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  1. "GVC, owners of Ladbrokes Coral, have announced a number of initiatives to assist safer gambling sand ensure responsible gambling advertising. As part of these initiatives, the visibility of their betting brands and betting advertising around sporting events will be significantly reduced from mid 2019. This will have an impact on a number of our sponsorship assets currently in place at SPFL member clubs' stadia." - as per the SPFL media guidelines.
  2. Not a fan of the disclaimer at the QF stage of "dates subject to change based on competing clubs" You can either play then or you don't enter IMO
  3. Prepare to be astonished then. The fixture skeleton I've seen has the round dates as: PR1 PR2 R1 Saturday 21st September R2 Saturday 19th October R3 Saturday 23rd November R4 Saturday 18th January R5 Saturday 8th February R6 Saturday 29th February SFs Saturday 11th/Sunday 12th April Final Saturday 9th May
  4. The draw for the last couple of seasons(if not since the start of the group stages) has always taken place on the Friday after the Premiership play-off has concluded so I'd expect it to take place on Friday 31st May on BT Sport, probably at 6:30. Fixtures should be out by the following Tuesday, in line with last years timescales, I'd imagine. It's only "later" than last season because the season finishes a week later.
  5. Correct. 6 bookings by the conclusion of Game 18(19 in premiership) = 1 game ban to be served after 14 days. 12 bookings required from then on and gets a 2 game ban.
  6. The only involvement I have had with the programme since February has been to conduct player interviews - I thought today's with Dools was alright and a little different to the typical one you get in our programme. The portion you refer to had nothing to do with me.
  7. Fucking hell what a mess those fixtures are, Tuesday, Friday, Monday, Friday, Thursday and Sunday. Considering the geographics of the three clubs involved in the play offs are spread all over the place the fans are going to get shafted as usual if it's like that again. BT Sport are showing the St Mirren v Hamilton game on Monday 13th May which means the first leg of the semi final looks primed for the Tuesday night, which should allow the second leg of the QF to be played on the Saturday.
  8. The six yellow card for a suspension rule changed this season. If a player accumulates six yellow cards by the end of game 18(halfway through the season) then they will be suspended for one match(14 days after the sixth yellow was collected). At this point, the yellow cards don't reset, but it requires 12 to get a suspension(which would be a two match one).
  9. Just the last 2. In 2017 we lost Rodgers to injury and just couldn't quite hang in there. Last year was a "disaster" season but to be honest it was a poor season but not utterly shite. We were competitive and slim margins, as is always the case in the NFL, weren't on our side. The new regime will only be my 2nd, barring last year's caretaker, in charge of the Packers so I'll be interested to see how it goes - hopefully not a complete shambles but I don't think Playoffs will be a gimme as before.
  10. If Ayr finished 5th this season, would there be massive disappointment over "what could have been" or pleasure at what, I think, has been the best campaign(at least in terms of league position) in almost 20 years?
  11. Goalies can be recalled for seven days during loans. He came back on Monday 18th March and returned yesterday.
  12. The details for the tile unveiling tomorrow night(don't turn up tonight or you'll freeze to death on South Drive) were posted online yesterday - https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/tiles-to-be-unveiled-on-friday-night/ 6.20 in the JH Stand 6.30 in the JL Stand
  13. Doubtful - they'd have to move all the games onto the Friday night in order to broadcast the last day of the season which just wouldn't happen.
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