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  1. Dixon is just Mark Lawrenson reincarnated. Getting to watch the greatest ever footballer at a world cup and hes moaning about it. What a waste.
  2. I dont think Brazil have (as many) clubs where supporters try to literally kill you for losing to rivals as Argentina has either.
  3. Competitive South American football is a great laugh tbh. Supremely technical players resorting to just kicking lumps out each other. Messi playing on a different wavelength to his team mates, he really needs someone to actually step up while hes being marked by 2/3 players. His team mates all happy just passing the ball around.
  4. Tbf it also tells clubs they can get him for free in June. If theres a chance hes signing a new deal then clubs might try to jump the gun and pay a fee in January incase they miss out if he extends his deal. Now everyone will be chucking larger offers at his agent to secure him on a PCA (which he can now sign) rather than giving any money to Hibs. Interesting to see how it plays out but i dont think its a smart move from Hibs to announce this, any bidding war will be directed at the agent/player.
  5. A worrying chance their route to the final is Ecuador - Saudi Arabia - Japan. If anyone is getting scabby luck with an easy route through a tournament its England.
  6. Dont think any, bar Argentina who i mentioned, can play them before a Semi. As it stands the Quarters will be... Holland/Iran v Saudi Arabia/Tunisia (likely to be Denmark instead of Tunisia) Spain/Croatia v Brazil/South Korea Thats one side of the draw until the Final. Other side is... England/Ecuador v France/Poland (likely see Argentina instead of Poland) Belgium/Japan v Portugal/Switzerland So Germany are likely already out, if they arent then Spain will be. Its unlikely Japan fail to beat Costa Rica and 6pts will see them through. Argentina would, if they can still qualify, need to beat France before England. Semis could easy be Holland v Brazil/Spain England/France v Belgium/Portugal Its a scary projection if youre worried about England winning it. Reliant on France not France'ing it. A slim chance England have to beat all of France, Germany and Brazil back to back to win the tournament.
  7. Yeah the winners of Group G (Brazils group) are on the same side of the draw as the runner up in Group B (Englands group). Its looking likely that one side of the draw has Brazil and the other has France.
  8. If they win their group its highly likely they'd face the winner of France v Argentina if they progress through their first knockout tie (Ecuador as it stands). If they finish 2nd theres a high chance they play Holland straight off the bat, then probably Denmark lie in wait in the round after that. Worth remembering a, shattered and still shell shocked, Denmark were unfortunate to lose to them at Wembley in Euro 2020(1). If they reach the Semis theres a decent chance they win it, simply because they'll have won a couple of games they'd usually lose in a major tournament. Winning the group keeps them away from Brazil until the Final.
  9. England are through, theres no realistic result that sees them finish below 2nd now. Still hilarious watching them timewaste their way to a draw against a USA side who were just begging to be attacked though. Southgate wont be fondly remembered if he doesnt win something IMO, his legacy will become one of a negative manager who stifled his own squad by the end.
  10. I think Rice is really good if you let him charge forwards from midfield. Hes an absolute unit whos fairly quick so he can sort of truck past folk. Hes nowhere near smart enough to be a deep playmaker type though, so he looks poor for England. Id be surprised if he doesnt end up at a "top 6" club eventually.
  11. Source = Trust me m8 By all accounts Wolves are a bit of a shambles where theres huge pressure to buy, and play, players who Jorge Mendes represents, with him having the final say on whos sold and when. Its understandable a rookie manager isnt firing head first into that situation.
  12. Aye. Definitely a drop off from the starting 11 to back ups, but the second string GK is one of the best on the planet, the CBs are starters at Juve/Real Madrid, CM is still strong and then you have a Real Madrid winger on one side, and arguably one of the best target men style strikers in Europe up front too.
  13. Just CBs from Real Madrid and Juventus. They sit on the bench beside Ederson to improve the defence if those starting struggle. Their strength in depth is unreal. Them tonight is the first time a team has looked like a genuine contender so far. Serbia are a good solid side and Brazil just absolutely dismantled them. Feels like they walk this tournament tbh.
  14. Seems like a half arsed one, tbh. As in it was a choice between him and GVB 12 months ago, one didnt work out so now they try the other. Hes clearly a good coach etc., but being a manager, especially of Rangers, is different.
  15. Interestingly the company trying to sue Rangers (Elite Group) have just announced theyre entering administration.
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