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  1. Hi, The player on the left(wearing the tights under shorts/trousers) looks very much like Dario Zanatta to me. He had a similar haircut/beard when I saw him at Firhill a few weeks ago when he was collecting boots etc. I spent enough time photographing him last year that I'm about 80% sure it is Dario, especially when looking at the full photo - there is noone else I'd think is Dario. On Reece Cole, he has been on trial with Grimsby Town this week, having previously been with Swindon Town last week, and is due to be a Southend United next week. Obviously it is possible that he signed last night but I'm fairly sure it isn't him in the photo otherwise you'd possibly be doing signing publicity around him today rather than Monday(from the sounds of it, and with the benefit of experience, it seems like the player isn't scheduled to be in Ayr/Scotland until Monday hence the delay).
  2. I stand corrected. I had a browse on their website and could only see the option for a UK package at the time - clearly I must have missed it.
  3. AFAIK it has only been covered by the SPFL for Championship clubs. League One and League Two clubs have had to purchase it themselves for the purposes of streaming, albeit on favourable terms secured as a consequence of the SPFL installing the system at Championship stadiums.
  4. Dundee United don't have an international subscription for their TV channel so to watch the Kilmarnock v Dundee United game you have to purchase a Kilmarnock TV pass.
  5. There are a couple of differences to the top flight method and what you would be proposing. Kilmarnock and Rangers have access to the same feed, provided by a third party, QTV Sports if I remember correctly. Because the third party is contracted by the SPFL to film the games(to fulfil highlights packages on Sportscene/Sky Sports etc)then each club makes an arrangement with the SPFL to access this SPFL recorded footage to stream. Falkirk TV is club recorded footage which, under my reading of the new amendments to the regulations, is only permitted to be streamed by the home club. The away club is allowed to film it but is restricted to the holdback periods for publishing.
  6. The regulations have changed. During COVID-19 restricted attendance fixtures, only the home team will be authorised to stream matches so the only matches FalkirkTV will be able to stream is ones played at The Falkirk Stadium. They can, of course, film the away games for using on FalkirkTV highlights packages but if they were to stream away fixtures they would be in breach of the new regulations.
  7. There could be another potential renegotiated deal with Sky which only takes effect in a 14 team top flight, one which would increase the games for the adjustment of unplayed games potentially. If the reconstruction to a 14 team top flight gets rejected by members then that deal doesn't happen and the status quo stands.
  8. Potentially when negotiating with SKY a proposal could have been put forward that if the top division was reconstructed to 14 teams(either saving Hearts and promoting Inverness or promoting Inverness and Dundee) it would generate more derbies which Sky could pick up as extra games to take instead of receiving the refund for the games not played in 2019/20[essentially, picking up X amount of extra games for £300,000(if reports are to be believed) extra a year]. The five year reconstruction would last the exact length of the new SKY TV deal - which would maybe explain why the language has changed from Doncaster to members. Keeping this money in the game could be spun to be "for the overall good of Scottish football" as everyone earns, a tiny amount, more.
  9. Ingram being lame doesn't make Jackson a freezer. The Titans have a very good plan and it is working very well. I just think that tonight Jackson has been let down by his receivers, three drops in the first half that would have helped put them in front. He doesn't have the experience to grind out a win from behind
  10. Why would you go for 2 then? Take the point and go for the 2 pointer when you have a chance to level!
  11. There was a stat that came up that the defeat against the Browns was the last time they trailed in the second half, even against the 49ers I think the led all the way and put the pressure on the 9ers. They may have beaten good teams, no disputing that, but they got in front and throttled the game. Coming from 10/14 behind against a credible team is an experience they don't have yet. EDIT: This is evident by the way they huddle up on a "hurry up" formation. They can't just run plays like the Packers, Patriots or 9ers.
  12. I wouldn't say he freezes, more doesn't have the experience of being behind to grit it out in a big game. The downside of being dominant in a very poor division I guess.
  13. Fair fucks to the Titans. Hell of a game from them. They have momentum and I'd fancy them in KC next week. A Titans v Packers Superbowl would be outstanding(Either the Titans will run all over Packers or we'll grind out a "lucky" win)
  14. "GVC, owners of Ladbrokes Coral, have announced a number of initiatives to assist safer gambling sand ensure responsible gambling advertising. As part of these initiatives, the visibility of their betting brands and betting advertising around sporting events will be significantly reduced from mid 2019. This will have an impact on a number of our sponsorship assets currently in place at SPFL member clubs' stadia." - as per the SPFL media guidelines.
  15. Not a fan of the disclaimer at the QF stage of "dates subject to change based on competing clubs" You can either play then or you don't enter IMO
  16. Prepare to be astonished then. The fixture skeleton I've seen has the round dates as: PR1 PR2 R1 Saturday 21st September R2 Saturday 19th October R3 Saturday 23rd November R4 Saturday 18th January R5 Saturday 8th February R6 Saturday 29th February SFs Saturday 11th/Sunday 12th April Final Saturday 9th May
  17. The draw for the last couple of seasons(if not since the start of the group stages) has always taken place on the Friday after the Premiership play-off has concluded so I'd expect it to take place on Friday 31st May on BT Sport, probably at 6:30. Fixtures should be out by the following Tuesday, in line with last years timescales, I'd imagine. It's only "later" than last season because the season finishes a week later.
  18. Correct. 6 bookings by the conclusion of Game 18(19 in premiership) = 1 game ban to be served after 14 days. 12 bookings required from then on and gets a 2 game ban.
  19. The only involvement I have had with the programme since February has been to conduct player interviews - I thought today's with Dools was alright and a little different to the typical one you get in our programme. The portion you refer to had nothing to do with me.
  20. Fucking hell what a mess those fixtures are, Tuesday, Friday, Monday, Friday, Thursday and Sunday. Considering the geographics of the three clubs involved in the play offs are spread all over the place the fans are going to get shafted as usual if it's like that again. BT Sport are showing the St Mirren v Hamilton game on Monday 13th May which means the first leg of the semi final looks primed for the Tuesday night, which should allow the second leg of the QF to be played on the Saturday.
  21. The six yellow card for a suspension rule changed this season. If a player accumulates six yellow cards by the end of game 18(halfway through the season) then they will be suspended for one match(14 days after the sixth yellow was collected). At this point, the yellow cards don't reset, but it requires 12 to get a suspension(which would be a two match one).
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