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  1. Tbf this would work better if you hadn't been all over United threads lately.
  2. I'm sure someone on here before has explained its up the referee.
  3. Virtually word for word what Sunderland fans spent a full season moaning about when Ross managed there (based on the documentary). Cost them promotion and his job, so surprising he's repeating that.
  4. McCann biggest issue this season might be getting man marked. I didnt pay great attention last season to notice how often it was happening, but it was noticeable against United that their plan was to keep him off the ball. Craig didn't seem to get the same close attention.
  5. Aye Holt should fit in well. Hard working and his passes generally find the target. I wouldnt have minded us taking him back at all, looked decent in his occasional outings. Only reason he wasnt a regular was because Ali McCann came along, any other season and I think he'd have been key.
  6. Both sides only seem to threaten on the counter. A remarkable amount of space on Uniteds right flank when caught out though, a few times there's been a massive gaping hole there just waiting for the right pass.
  7. Tbf comparisons between all four are easily found (now).
  8. Yeah I wouldnt have minded him back at all. Completed more passes than either Muzz or Craig last season, probably because his passes were also, on average, shorter than both. Wouldve liked to see him and McCann in a midfield two, as i feel like both are more than capable of linking playing neat one-twos all over the park. Its not a strength of Davidsons. Last season the top ranked in terms of on the ball stuff were... Goal threat: Davidson Creating high quality chances: Craig Completing passes: Holt Everything else, and second best at all the above: McCann Neither Craig or Davidson completed more than 72% of their passes (McCann 76%/77%, Holt 80%/81%), and neither attempted as many passes as Holt either.
  9. Looked at Rangers heat map against St Mirren to try and find a weak spot.
  10. I'm interested in how Saints v County goes. We also played a narrow front three... ... in our last game. Not quite sure who'll come out on top there.
  11. There's a brief analysis on County, and their new set up, on Twitter just now, if you're into that sort of thing.
  12. I'm not sure. He'll likely let the dressing room manage itself, and with the talent in there that might not be a bad thing.
  13. Think we'll need three in the middle to cope with this one. Any idea if Murray is fit? Rangers obliterated St Mirren centrally today, and United caused us massive problems there in the first half last week. Millwall fans reckon the 5-2-3 set up saw them stronger defensively than a 4-5-1 set up.
  14. I'm sure one of the Twitter stattos had figures that showed McCann was a key player for us in terms of building attacks last season. He didn't always assist a goal or score it, but he generally made a key pass in the process. Wish I could find the post again but haven't yet. Think that's what Chris Millar gave us previously, and probably Jody Morris aswell thinking about it. Both of them chipped in with the odd goals here and there aswell, so hopefully McCann can match or improve on his tally last season. If we are playing a two man midfield, and McCann is one, what kind of midfielder do you reckon would be the best match beside him?
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