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  1. Confirmation received this morning. Tunji will miss the next game in the Scottish Cup.
  2. I’ve got very strong Rodgers away vibes. guess the Bears have a chance next year
  3. No, I agree. We needed another 7 somewhere, anywhere. Didn’t get it and that is why the 49ers move on and everyone in Lambeau who remains in a job in February can feel very fortunate.
  4. It was impressive how Adams was taken out the game. MVS being out might have been bigger than expected as he has pace and can go deep. I want to know how close Bakhtiari was - he could have made the difference but I agree with decision not to play him. You can’t play first game in playoffs after a year out
  5. I am not shocked. The sign of a special unit which has mentally gone.
  6. The real disappointment, viewed through about 5 vodkas and at least 10 beers, is that this Packers team had a legit chance I felt. In years gone by we either had massive deficiencies on O or D. You could argue we were deficient on O tonight, which we were, but 49ers D played incredible - even though we could only really throw to Adams who was only effective on the first drive. Our D did well and nullified a shite offensive. The special teams fucked us. I’d still have backed us against Rams/Buccs next week in moderate temperatures.
  7. You can also get to f**k with this Lambeau being a cold storage advantage. We’ve been to one Super Bowl in a generation and we got there cos we went on the road all the time. Build a team to suit conditions. Get all the special teams people to f**k. Rodgers will walk now cos that was pathetic. Franchise Adam but Love will miss him probably. A few shitty Packers years coming up after we’ve finally fixed the defence.
  8. Pathetic. Specials teams have been a disgrace all year and come back to bite us again. Well done 49ers. A team in form so hopefully they get the Rams rather than the Buccs. I’ve launched my phone across my living room and I saw something from that splinter off so that’s fucked too. I’m fucking raging.
  9. Convinced 49ers will win this now. Genuinely raging and heads gone - it’s the same every year. We play really well when there is ‘always next week’. Come to the playoffs and we completely shite it.
  10. We’re genuinely terrible tonight. If Brady is watching this he must be pishing himself laughing.
  11. f**k off. Genuinely f**k. Off. It’s fucking criminal. All year we’ve had to improve this and we’ve done f**k all. The O have been dreadful, the D have been good but everyone in the special teams deserves to be unemployed tomorrow(obviously not practical) cos f**k me.
  12. This is so annoying. This game should be over - all pointing to a 49ers win
  13. If we can punch 7 in here I’ll be a lot more confident. Settle for 3 and it is genuinely 50/50.
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