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  1. Partick Thistle 2018/19 thread

    The details for the tile unveiling tomorrow night(don't turn up tonight or you'll freeze to death on South Drive) were posted online yesterday - https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/tiles-to-be-unveiled-on-friday-night/ 6.20 in the JH Stand 6.30 in the JL Stand
  2. Championship TV Fixtures

    Doubtful - they'd have to move all the games onto the Friday night in order to broadcast the last day of the season which just wouldn't happen.
  3. I fully expect to get papped tomorrow but surprised we rearranged the Ayr game for a week on Tuesday as I would have thought that's when a replay might be. A replay, if one is needed, will take place on Tuesday 12th March. Our game against Ayr United was rescheduled for the first available midweek as is the recommendation of the SPFL.
  4. Falkirk v Dundee United

    I'd have been absolutely stunned if anyone at Falkirk actually thought he was suspended for the game. I know they are having a bad season but it's not as if they are "banters year" bad.
  5. Falkirk v Dundee United

    Zak Rudden doesn't appear to be suspended for this match, and hasn't actually fallen foul of any disciplinary rules that would say he can't play in this game for Falkirk. I'd be very surprised if everybody at Falkirk F.C. thought he was suspended. Soccerbase indicates that he has picked up six yellow cards this campaign, which would be enough for a suspension if they had been accumulated in the first 18 games of the season. After 18 games, the threshold moves to 12 yellow cards. In essence, Zak would require to pick up six more yellow cards to be suspended meaning the earliest he can be suspended is the fixture against Dunfermline Athletic on Saturday 13th April. The Scottish FA disciplinary sheet would back this up: https://www.scottishfa.co.uk/media/4832/mens-suspension-list-los32-14-february-2019-docx.pdf
  6. Football Manager 2019

    In my Colchester game, I broke the FFP rules of the EPL a couple of seasons back. After having a mid-January fire sale firing out my top earners(I had a GK earning £125K a week for Colchester! ) I eventually broke it by under £2m. My punishment was a fine so makes me regret not pushing on more in the league. I think I finished 6th but I was definitely challenging. I had Ryan Cassidy in my Col U save between 2025-2027. I signed him when I had just been relegated from the EPL to the Championship on the basis of his 23 and 12 goals in the preceding two years. He scored 9 in the Champ. I got promoted and he scored 1 in the Prem. Cost me £22m and sold for £5. Currently playing out his tits in Italy with Roma in 2032.
  7. East Fife Vs Partick Thistle - Scottish Cup

    He was injured, had surgery and completed his rehab in good time. He completed his first 90 minutes in a long time with a mid-week closed door reserve match against East Kilbride. He needs games and it might be March/April before we see the best of him. I thought we were comfortable this afternoon. East Fife had a strong penalty shout first half with Penrice challenging, but didn't threaten Conor Hazard other than a few scrambly corners and a shot that fizzed over. The penalty claim against Elliott(but it was probably Saunders having not seen it back) was optimistic at best. It was a classic case of an "unwinnable" ball, so they are never getting given. We scored from a good set piece routine and should have added a second but Lewis Mansell missed a great opportunity. If we'd got that it would have been routine. I think we were in control of the game for large spells but first half we couldn't get up the park and second half we just couldn't click together moves coherently. Don't begrudge East Fife for competing the drop ball in our own penalty area after James Penrice had went down(a good phase of play earlier) with a head knock but found it amusing that the East Fife player couldn't stop fouling during it.
  8. Queens v Ross County

    Yeah, the person who films the game has a notepad and notes down the timings of chances as he films it to include everything that is a highlight - that is then whittled down when work on the highlights begins - so that half chance sclaff noted in the 3rd minute in the case of a quiet game gets booted out. Anyone that gives up their Saturday night/Sunday to produce highlights for any club gets my full respect. It can be a grim task at time, but makes the good times even better.
  9. Queens v Ross County

    Probably, I'm always curious to see how other sides produce their high quality highlights packages to learn if there are ways I can use to work better. It's clear that the guy at Alloa puts a lot of hard work and effort into his highlights - they are always top quality. I was just a little surprised that it takes so long.
  10. Queens v Ross County

    Really? The highlights for Thistle take about 90 minutes(once you sit down and start to do them) tops to do, including linking up the separate audio comms to the highlights, and adding graphics etc. Obviously in real time it's closer to 8pm(for home games) before we leave the office but that includes us recording our interviews separately(not with mainstream media) and arranging all the player reaction we want etc. Preparation is key for us so we're pretty slick after the whistle.
  11. Pars vs Ayr: Andy Geggan Love-In

    Yes, although if Geggan had picked up his yellow card next week he wouldn't have been suspended. As of full time this afternoon, players now need to accumulate 12 yellow cards to get a suspension for it.
  12. Partick Thistle 2018/19 thread

    They are consecutive so he can't play reserve football until March. Not really, it's only reserve league fixtures he misses so he can still play first team football if selected.
  13. NFL London

    Packers @ Chargers in London please
  14. Partick Thistle 2018/19 thread

    Carlos Valenzuela Sanchez is our new head of Sports Science. It was mentioned in the written preview ahead of the Falkirk game - https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-fixture/falkirk-v-partick-thistle-17th-november-2018/#match-preview