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  1. Yes, both dates and kick off times are confirmed. Full info on all matches in the play-offs are here: https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/promotion-play-off-place-secured/
  2. You'll keep the gate money for the home tie only - no sharing of gates ala cup games. There is an SPFL levy of 50% on the Premiership play-off but this doesn't seem to be in effect for the Champ/League One play-offs so the full gate would be yours.
  3. All TV money(whether BBC Scotland Championship deal or the Sky Premiership telly deal) goes into a centralised pot and is distributed on finishing position - Championship clubs probably win in this regard as they get more money guaranteed based on finishing position for the inconvenience of two Friday night games. For the Premiership play-offs, each team keeps their home gates and the SPFL take 50% of the profits, after a 15% cost expense is deducted - I believe it helps to partially fund the parachute payments from Premiership to Championship for relegated teams. There are also minimum prices that were introduced after Rangers charged everyone a 5er for their play-off v Motherwell.
  4. I heard that Queen’s Park were looking at an alternative venue for their playoffs but nothing has been confirmed. Thistle are, almost, in the playoffs too so work will begin once the final game has been played by ourselves and QP in May.
  5. Our directors sit in a directors box within the Jackie Husband Stand rather than the box your directors were sitting in this afternoon - it's been that way all season.
  6. If we finish 4th then QP will play on Wednesday 4th after our game on Tuesday 3rd(live on BBC so ours won't get shifted). In the unlikely event we finish 3rd, QP will play on Tuesday 3rd to give maximum gap between our games with our home match on Friday 6th.
  7. Good to see that you have erased the East End Park scudding from memory quickly - wish I could do the same!
  8. Lewis Mayo is available for this game. He's joining up with Scotland under 21s after Tuesday's match, I believe.
  9. Sorry, are you saying that there is water seeping through from the canal which affects the pitch? If you are, I'm afraid that isn't true either.
  10. Is the pitch currently in a poor condition due to groundsharing? - YES Is the pitch currently in a poor condition due to the recent canal development - NO. I was simply clarifying that your thought that the recent development at the canal was affecting our pitch was untrue.
  11. The pitch, in my opinion, is in a poor, current condition because we're groundsharing.
  12. The recent development around the canal has nothing to do with the poor, current, condition of the pitch.
  13. Played to a finish now. The only round which didn't was the Dunfermline game in November. Can play three subs from nine off the bench.
  14. You need to field a goalkeeper on the bench for Scottish Cup matches. We have the options of emergency loaning a goalkeeper, loaning a goalkeeper for the entire rest of the season or sticking our under 18s goalkeeper on the bench. I don't think you can put a trialist on the bench in the Scottish Cup at this stage but haven't really had a look at the rules in great detail.
  15. At the current moment the pitch is very playable. Current weather at Firhill is glorious sunshine after a brief flurry of snow earlier on this morning, all of which drained within the hour.
  16. Going by the sfa documents we didn't appeal against it I didn’t mention anything about an appeal or lack of - just stating that it wasn’t and won’t be overturned thus he is suspended v Dundee United.
  17. It wasn't overturned, no. He'll be suspended for the Dundee United cup tie.
  18. Brian Graham isn't suspended. Six yellows need to be accumulated by 50% of the league season(so 19 games in Premiership, 18 games in the Championship), so they all now need to get to 12. If they succeed, they'll get a two game ban. Ross Docherty isn't suspended either. Due to the round we entered the Scottish Cup, players need three yellows to be booked for a suspension(Premiership clubs entered a round later so only need to get to two yellows). So Doc would miss our QF against Annan Athletic if he got booked against Dundee United.
  19. Yes. My understanding is that the SPFL may be re-assessing this and an earlier inspection may now be sanctioned.
  20. Confirmation received this morning. Tunji will miss the next game in the Scottish Cup.
  21. I’ve got very strong Rodgers away vibes. guess the Bears have a chance next year
  22. No, I agree. We needed another 7 somewhere, anywhere. Didn’t get it and that is why the 49ers move on and everyone in Lambeau who remains in a job in February can feel very fortunate.
  23. It was impressive how Adams was taken out the game. MVS being out might have been bigger than expected as he has pace and can go deep. I want to know how close Bakhtiari was - he could have made the difference but I agree with decision not to play him. You can’t play first game in playoffs after a year out
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