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  1. Especially as they brag about the great squad its got them. Likely they'll start the season with, comfortably, the worst midfield in the division in McInroy, Power and Alston.
  2. Had no idea Peter MacDonald was an agent now. Seems like a lot of former players headed down that route, you'd hope that means we some more agents doing what's best for players, rather than just trying to make money.
  3. Similar issue folk have with Oliver Burke, maybe? Get predictable out wide so coaches/managers think using them up front to run in behind defences is the best use of their pace? Fairly sure Scotland U21s use him as a central striker too. I wouldn't break the bank to get him but if he does sign it'll be a "could've been worse" type again, where you see the logic in it but simultaneously feel like it's not actually moving us forwards from last season. You'd have to question what the plan is for fitting everyone in too.
  4. Yeah the shaded area shows the average from the other players who played CM that season.
  5. https://www.perthstjohnstonefc.co.uk/news/article/cove-rangers-information
  6. Everyone else get an email about the season tickets? Sounds like the new ones aren't expected to be sent out until after the group games so you've to use the email to gain entry to those
  7. They're just bar charts, really. Bigger the coloured area, "better" they are at that thing, so you get an idea of how they play. Each one is scored 0-100 in comparison to the other players in the database. Hatched area compares them to their team mates. Charlie Adam in your Championship season. Look at green - Aggressive when tackling but doesn't bother getting too involved in defensive work. Good at challenging aerially and picking up second balls. Look at yellow - Elite in possession, spent more time moving the ball forwards than playing safe sideways/backwards passes. Compared to his team mates it shows he was essential for the team. Look at red - Got plenty of chances and was clinical with them, but high team mate figures show he was in a strong team. Low shot quality suggests he took a lot of long range shots most players wouldn't score from. Not sure if that helps? All about trying to compare categories. After a while you can combine across and see other things (players with low aggression, low aerials, low ball carrying are usually awful physically etc.) Know its a bit much but I prefer this to the bar charts others do where its just every metric listed. Its taken as more stylistic than quality by those in the game, as far as I know. So you see how a players been playing in terms of role/style, what they do/don't do, and figure out if they're going to fit in well with what you want them to do or if it'll take time for them to adapt. Helps build a shortlist too if you want players who are used to doing certain amounts of certain things.
  8. His most recent season in America. Presses well in midfield and keeps the ball really well. Got told he was wasted in a deeper role at Miami and is better if you allow him to get involved in the final third, and charts back that up. This was him when he got more freedom to attack.
  9. The comment section on EPL teams tweets have to be the most moronic places on the planet. Honestly feel like I lose brain cells whenever I accidentally scroll down on one of the tweets.
  10. They weren't players Davidson identified alone. January he had help building a list of targets. This Summer we're back to him trying to do it all alone, and that's us back to signing obvious easy targets or agent recommendations. Do you think he had a list of alternatives he worked through before settling on Drey Wright?
  11. I don't mind it every so often and it's a route that shouldn't be ignored. My issue is that almost every, if not all, of signings Davidson has made alone has come from this route. It blocks off a huge part of the market for us and undoubtedly harms our chances of signing quality players.
  12. I could explain my thinking (again) but you're quite clearly in the type of mood where you'd take my reply and twist it into a slanging match, and frankly I can't be arsed with that these days.
  13. His agent hawked him around Scottish clubs in January, rather than us particularly identifying and targeting him.
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