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  1. Queens v Ross County

    Yeah, the person who films the game has a notepad and notes down the timings of chances as he films it to include everything that is a highlight - that is then whittled down when work on the highlights begins - so that half chance sclaff noted in the 3rd minute in the case of a quiet game gets booted out. Anyone that gives up their Saturday night/Sunday to produce highlights for any club gets my full respect. It can be a grim task at time, but makes the good times even better.
  2. Queens v Ross County

    Probably, I'm always curious to see how other sides produce their high quality highlights packages to learn if there are ways I can use to work better. It's clear that the guy at Alloa puts a lot of hard work and effort into his highlights - they are always top quality. I was just a little surprised that it takes so long.
  3. Queens v Ross County

    Really? The highlights for Thistle take about 90 minutes(once you sit down and start to do them) tops to do, including linking up the separate audio comms to the highlights, and adding graphics etc. Obviously in real time it's closer to 8pm(for home games) before we leave the office but that includes us recording our interviews separately(not with mainstream media) and arranging all the player reaction we want etc. Preparation is key for us so we're pretty slick after the whistle.
  4. Pars vs Ayr: Andy Geggan Love-In

    Yes, although if Geggan had picked up his yellow card next week he wouldn't have been suspended. As of full time this afternoon, players now need to accumulate 12 yellow cards to get a suspension for it.
  5. Partick Thistle 2018/19 thread

    They are consecutive so he can't play reserve football until March. Not really, it's only reserve league fixtures he misses so he can still play first team football if selected.
  6. NFL London

    Packers @ Chargers in London please
  7. Partick Thistle 2018/19 thread

    Carlos Valenzuela Sanchez is our new head of Sports Science. It was mentioned in the written preview ahead of the Falkirk game - https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-fixture/falkirk-v-partick-thistle-17th-november-2018/#match-preview
  8. 2020 Group Draw

    Fixtures announced.
  9. Partick Thistle 2018/19 thread

    We didn't sign Storey and Sammon on the last day of the window. We signed them both on Friday 11th August.
  10. Falkirk vs Partick Thistle - Doomed Derby

    Melbourne is suspended after his red card on Monday
  11. Paywalls

    ICT got in touch with PT ahead of the match to say that a videographer wouldn't be present at Saturday's match and if we could provide them with footage. We sent over the footage filmed by our video analyst on Sunday morning. ICT then requested to use the clips of the goal and penalty save on their social media accounts, to which we had no objection as if we had requested footage, we'd like to use in a manner we see fit, with a credit to the opposition Club. PT would never deny any Club to film the game for their own purposes from our own gantry(or press box in front of gantry if game is covered live by broadcast tv). It's counter productive because if we said to ICT "naw you can't film" then we wouldn't get access to film when we visit Inverness. What other Clubs choose to do with their footage is their business.
  12. Ladbrokes Championship 2018/19 Fantasy Football

    I haven't got round to adding the midweek points in yet - I think the Thistle v United ones went in on the 13th - will check and insert them into that week's tally(so you'll only get points if you had them that week)
  13. Next Partick Thistle manager

    Aidan wasn't called up until 25th September with the game re-arranged on the 11th September when both sides went out of the Irn-Bru Cup.
  14. Next Partick Thistle manager

    Aidan Fitzpatrick has been in Spain all week playing for the Scotland under 18 side against Uzbekistan and France. He did not arrive back in Scotland until 1:15pm on Saturday afternoon.
  15. Partick Thistle 2018/19 thread

    No, he doesn't.