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  1. New kits for 18/19

    Don't think theyre nearly as bad as folk are making out, tbh.
  2. Kieran Tierney

    When has Tierney played CH in a back four?
  3. Come On Ye Mo - Montrose FC 2018/19

    Bit off topic, but did Paddy Creggs red card in a friendly mean he was suspended for two of your Betfred Cup matches?
  4. Yup. Lovren has proven himself at the World Cup as a capable CH, and Van Djik is aswell
  5. A good right back and another centre half and they ( dare i say it ) win the EPL. Signings have been excellent. Tbf Lovren was a standout at the World Cup. Assume Mignolet will be the keeper sacrificed.
  6. The Celtic 2018/19 thread

    Not sure it's ever worth seriously comparing English transfers to anything. Gunn is so expensive because he's the England U21 keeper and counts towards homegrown quotas.
  7. Always worth reminding those who weren't in this league last season that NDD (the op), stopped supporting Dundee for a spell last season because they weren't winning any games.
  8. League Cup 2018/19 Group B

    Brother Madden is the ref again, so...
  9. League Cup 2018/19 Group B

    Saturday is a huge game for us now, although it sounds like Montrose didn't play particularly well, and you wonder if so many games in a week, so early in the season, might affect them. We'll likely go two up front, with Watt and Kane being that wee bit fitter one of them should have the legs to start. I'd be disappointed if they fail to score again.
  10. The Hibernian Thread

    Wrong way around though, as you've bought quality and sold shite.
  11. League Cup 2018/19 Group B

    Definitely, we're by no means certain to win all our remaining games so nobody running away with things early on would be appreciated.
  12. Jamal Lascelles is apparently worth £25m, so....
  13. He outscored El Bahktaoui, easily. Sammons not as bad as made out, the issue is he won't hit double figures. As a main striker you'd be disappointed, as someone you want to chip in here and there he'll be a fine. A definite upgrade on that absolute horse Bowman.
  14. The Hibernian Thread

    I'd be a bit disappointed in Henderson returns to Scottish, or UK, football. Type of player who'd fucking thrive in Spain or Italys top flight and become a real technical all rounder.
  15. FIFA 18

    I didn't adjust any user slider. All these are CPU ones. Shot error - 25 Pass error - 5 Goalkeeper ability - 65 Positioning: Marking - 75 First touch control error - 5 Found it on one of the fifa forums. Hopefully help you out. I'm 23 games in with West Ham and have 23 points. Been a struggle but slowly getting there squad wise. Last time I tried a career mode on Legendary I strolled into the top four with Brighton. So there's definitely a difference