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  1. Season ticket renewals.

    Saints fans will find out in September.
  2. Petty Things That Get On Your Nerves...

    Spend two hours in the garden this morning digging out a 30 year old hedges roots with just a pickaxe. Finish it, go inside and sit down to have a drink of water. Two minutes later a major argument with girlfriend as I'm not getting up to help her find something in the shed. Jesus wept.
  3. Kazakhstan V Scotland

    Worth mentioning, despite the FIFA rankings being a farce, New Zealand are only two places below Kazakhstan. Both sit below world powers like Haiti, Kenya and Bahrain.
  4. ^ never been to a stadium bar. Muirton Suite sells a range if drinks cheaper than pubs and provides stovies. Braw.
  5. St Johnstone FC Thread

    Maybe we're all slf, but we just dont know it.
  6. Next Scotland Manager

    He earns over £3.5m a year doing that job.
  7. St Johnstone FC Thread

    Worth mentioning 3 of the 8 are all slf. Worth mentioning if you do, slf will make his way onto this site...
  8. Next Scotland Manager

    Yes. Rule seems to be they cant play for their club for five days after an International window. This International window runs until the 27th. I might be wrong but I think that means, if invoked, the likes of Robertson, Tierney and Fraser, wouldn't be able to play for their clubs until after the 1st March. Tierney would miss the Old Firm match, Robertson would miss their match by Tottenham, and Fraser would miss a match away to Leicester. I'd be all for doing that, btw.
  9. Really enjoyed this half, some moments of class from both sides. That ICT goal was complete filth.
  10. Dundee v Celtic

    Can you remember the thread it all came out on?
  11. Dundee v Celtic

    I cant remember the exact thread tbh, but it was @Tynierose who eventually outed him, somewhere. He definitely started talking to himself in a Dundee v Celtic thread though, this page has him talking about whether hes going to the match, but I'm certain theres Gen Nonsense threads with full blown conversations... Hes Dave Coaches and the bhoy who invented weetabix.
  12. Still Game & Best Bits

    You see Meenas face, briefly, when they're dancing at the wedding. Twice its shown.