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  1. I genuinely feel like I’ve been raging for one reason or another for 12 hours solid
  2. So it’s a ‘mechanical fault’ by the refs? Just use the video replay. Good to see Adams back but he is clearly impacted
  3. What’s the actual point in video replay if cheap hits like that don’t get the flags they deserve? This weekend has been absolute baws sporting wise - that just sums up the shambolic refereeing I’ve witnessed over the last day.
  4. We’ve absolutely pumped the 9ers yet are only 3 ahead. That intentional grounding fuckup by the refs will cost us(and the fact we went for it on 4th down rather than take 3)
  5. Which weekend is that date-wise? surely it then means that fixture is the last to play the following weekend.
  6. We have chosen to provide clubs with physical tickets in plenty of time to sell. Supporters are complaining they can’t get their ticket, 8 days from the match, because they live in another area. This is because Ayr aren’t catering to their need by advertising this publicly(because you ‘have to ask’). There could be a number of reasons why we have chosen to do this(provide physical tickets) but Greenock Morton and Kilmarnock didn’t have an issue with with selling them to supporters without many issues.
  7. ‘If people ask’ - surely the super duper Ayr United customer service facility should be advertising this upfront?
  8. We supplied Ayr United 400 initial tickets based on the numbers they said they would bring to Firhill. We did the same when Morton said they’d bring 500(they got 500 tickets in the first allocation) and we supplied Kilmarnock with 1,000 tickets when that was the number they requested to begin with.
  9. Sorry, I meant how did Ayr deal with selling physical tickets in the past, rather than all ticket sales. I wasn’t very clear there. Not at all. There is plenty to criticise us for and deservedly so but having made the decision to give away teams physical tickets, for a variety of reasons, then we can’t really be slated for Ayr’s inability to post them to Edinburgh, Dundee or Annan with eight days to go to the fixture.
  10. I have scrolled back and seen the example you reference - that was a supporter who wanted to purchase last minute having had plenty of time to get their ticket in advance, the same opportunity that Ayr United fans have. Kilmarnock and Greenock Morton both offered the option for tickets to be posted to supporters, something Ayr United haven’t offered, that I can see - a bit tinpot.
  11. Greenock Morton and Kilmarnock posted tickets to supporters AFAIK. Ayr United are asking people to come to their car park to purchase - zero advertisement, that I can see, of telephone sales or sales for postage - happy to be corrected if this isn’t the case. I know everyone is jumping on the ‘all tickets should be online’ which is a completely valid point but this concept shouldn’t be alien to Ayr United from the last few seasons and they just seem incapable of doing it in a flexible fashion to their own support - how did they sell tickets for games previously?
  12. We supplied tickets to Greenock Morton and Kilmarnock in the exact same time frame and they managed to professionally handle it and sell to their own supporters. The issue here is the inflexibility of Ayr United to cater to the needs of their own support.
  13. Killie AFAIK posted tickets out to their supporters. Doesn't seem like Ayr United are offering the same postage facility to their own supporters.
  14. Ayr will get as many tickets as they request up to the capacity of the stand(around 2,000). They were asked how many tickets they want and informed Thistle they would only bring 400 fans to Firhill so got 400 tickets to start with the option for more when required. That's not true. The Aitken Suite is open within the Colin Weir Stand before and after each game. Ayr will be changing elsewhere within the Colin Weir Stand.
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