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  1. Likely another one in the post for the flares last week too. At least they sing though...
  2. That's no way to talk about your pie reviews blog, I'm sure one or two folk found it interesting.
  3. May is better on the ball and in space, but he can't battle with CBs, and a strong breeze can push him off the ball. Last attack of the game yesterday hes got he ball 16 yards out with the keeper standing beside him, and hes just nudged off the ball and its cleared. Like it or not you need someone whos able to fight for every ball up there. That won't be Vertainen either, and both are liable to drop deep and wide, during spells where teams are pressing we'd be liable to be shelling the ball away and it coming straight back, even at his worst Kane is giving the defence respite in some form, and is great at winning free kicks. I don't think the rest of the team is getting near to Kane for the most part so him holding the ball up is pointless. Thats why I don't like O'Halloran up front in any game except Rangers/Celtic, as he simply can't link with a strike partner in the middle of the park. Hendry is probably done here aye, but hes the most physical striker we have after Kane, so I'd have him as the alternative rather than May. EDIT: Ball dropping to May here, any form of aggression and hes taking that down and onto his left foot, and having a fairly simple chance with the keeper stranded. Last minute of the game and 1-0 down. Instead he steps away from the battle, dangles a leg at it then falls over. I like him but we can't rely on him if the games a battle, and we need that in our main striker.
  4. We've surely learned by now that May can't do any of the physical stuff that we need from a striker? Kane is struggling a bit but we're always worse when he's not in there, if you start say May then you need either Kane or Hendry too, as the ball won't stick up top unless we're getting it to his feet, which won't be possible every time.
  5. Apparently no club with under 11pts after 7 games has won the top flight since the 3pt rule came in, in 1994. If that's true then you can probably already forget about any predictions in here that had Celtic 1st...
  6. I don't think so. I'm sure Dundee had a CB go off v United with a head knock, they made 4 subs so it was clearly classed as a "concussion sub", but then he started v Rangers on Saturday, so not even a week between games. Did miss the midweek Cup game though, so its maybe just the next game you're meant to miss?
  7. A very elaborate paragraph simply to try and troll about him wanting Callum Davidson tbh, despite that particular manager signing a new deal with a hefty release fee just a week or two ago. Cormack is a dreamer. The likeliest course of action is him sticking by Glass even if you finish 8th/9th/10th. If that happens I genuinely think you'll see him quoting Man U sticking by SAF as his reasoning.
  8. We're likely to see Liam Craig become our record appearance holder. Last two occasions thats happened we've won. Alan Main broke the record with a 3-1 win over Dunfermline, then Steven Anderson with a 3-0 win over Hearts. So aye, us scoring 3 and Dundee scoring -1 feels likely
  9. This would be good, as you don't seem to have anyone who can quickly play balls that has our defence turning, if that makes sense? We'll likely be as weak defensively as we've been all season for this game. Muller is still shaky and Booth isn't a CB. Dendoncker was a risk taker at youth level so I'm fairly sure he'll get caught out a lot when he steps up.
  10. Shouldn't be under estimated how big a blow it is losing McCart. Only one remaining from our back 3 last season and all our play seems to go through him. Whoever we replace him with is going to be a hefty downgrade. Options as I see it are Dendoncker, with 0 senior games, or Booth, who has played there before for us but is a lot weaker defensively and isn't a CB, we've nobody else.
  11. I'm expecting you to start Sofien Sheridan and him to scab a winner with a header he barely touches, but I expected that at the Cup game too tbh. Midfield area will be key. Felt like we were outnumbered there during the week due to personnel so need to resolve that, especially if Adam plays.
  12. Aberdeen fans wished McInnes out the club and ended up worse off with Glass. Next thing they know they'll have Scott Brown as player manager. Some laugh.
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