Saints player (besides from May) used to tag along to Loft with that lot and just look completely out of place.
  14. They didn't get £2m this Summer. The £2m in the bank is still there. Its been common knowledge for about a decade they intended to build up, and then maintain, a certain amount of money to help protect the club after the debacle of the Setanta collapse almost killed every club in the country. It'll be held to protect against any future, unplanned for, financial issues that affect Scottish football, much like the "covid season" we just had. Think if/when we're relegated it'll allow us a season with a "top flight" wage bill to give us the best chance of going straight back up. Theres plenty to have a go at us/Steve Brown over financially, its just weird you've imagined up some scenario where hes stealing money from the club tbh. Theres financial reports going back a decade that literally prove its not happening.
  15. Steve Brown has just bought himself some gold teeth and a brand new rolls royce, so maybe there. In the real world, the majority has probably gone into helping make up for the £500k loss from last season. I'd guess the manager will get funds to spend on fees/wages, but we won't be spending £1m on someone, so presumably you'll be in here gloating about the Browns "pocketing" money, as you have a really weird obsession with trying to claim thats a thing.
  16. Can we get a photo of it happening? I'd be surprised if they didn't sign more than two. Club has many flaws but they aren't stupid. This Summer was a mess but its a repeat of the Summer 14 window so presumably theres something about us winning trophies that causes everyone to lose their minds, probably just harms planning though somehow. On a sidenote, how many folk are still paying for Saints TV? I'm struggling to justify it now they don't even bother ever uploading games to watch again these days or even interviews. Literally spending money on nothing.
  17. Yeah being above us in December is likely up there with a pre-season friendly and avoiding relegation from the Championship as "highlights" for them over the last decade, but every single year when we're struggling you get the same ones appearing to brag about our demise. We'll sign 5 players in January and go on a run that takes us safe, while Charlie Adam will over do it at Christmas and be out of action for months and they'll realise their midfield is being held together by Paul McGowan, while Griffiths/Cummings chuck it as they both know they're gone in May and they'll be left with Danny Mullen as their only striker.
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