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  1. Ah, football. I was raging 30 minutes ago because we were getting pumped now I'm buzzing and hoping we can get the turnaround.
  2. Embarrassing. A repeat of last year's NFC Conference game - utterly pumped. Well done Tampa Bay. Good luck in the SuperBowl.
  3. Dreadful. Absolutely dreadful. Mike Pettine can be fired during half time - just get tae f**k.
  4. Poor start. Basically chucked away a quarter. Need to step it up pronto or it'll be a repeat of last year.
  5. Looking forward to tonight. Last year's NFC Championship game was over before we got started so hopefully we can use home advantage this year and see off the Buccs. A Packers and Bills double win would be very enjoyable, although if the Packers lose then I'll probably be in too much of a sulk to watch the second game.
  6. That‘s the way to do it - let your opponent drain the clock and pick six them from the end zone!
  7. I haven’t seen much of either of these teams but want the Bills to make the Super Bowl against Packers as it will be a fun game - hence my pick.
  8. I think we have weakness on the defence against proper teams(NFC North opponents are all dreadful so don’t count). I also think we lack a quality WR2 - Lazard did well tonight but it’s really the Adams show at times. Tonyan is a good threat to have though.
  9. Comfortable win in the end - which is enjoyable as a fan but must have been boring as a neutral. I know that the Rams D were missing their main man(who should have been ejected in this fan’s partisan’s view after the scuffles) but I was really impressed with how our O-Line performed. Rodgers was only really chased once and that almost resulted in a first down. looking forward to enjoying the rest of the weekend now and don’t really care who we play next week as I think we’ll have a really good chance of progressing to the SuperBowl. Fancy the Bills to beat Ravens next.
  10. Go Pack Go! Packers and Bills wins for me tonight.
  11. I try hard not to think of any of them - it just makes me upset
  12. If this is you delighted, wouldn’t like to see you gunned by a mediocre side like the Giants
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