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  1. Same as Jake Hasties when Rangers inexplicably went for him. Hes being offered a move to club higher up the ladder than his ability deserves, with wages on offer well beyond what he'll ever get again, so its a total non-brainer. Hes going there for the money, while Rangers are presumably only doing this to "put Aberdeen in their place", as Wright is absolutely miles away from enhancing their squad. If you can get money off the McCrorie deal, and bring in players this window off the back of it (not any Rangers loanees) then it'll be worth it IMO. Chuck a 6 figure fee at Livingston to try and get Forrest and you'll be better off than if you'd kept Wright.
  2. Any Motherwell fan raging about this is surely at it?
  3. You'd be forgiven for thinking Hearts had some radical, Scottish football saving, reform up for grabs last Summer, and not just two extra clubs in one division for a season, with nothing else changing.
  4. This was quite obviously the fairest solution from the start. No other clubs punished apart from those who breached rules. Has to be a review into how they came to the original clusterfuck of a decision though.
  5. Him and MOH back, reported somewhere this morning. Brown "touch and go".
  6. He pretty much did when he hired Kirsten Robertson, tbh. Don't worry, we'd just fire sale youngsters and then scrap the youth system. Soon get our money back.
  7. I mean, this is the least surprising of all the transfer news I was expecting this month. Presumably the "rainy day fund" to tide us over incase of relegation will be saved for when we're relegated, rather than to prevent it.
  8. All I can add is I've looked at strikers from 15/16 to today, and the average accuracy of xG to their actual goals scored is 95.16%. For goalkeepers over the same period the expected goals conceded average is 0.01 lower than actual goals conceded. As I say, I'm not here to try and persuade you it's right/wrong as the whole debate is utterly rucking tedious as neither side can ever just accept the other has a different belief, but those figures are why I put faith in it as a predictive model.
  9. Well yes, as far as I know its being improved constantly, but when you're looking at 400+ shots in every league, every week, then a lot of the more specific stuff is impossible to factor in until technology catches up.
  10. WyScout use... ... to value it, and I believe have individual "taggers" who focus on individual leagues only, and then a second group who double check it all. They use 10,000+ previous shots, going back over a decade, to build their models. So in the past 52% of times a player getting a "foot" shoot from 6 yards out, from a cutback, sees the keeper beaten. I won't try and force you into believing it/thinking its correct, fwiw, but thats the process behind it.
  11. Voiding the leagues, with no promotions/relegations would absolutely be worth it for the meltdowns that would follow.
  12. Kal Naismith apparently signing for Luton.
  13. Im not defending Clark. He shouldve been replaced in the Summer, and he's a major reason we're so low in the league. I'm just saying conceding the first goal wasn't a blunder. I'm all for criticising him but I'd rather not just jump on every single goal he concedes and try and paint it as a mistake.
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