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  1. Ladbrokes Championship 2018/19 Fantasy Football

    Apologies all. Finally got round to this tonight. Will update tomorrow's scores tomorrow night and post a full update late tomorrow or early Sunday. Remember, your team picked by noon tomorrow will include Dunfermline Athletic v Partick Thistle on Friday night
  2. Ladbrokes Championship 2018/19 Fantasy Football

    This week's scores will be updated today - sorry I'd let it slip over the weekend but will be back to form this weekend. I'll update this thread when I add scores
  3. Partick Thistle 2018/19 thread

    The inclusion of Coulibaly in the past, present, future graphic was only ever intended to be used in relation to his signing, so I wouldn't read too much into it. Who knows, a new signing might sneak into another image shortly before being announced...
  4. Partick Thistle 2018/19 thread

    Fitzpatrick isn't being shoehorned into anything. He didn't play on Saturday, alongside Callum Wilson and Jamie Sneddon, so all three played a part on Monday. In my personal opinion, at 17 years old Fitzpatrick needs to be playing every week - regardless of first team or reserves(that's a separate debate) I'd also dispute the "reserves and youths are a mess". We clearly weren't going to sign a squad of 18 players for the sole use of the reserve side. We'll use the first team players that need gametime/didn't play on the Saturday, the modern apprentices and the under 18 side. The regulations don't permit anyone under the age of 16, so a number of youngsters can't play yet this season having made a number of Dev League appearances last season.
  5. Ladbrokes Championship 2018/19 Fantasy Football

    In reference to first bit of the post, i know its time consuming however could individual tables be done on here for each clubs set of fans? Not sure what you mean?
  6. Ladbrokes Championship 2018/19 Fantasy Football

    Would love to do that, but the functionality isn't there at the moment Tidser got one assist v Alloa Athletic - - - - - - - - - - Scores have now been updated. Premiership elect sit on 188 with a 21 point lead over KDXI. Top players of the week: Goalkeeper: Alan Martin - 8 pts Defender: Paul Watson - 13 pts Midfielder: Alan Forrest - 14 pts Striker: Michael Moffat - 19 pts
  7. Partick Thistle 2018/19 thread

    It's actually been £200k/£250k on a per year basis. The funding announcements have generally covered several years at a time. We didn't put any niceties in our job advert for development squad physio when both Ryan Wilkie and Ross Anderson left. Or when we changed Commercial Manager last summer. Or in the advert for Chief Exec(although obviously there was the stand alone announcement due to the nature of where Ian Maxwell was headed and the SFA were unveiling him). The current advert for a Lead Physiotherapist is as the result of the current incumbant handing in his notice having been offered a better paying job. The line "subject to international clearance/subject to SFA approval" is a standard in every signing we've made this summer, and over the last few I imagine without going back. It's pretty standard - for example when we signed Mutombo we could not have received clearance due to his previous Club going bust and it potentially being tough to find officials from that Club to verify documentation.
  8. Ladbrokes Championship 2018/19 Fantasy Football

    Scores have now been updated. Team "Pars" leads the way on 111points, with Ivan Golac XI just a point behind. KDXI and Cheer Up Bobby Williamson are on 109. The top 8 are all within 10 points of the leader. Top players of the week: Goalkeepers: Mark Ridgers, Ross Doohan, Ryan Scully - 8pts Defenders: James Penrice - 8pts Midfielders: Chris Millar - 15pts Strikers: Stephen Dobbie, Louis Longridge - 7pts With no games next Saturday, and gameweeks occuring every Saturday, you could make a free transfer before next Saturday and get another free one between the 18th and 25th.
  9. Partick Thistle 2018/19 thread

    Eh? I didn't say that Fitzpatrick wasn't ready for the first team. I used him as a comparison with Duncanson as they are both the same age - 17. I'm not really sure the point you are trying to make?
  10. Ladbrokes Championship 2018/19 Fantasy Football

    Remember you have until noon tomorrow to make any transfers you wish. The first is free, the rest are -5 points
  11. Partick Thistle 2018/19 thread

    I don't think Lee is quite there yet in terms of playing for the first team in the same way that Aidan Fitzpatrick is. He was supposed to go on loan to Arthurlie last season but an SFA rule meant he wouldn't have been able to play for the Dev Squad. The loan spell to Rovers could be the best thing to happen to him if he can get regular games and get a bit of confidence from playing competitive first team football.
  12. Ladbrokes Championship 2018/19 Fantasy Football

    HIi CC52 FFC. Michael Doyle did start earning two points, but he also conceded two goals which lost him two points making his sum total - 0 Hope this helps, SLJ ETA: If you click on a player in your team it takes you through to a week by week of his points so you can see what he got and what he lost.
  13. The Queen of the South Thread

    From memory, the 3-0 to 3-3 game was around February 2010(?) Graeme Shepherd was in goal and never ever recovered his confidence from the game. It was Allan Johnston(I think) who grabbed the third to spark a head in hands moment for the Thistle support and #scenes in the home end. The 4-3 game was the Dick Campbell era - January 2007. We had been battered than we scored three in quick succession before, I think, hitting the post in the dying embers sparking a head in hands moment for the Thistle support and #scenes in the home end.
  14. Fantasy Football 2016

    Does everyone's ranking go into the one big league, meaning that only the top 8 out of all 33(or however many) qualify for playoffs? Rather than the division set up as in previous years?
  15. Fantasy Football 2016

    Haud on - so we're having a 33 team league with 3 full rosters available to pick from?