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  1. It's quite remarkable to see St Mirren have lost 11 games this season, yet been the better team in every one.
  2. Outstanding news that, especially the length.
  3. Is there any prospect of you lot putting your prices down any time soon? Charging £29 for a match against us is just absolutely mental.
  4. Prices are disgusting, frankly. Almost £70 for two adults plus two u12-u18s, just for tickets.
  5. Agree that that game might be a write off tbf. Should be Stendels first game with them, Tynecastle will be sold out and rocking, and they have Naismith back fit now.
  6. 12 from that run should mean we just need 12 from the remaining games, which includes post split games. That would be my aim.
  7. Big result for County, who give themselves breathing room above the shite. Hearts and Livingston will both be frustrated with failing to beat a fellow shite side. Hamilton arguably come away pleased despite a defeat, plenty heart to take from only losing to a final kick at Celtic Park. St Johnstone getting a clean sheet away from home gives another glimmer of hope, is it just another false dawn? Hearts, St Mirren, Hamilton, County and Livingston their next five games... St Mirren, so reliant on their home form, succumb to a humping in Paisley, what does that do for the confidence? Now have as many losses as points. County and St Johnstone get a week off due to the Final. Hamilton v St Mirren a huge game and could go either way, the loser will be distraught. Hearts will still have McPhee for the trip to Motherwell, worrying times for those in maroon.
  8. Kelly are the obvious one. Signing players from League One last season due to giving them a pay rise. Scobbie is allegedly fairly close to his was with us once you add in bonuses etc.
  9. Pleasing to hear about all the positives, only worry is I've read most of the compliments before and then the next game it's back down to earth. I've obviously not seen any of the game though, so if it's a different type of performance to our other good ones this year, then fair enough. Can sort of see why Kilmarnock fans are trying to gloat about drawing if that's one of their worst performances this season, but at the end of the day our main focus has to be to stop shipping goals every time we face a tough opponent, there was a constant fear we'd concede and the game would be over, and it affected the whole team. This gives the whole team confidence now going into a huge run of games.
  10. You were probably one of the Hamilton fans who goaded us as we left the ground. I, proudly, proclaimed it was just jealousy because Hamilton would never come close to promotion...
  11. A half fit Gordon jumps ahead of a half fit Duffy, and a fully fit Vihmann. At least we know at least one player who'll be away in January. Booth with a late chance to win a new contract, sure it expires January 1st time?
  12. Apparently its Booth and Gordon in for Tanser and Duffy, and Wright/MOH on either wing. Sorry if that's already been said.
  13. Was more the whole fiasco of it all. I'm sure they could barely afford a squad, ending up with random English jobbers, and obviously had their home games 66 miles away from Gretna. Add in their, still hired, manager being turned away from the ground on the opening game of the season, and it became a total circus.
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