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  1. I honestly think a confident May can be a secondary option striker at this level. He's great at reading the game and still has a knack of being in the right place in the box. A confidence less May like we've got I've no idea, maybe a back up in the tier below. He's still convinced he can get away with a lack of bravery on the ball if he appears to be working hard, and it would be unfair for me to slaughter Crawford for it and not May.
  2. Willie Collum is just awful. Hilarious and great entertainment when you're a neutral, but also awful.
  3. This is ridiculous now, Collum isn't even pretending to ref both sides the same.
  4. Nobody does against Celtic or Rangers. They get the side and dressing rooms they want.
  5. That's 4 fouls against Tavernier, including a handball, and still no booking. Absolutely wild Rangers fans think refs are against them when it's common as f**k for their players to get far more leeway than others.
  6. Hallberg stuff weird too. Unwilling to name him as a doubt for leg 1, but now he's more than happy to say he's a doubt for leg 2. Strange that.
  7. It cleary was, as with Hallberg, despite the fact we've discovered this morning Hallberg was too ill to play and it's being presented as fact he couldn't play any longer. The point that taking both our outlets off and not replacing them correctly is the error seems to be getting missed and Davidson is escaping criticism yet again. Everyone being told he couldn't do anything else. He's definitely staying next season, the two main journalists will put a huge PR push in this Summer to convince everyone it wasn't his fault. We've got at least another 6 months of him in charge.
  8. There's not been. Wagons are being circled and Hallbergs "illness" is presented as justification.
  9. On a serious note it is the benefit the Championship side has in these games. Teams finishing near the top have, generally, seen their club come from behind before and have faith they can do it. If we go 2-0 down on Monday then every home fan in the ground is thinking that's it for us, as we've shown absolutely nothing to suggest we can recover that. It'll genuinely be toxic if we go down, our support have bottled up any rage towards Davidson all season in the name of blind faith. It came out at Kelty but he managed to hide while his players took the brunt, I don't think he can escape it at McDiarmid very easily.
  10. I'm not sure a, relatively, well known face is getting through crowds of hundreds, if not thousands, of Rangers fans around the ground without having to stop for at least one photo. He would've gotten a ticket from his brother to support him, he didn't wear Rangers colours and didn't publicly support them. I've no idea what else Aberdeen fans expected from him, it's almost impossible for footballers to just silently attend games like that.
  11. It also doesn't excuse the decision to also take Middleton off, nor the decision to replace him with Butterfield and park our midfield in our own half.
  12. Although how many of these are simply shuffling stuff around and hoping it works? Trying to think of the last time he adjusted tactically in a match to turn us dominant.
  13. The refereeing conspiracy against us continued, ICT scored a flukey goal, our players stopped following instructions and Jupiter started aligning with Mars.
  14. Tbf you could argue the Livingston game, sub set up sub for the winner. That's about it from memory though.
  15. I honestly think he might blame me if we're relegated for stirring up bad feeling.
  16. There'll be a horrible feeling of fate if we're relegated in Liam Craig's final game, the last of the promotion winners (May doesn't count IMO). 15 years hard work down the drain and if they don't sack Davidson, probably with a smaller support.
  17. They will. Our shitehawk squad have buckled in every big home game this season due to the mentality the shitehawk manager has instilled. Biggest, most expensive, squad we've had in about 30 years and the clown in charge won't change a thing from last night. He'll assume the first half will just repeat if we play the same way, and when it doesn't he'll just stand there gormless praying for a dodgy decision so he can blame the ref.
  18. They might not be released tomorrow, sounds like there's been a few season ticket holders with issues.
  19. If we go down and keep Davidson we won't be near the title. He's not got the mentality to win games every week.
  20. Here comes the cavalry, finding something to blame other than the managers subs...
  21. I could give a detailed response, but I'm not sure you can read more than 20 words at a time.
  22. I don't even think those defending him actually believe what they're saying, they're just those types who refuse to ever criticise anything to do with the club.
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