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  1. This plus Booth and Crawford, both of whom i regularly forget exist, is how i think the squad is set for next season, as it stands. Agree midfield looks an issue but not a lot of wiggle room in there. Could see Ferguson loaned out, and Crawford punted, which frees up a slot, but maybe Wotherspoon takes that. New CB signing could be pivotal.
  2. They won't. They've always lied about their home attendances but its gone into overdrive now their own fans boycott due to hiring Mackay. Expect to be told its a home sell out before discovering sections empty.
  3. Genuinely didnt see any of the loaned out players there (which is a shame on O'Hallorans part, he deserved a farewell for what hes done as I doubt he'll ever be back at the club in any capacity now), but I didn't really pay much attention tbh.
  4. Aye Kane/Wotherspoon coming on stopped the game sort of just coasting out a bit. A shame we didn't see more of Wotherspoon in front of Montgomery this season, think that could've been a great partnership on the wing.
  5. I take it you understand why they have such a high amount of young players playing, dont you?
  6. If he wasnt David Wotherspoon you'd say punt him, IMO, as harsh at that is. Too many ageing players and he'll likely want a 2yr deal. But he is, so I think you give him the chance to prove himself with a pre-season, plus you know everything he can bring off the pitch.
  7. De Lucas was better than Parkes, who I genuinely felt sorry for in the first half. A good meat and tatties CB probably, but just not up the physicality/pace of this division. De Lucas a better fit but just a bit thick sometimes.
  8. It crossed my mind when Bair wasn't even there after the match that he might have returned to North America to get himself a new club. Could easy see us just waiving any fee if he just walks from his contract, and honestly think thats best for both parties. Kane spoke just weeks about how much he loves the club and how he wants to stay. Could be just paper talk to get a better deal but I dunno, he doesn't seem the type. I think he'll stay.
  9. Which is good. Again, my point isnt that Queens Park arent doing the right thing or doing it well. My point was the fan claiming it was going to revolutionise Scottish football and break the Old Firm, based on something achieved at AZ (who already had league titles before Beuker even arrived). AZ have a lot of advantages at youth level that Scottish clubs just simply dont, no matter how much money you pump into it. English clubs are all over it up here now due to Brexit so youll see more and more U16s moving on.
  10. Kane made the best case to get a new deal from anyone today. Being harsh if Wotherspoon/Brown wouldn't accept squad roles with wages to match then you move on though. Wotherspoon deserves the chance to get fit and show more though, but i dont know if he accepts a 1yr deal?
  11. Aye, you can see what sort of player he wants in his side now, i think, by seeing how they play. Its exciting.
  12. Aye i know about that site. I mean just since you turned professional.
  13. Todays squad has 5. Sinclair, Ballantyne, May, Wills, and Kane all came through our academy. The first 3 have started almost every match under our new manager, while Kanes been a regular for years before missing 18 months with an injury. 2 others, Gordon and Wotherspoon, are from Perth with Gordon joining as a teenager from Hearts youth system. Both had played for our youth sides previously before moving on at school age. Both are regulars We had 5 in the double winning side. Zander Clark, Jason Kerr, Ali McCann, Chris Kane and Stevie May (plus Gordon and Wotherspoon). All but Kane and May moved on now, with us recouping £2m+ for them. Thats after previously getting £1m+ for May. Again, im not saying yer mans idea wont work, just the fan claiming its going to create a revolution is miles off. Brexit has EPL sides tapping up 14yos in Scotland now, youll rarely see your best prospects actually play for you. As for our European run, last time we were in it we drew with Galatasaray, again with 5 youth products in the team. How many Queens Park youngsters are playing for them?
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