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  1. Presumably his experience of "dropping below his level" to join Raith in League One, and the improvements he must've felt due to that, have encouraged him to accept a League Two club. Guess the idea is a season excelling at that level would be better long term for him than playing at a higher level where he might stand out less.
  2. For what little its worth, but this is how Gurr "profiled" like against FBs in Americas 2nd tier in 2020. Can't comment on the quality of the level tbh. Poor in the air, and not the best defensively all round. Very much an attacking full back so maybe better suited as a wing back? Set up more chances "per90" than any other FB that season.
  3. Really interested to see how he gets on playing regular senior football. Hype around him seems crazy high from all the snippets you get from manager/coaches, but you never really know until they've played a senior season. Seems to be a number 10 type player from what little we've seen of him. Sure he played briefly v Brechin, then briefly against Celtic, last season, and both times it was in the middle of the park. Looked a bit "light" though, so might struggle early on physically.
  4. I beat the drum about a lot of players tbf 😂 See our boy Alex Ferguson is away to Edinburgh City on loan. Really interesting to see how he gets on considering the hype.
  5. All I see when I see his surname is "I'm a loser", but thats maybe just the Universe sending a message. If you're interested, my wee system has him profiling as pretty much Sherwin Seedorf. Played better overall, but at a lower level.
  6. 👀 Just ignore the numbers at the top, forgot to take them out.
  7. Todays deals added. Gurr to Aberdeen and Power to St Mirren. Really weird stage of the season where a lot of sides look to have done the majority of their business, while others haven't shown their hand yet.
  8. Wild that, from the huge amount of things you could call me a moron over, that's the one you chose.
  9. How very naive. Scott Burns has a deal with the devil that makes sure he knows who every club in Scotland is in talks with. If hes not speaking, theres nothing happening.
  10. I try not go get bogged down with those, tbh, despite it being fairly popular. Just now, to me, a lot of "statistics" are a wee bit bollocks as everyone is trying to create something new, so you're swamped with things folk have just made up to try and make everything mean something. I'm maybe wrong with that, though tbh.
  11. Don't get me started on why using assists isn't a fair metric to show how creative a player is... TBF looked it up, and he wasn't even creative for Cheltenham, so no idea why hes got that in his head. He actually seems to perform pretty similar to Calum Butcher, except hes less aggressive defensively, and more comfortable on the ball.
  12. Was sort of made clear when he signed that he was going to look to have a career in Europe, so you wonder if all the covid restrictions etc., have made him desperate to return home, especially since Israel has zero restrictions just now. Shame if it has made him give up on it, but he played his part for us and will be remembered fondly IMO. Hopefully can get himself capped now.
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