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  1. St Mirren vs Dundee United

    Surprised to hear St Mirren are shite, they havent lost in 8 games you know.
  2. St Mirren vs Dundee United

    Dundee United have more fans tonight so will win, I've heard that's important.
  3. Kieran Tierney

    Neil Lennon literally came out last month and said they hadn't booked a surgery as they were "trying to hold it off until the end of the season", this was in April. He picked up the injury in the first week of December. Since he picked up the injury hes played 4 90 minutes, 4 90 minutes games in 6 months Theres absolutely zero chance he picked up the injury and Celtic instantly booked a surgery for 7 months later, as they know (Lennon has said multiple times) its a serious injury that could hamper his career if its not dealt with. Theres no reason at all he wasn't booked in for the Winter break, as he would've been back regularly for Celtic and Scotland by then. As it was he was out from 5th December to the 24th of February. Im still struggling to see why Scotland fans should give a single shiny shite about Celtics left back problem, are Scotland and Tierney expected to suffer because they can't build a squad?
  4. St Mirren vs Dundee United

    I wouldn't bet on it, they've managed to not lose a couple of games and somehow everyones decided they're on the up. They've not won a match against 11 men since mid-March, I believe.
  5. St Johnstone FC Thread

    I'm in Belfast the week before
  6. Says he cares more about crowds than success, and talking about the "blue pound". At least we know your big team now...
  7. St Johnstone FC Thread

    There was more from Yenitit
  8. St Johnstone FC Thread

    Youd think Partick and Dundee fans would learn... Wright last played in Novermber, in game he was involved in, St Johnstone picked up 24 points. Dundee picked up 21pts all season.
  9. Enjoy the massive crowds you get when playing Clyde in the third tier next season m8, I'm sure watching absolute shite is better when you've got a lot of company.
  10. The Great Big Kilmarnock Thread

    This isnt the first time I've seen a Kilmarnock fan mention Wright. I assume, unlike when deluded Dundee fans mentioned him, Killie fans are just trying to troll.
  11. All things Dundee FC

    Surprised to see you describe Dundee that way tbh.
  12. St Johnstone FC Thread

    Theres an article in the Scotsman where he says something along the lines of not wanting to put a specific date on a playing return, but hes aiming for the "first month of the season". Also says he'll be at the club training before the rest of the squad come back. Found it...