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  1. He's not better than Shankland or Clark, would be my guess.
  2. Not the main reason, but one of the reasons, I decided to start making pass maps for each game. McCann v United, beside Craig... McCann v Hamilton, beside Davidson... Obviously caveats about different opponents/players understanding the system better, but definitely feels like McCann has more freedom beside Davidson.
  3. It would need to be a delicate balancing act, as there's still a risk that the majority of fans would switch to PPV permanently, and you'd end up with so few fans at games it wouldn't be worth opening the stadium. Guess we wouldn't know until it happened though.
  4. Ozil apparently refuses to train for days at a time, and spent months refusing to play games anywhere outside London. Any player who comes out with the "woe is me" shite on Twitter generally deserves what they're getting tbh.
  5. I'm sure that Gers Report has a grudge against Clark, tbh. Regardless, no matter what figure you look at, or how you break it down, Clark generally comes out as one of the worst keepers, if not the outright worst, in the league last season. My daft wee rating system has him and Hendry as being negative impacts on the team this season.
  6. Liverpool are just lucky Klopp "doesn't need to spend money to be successful". Losing the second most expensive defender of all time shouldn't effect them in the slightest.
  7. Win the most important thing, obviously, but would be nice to keep up recent performances, and especially since we were so poor against United on the opening day. Be surprised if we change much from the past weekend.
  8. Mind that time Cowan talked about "cleansing" a stadium after women's football had been held there, called half the women men, and then passed it all of as "patter" a week later after he'd been suspended? Constantly amazes me that he's still allowed a platform to air his views.
  9. Funny, was thinking about this on my drive home. Melamed has played on both flanks in Israel, so I suppose our "depth chart", is... CF: May, Kane, Hendry WF: Wotherspoon, Conway, Melamed, MOH ... when we play 5-2-3. Melamed can also play central, and all 4 WFs can play on either side. If we play a 5-3-2, then its 2 from May, Hendry, Kane and Melamed, with Conway/Wotherspoon competing for a central spot in modified. 4-4-2/4-2-3-1, you have similar, but MOH becomes more useful.
  10. I realised I was choosing between him, Brown, Arfield and Davis. And Kamara seems to have started playing the odd progressive forward pass, which bumps him above those 3.
  11. Since everyone's desperate to do it, here's my combined XI...
  12. Its incredible. Twitter is full of folk demanding Pickford is banned for as long as Van Djik is injured for. You'd think this was the first time a player had ever picked up a long term injury.
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