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  1. Max Johnstone was a permanent signing who's now gone. Presumably replaced by the superior Ross Sinclair. Johnstones signing seemed entirely to cover reserve matches while Sinclair was loaned out.
  2. The stadium name thing is a nightmare 😂 Alan Main is listed as a Saints legend on FM. Absolute NAP in 10 years I'll comfortably be the best Saints manager ever, and theyll build a stadium called the Alan Main Arena 😂
  3. Ones to look at are the ones who, as far as I've seen, impressed on loan last season. Cammy Ballantyne is a CM who Montrose fans raved about, and with it being League One level draws McCann comparisons before his breakthrough. Olly Hamilton is a winger who played regularly at Brechin, scoring a few times. Hes been highly rated at Saints for years now. Theres a CM and Winger right there. You've then got Sam Denham (CB), John Robertson (W, ST), Jordan Northcott (W, ST) who have all been regularly training with the senior team, with the latter two both already making their debuts. Robertson obviously had experience in League Two with Cove last season. Are they good enough to make an impact this season? Who knows. But I'm comfortable with the idea the manager is giving these types of players a chance to impress him before making a decision before rushing into signings and blocking their pathway. If they dont look up to it, then we move on. The squad seems strong enough currently to cope with a few weeks of fixtures without needing reinforcements. Theres chat the transfer window will be open until the end of October this season.
  4. Well if a team who finishes 7th in the top flight cant compete with Forest Green, how do you expect a distribution model to allow the team who finished 13 places below that to compete? Its not possible without increasing the prize fund massively.
  5. Youd need to increase the prize money massively then. St Johnstone lost out on a player to Forest Green a few years ago when they offered the player 4 times more.
  6. Is there any point in discussing this with you? Feels like you'll just slate it regardless.
  7. Partick fans dont seem to care. They're currently celebrating United, Raith, and Cove, not getting their legal fees paid.
  8. After the success of Ali McCann it would make sense to give the youngsters a chance to impress aswell. No point spending some money on a player only to find you've got a better one already at the club, then find you've not got enough money to get a quality player who appears later on in the window.
  9. I never said you wouldnt? Someone asked if he could play for Rangers in Europe, and he can only, presumably, go back to them after January.
  10. They paid to take you to court, I doubt theyll also pay for a bill addressed to Partick Thistle.
  11. I've no idea how it works. He was at your club for well over a decade, both playing, coaching, then as Managing Director. Maxwell is higher up the SFA chain, and with Petrie out the picture, will be leading the SFA just now.
  12. As is Ian Maxwell, so it's hardly fair to claim Hearts and Partick arent represented.
  13. I'm sure it "resets" after the January window. So he can play the qualifiers for you, and still play in European fixtures for another side after January.
  14. You mock, but your wee random kickback pals who pollute this thread will claim a victory either way. Reconstruction is impossible, yet theres still Hearts fans in here claiming it's going to get forced through.
  15. Because they're morons. No matter what the outcome today theyll claim theyve won. Even if it gets chucked out, you'll have them claiming it was all part of a plan to waste time and try and kill clubs. Theyll then add that multiple clubs are "on the brink" because of their actions.
  16. The only certainty today is Hearts fans will be claiming a form of victory no matter what the outcome.
  17. Dont blame Broon. I've heard Kirsten Robertson is single handedly vetoing every single player and demanding everyone takes pay cuts. If they refuse she plans to eat their souls.
  18. Heard we'll never sign anyone ever again and plan on selling anyone who gets an offer in for them.
  19. I'll double check tomorrow night but it was around £21m in April. Making the quarters in the Champions League made us a monster amount.
  20. Squad Review 2028/29 Goalkeepers Williamson gets his usual run at the end of the season, and in the Betfred. Will hopefully be pushing for the first choice role next season. Defenders For someone signed for £38k as a cheap 3rd choice LB during an injury crisis, Langston has really come on. Became first choice in the second half of the season. Rest really just doing what they do. Kpohomouh has found himself out the starting line up now. Midfielders Heath by far my best player, but my assistant now rates Bell as a batter player, not sure why. Wingers chipped in aswell. Bingham has agreed to join Hearts, which is bit annoying as I was half tempted to try and keep him. Will struggle to improve on this lot. Strikers Decent, but not outstanding. Can't decide what type of 3rd choice to go for.
  21. As the old saying goes, fifth times the charm Finally stumbled on a set up that batters them.
  22. Post split fixtures 2028/29 Hibs game probably summed our season. Off the back of a great European showing, and the players don't seem interested. TBH I lost interest myself after that, as it became clear we'd be finishing 3rd. Win over Celtic nice, but we only manage one every 3 years and have a Scottish Cup Final next. Poor season by our new standards. Don't even qualify for the play offs, just the 3rd qualifying round, so will need to go through 2 rounds to make the groups. Rangers go straight into the group stage. Scottish Cup Final v Celtic next, no build up as we lose them all the time (this will be my 5th Cup Final as Saints manager, with no trophies).
  23. You think a law that relates to the split is relevant? Theres about four different ones with more relevance than the one you're claiming is some smoking gun.
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