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  1. NFL Fantasy Dynasty League

    What is involved?
  2. Ladbrokes Championship 2018/19 Fantasy Football game

    Another update on this. Been in touch with the company who are hosting the game for us. The platform might not be ready for 21st July(although they are confident it will be) but I have been assured it'll be ready for 28th July so you might have to wait another week for sign ups. I've not got any further information on features yet so it'll be a surprise to us all when I get access.
  3. Partick Thistle 2018/19 thread

    I'd be very surprised if we didn't bring any more in. We could get free henoc mukendi style loans but obviously you'd rather bring in quality. It's the hope that kills you isn't it. Not to my knowledge. It'll be purely a training centre for the first team squad and the Thistle Weir Youth Academy. As per the release everyone will see the designs when planning permission comes in. I think it'll be a really good facility. There used to be a big field/tarmac showground behind one side of the stadium. Best thing for your granda would be to drop him off outside the turnstiles, park up and meet him inside I think.
  4. Partick Thistle 2018/19 thread

    Just curious to know why you class him as made of glass then given he's only been with us less than a month ETA: I'm not having a go at you, just trying to understand your reasoning!
  5. Partick Thistle 2018/19 thread

    How do you know we can't afford any more players? What's to say we're not going to be announcing someone else tomorrow? The three big budgets do hamstring us a little bit but the manager can bring players in as exampled by the seven that have come in already. How is Cammy Bell made of glass? Purely basing that on the fact he didn't play the last two friendlies?
  6. League Cup 18/19 - Group E

    The exact same way as if you were purchasing a ticket for the game. Adding it on the season card means you'd use your card for entry rather than getting a paper ticket
  7. League Cup 18/19 - Group E

    All four Thistle games are £12 and £6 but I think Ayr United home games are different prices. The ticket system this summer has been ridiculous with more bugs than ever before. The decision was taken by the ticket office team to remove adding the game to the card to save confusion on matchday from 1. supporters who were mistaken that Betfred Cup ties are part of the season ticket and 2. Anyone who tried to add the game on their card and encountered some sort of issue resulting in non entry before the game. I believe at the Livingston second leg there was a small(but higher than normal) number of punters who had issues with their card and entry to the stadium. Given that it was our last game at home, I'd say the ticket office team have tried to make things easier for supporters on matchday by removing the thing which caused issues at the last game by going back to physical tickets(particularly since the game isn't on the ST)
  8. Fantasy Football 2016


    I'd love a greyhound, more for the company as I live on my own than anything else, but my work lifestyle is too full on so I wouldn't be able to look after them properly. I'd also feel guilty bringing them into a flat environment as my flat is tiny and wouldn't be suitable for them at all. Definitely going to get one when I am old and retired though!
  10. Ladbrokes Championship 2018/19 Fantasy Football game

    A wee update on this. This is 99% going ahead. I'm just waiting to get access to the platform and we should be all set. At the moment, I don't really know what is available to tinker with but it'll be held on it's own web address, should be fully smart tech enabled. Gameweeks will run from midday on Saturday to midday on Saturday - so midweek fixtures and Friday night games will be in the same week as the previous Saturday. You will be able to make transfers at any point during the week but they don't take effect until 12:01 on a Saturday(is my understanding of it) You'll have a budget to purchase your squad. You'll get £55m(stop laughing at the back ) to spend on your squad. Values will be decided by myself and one other, non P and B using, person. I believe, but not had confirmed, that values will fluctuate throughout the season. I fully anticipate lots of hidden gems being in the game this year so if you find one and share it with the world you only have yourself to blame for everyone else getting those points too! Team captains - you can pick a team captain each week who will earn double points. For one week only triple points will be available for your captain - you can choose to play it when ever you want. Transfers - You can make 1 transfer for free each week. Any subsequent transfers(I think) will incur a points penalty which is to be finalised. Mini leagues - not sure on the status of mini leagues. Points tallies get updated when I do them so the only delay is me getting home to get round to it. All going well sign ups will begin, in a new thread, on Saturday 21st July to give two weeks for you to f**k around finally tune your line up. It might go earlier if everything is ready so keep 'em peeled. Happy to take any questions but having not seen the platform yet, I'm not sure how much help I'll be!
  11. Partick Thistle 2018/19 thread

    Yup, guess so.
  12. Partick Thistle 2018/19 thread

    No trolling, all squad numbers are correct - that reminds me that I haven't added Lennox(12) to the website. Must put that on the to do list. McCarthy has moved to 16 from 24 also. All the youngsters have moved down to 20ish upwards. From memory we have 11, 13, 14, 15 and 17 "free" as it stands, I'm shocked that a goalkeeper we signed in an emergency after a transfer window to cover Ryan Scully after Tomas Cerny got injured wasn't exactly Dino Zoff. He only played because we lost two goalkeepers to serious injuries. It's a bit harsh to call him a dud in my opinion. Even counting him as a dud, a ratio of 8/21 - 38% approximately does not mean that the statement "To be fair most of our signings from down south have been utter dross and to think we have spent more on them" is in any way accurate. That's without going into the claim that they are more expensive that Scottish based players.
  13. Partick Thistle 2018/19 thread

    I didn't actually say he had an 80% success rate. The point I was making that every manager at our level(bottom six Ladbrokes Prem and top eight Ladbrokes Champ) makes punts. You were making the argument that he is very poor at signing players from the English lower leagues when his record is, without looking into other clubs specific activity, probably comparable. Abdul Osman and Ryan Edwards were successes. Prince Buaben and Lyle Taylor were good loans from English lower league clubs, regardless of where they previously played their football. Kallum Higginbotham was another success in my book signing from Huddersfield. Ultimately he played a big part in keeping us up in our first two seasons even if he was inconistent. David Amoo had a good first season and a poor second season. Mustapha Dumbuya was excellent until he got his first injury at the end of January 2016(I think). Happy enough to class him as a crock. Daniel Seaborne is not a perma crock. He played 22 games in his first season to the end of February(we'd played 31 games by the point) where an injury that required surgery ended his season. He played 35 games in his second season, including being an ever present from September to April, when a suspension due to six yellows killed the streak. Ben Richards-Everton - cheap filler to replace Piccolo. Niall Keown - Success in his loan spell and was a signing everyone raved about when we got him. Had a disappointing season last year alongside everyone. Adam Barton - Successful in his first season but was part of the disappointing class of last season. Henoc Mukendi - A player who cost the Club no money what so ever and was worth the punt first season up. Didn't work out. Jake Carroll - Didn't rip up any trees but featured quite a lot in his time here. Would probably file under Meh. Antonio German - signed from an Indian side so not from the English Lower Leagues Baily Cargill - I thought he was ok but not brilliant. Jordan Turnbull - I liked him and thought he was good. If he hadn't been recalled and stayed the length of the season I think we'd have had a better chance of 10th. Jason Banton - cheap punt on the last day of the season. Got injured in training and never played a first team game. George Moncur - cheap loan who arrived at the club unfit and overweight. Spent his time here getting fit and was ready to play by the end of the season. Nathan Eccleston - cheap dud Mathias Pogba - cheap dud Ade Azeez - We made a profit on Ade Azeez which has got to be a success! While he didn't directly score goals he did help others around him have better seasons, made defences terrified and contributed to Out of the 20 players there I'd put 7 in the "utter dross" category. Sure, they all haven't been successes but only about a third of them have been "utter dross"
  14. Partick Thistle 2018/19 thread

    That is, with respect, utter shite. Granted, not every signing has been a revelation but show me a manager at our level who has had a signing ratio of 80% hits and 20% misses? The problem you have with good players in the lower leagues in Scotland is that everybody is aware of them and that drives the price up when they move. There is a certain striker who plays for a Premiership team who earns more than any individual has for Partick Thistle in the last five years. What did this striker do before arriving at the Premiership club? He hit a barrelload in Scottish League One and the timing just fell perfectly for the move. With the exception of Dundee United and Ross County, who both offered Freddie Frans wages that we could only dream of, we're competing against everyone else in the division for the same group of players.
  15. Ladbrokes Championship 2018/19 Fantasy Football game

    Thanks to everyone who has taken the time to vote on the poll - it definitely seems like there would be demand for a game like this. I think I've found a platform that will be able to host it for us. I just need to check out a few things and we will be good to go. I will confirm by Saturday 30th June at the latest if this is a goer or if it has fallen at the final hurdle. Should the game go ahead then it would be launched on the weekend of 21st/22nd July to allow two weeks for team selection and ironing out the kinks in squads.