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  1. There was no clash. Arbroath simply chose to wear the white kit, they could have worn their home kit if they wanted to. We had originally selected our silver goalkeeper kit so switched to blue to accommodate.
  2. Let's be clear here - PTFC didn't request tickets from Dundee for this game. We were sent tickets by Dundee FC for advance sale because we were told there was NO online purchase available for our supporters to purchase. We were also informed, a number of weeks ago, that there WAS going to be a pay at the gate option but that position subsequently changed this morning.
  3. When we were at Stenhousemuir in the Premier Sports Cup, they told us that QP reckoned they would be there until Mid-January at the earliest.
  4. Christie Elliott has ‘retired’ from football. He’s going for a career of working off-shore, I believe.
  5. It’s unlikely that streaming games within the UK and Ireland will be permitted this season. The Premier Sports cup group stages can be streamed domestically but all the indications are that it won’t be allowed for league fixtures.
  6. This isn’t correct. You’ve posted a number of times on here in the last few months about the board being tight and not supporting the manager at the time(whether McCall, Caldwell or Archibald), which isn’t true either - maybe don’t believe every rumour which is spread about.
  7. Surely not given we asked for our home cup games to be rounds 4 and 5 so the pitch was finished? Saturday 16th July? Yeah, if the pitch is ready then we’ll have a friendly at Firhill. When we asked for home cup matches on rounds 4 and 5, we didn’t know when our away games would be. That we are missing round 3, presents an opportunity. If it’s not ready for a match then we’ll play it somewhere else behind closed doors.
  8. As anticipated, Fraserburgh and Montrose will be at Firhill at the end of July. A trip to Stenny to start and a Killie telly tie too.
  9. Yes, both dates and kick off times are confirmed. Full info on all matches in the play-offs are here: https://ptfc.co.uk/ptfc-news/promotion-play-off-place-secured/
  10. You'll keep the gate money for the home tie only - no sharing of gates ala cup games. There is an SPFL levy of 50% on the Premiership play-off but this doesn't seem to be in effect for the Champ/League One play-offs so the full gate would be yours.
  11. All TV money(whether BBC Scotland Championship deal or the Sky Premiership telly deal) goes into a centralised pot and is distributed on finishing position - Championship clubs probably win in this regard as they get more money guaranteed based on finishing position for the inconvenience of two Friday night games. For the Premiership play-offs, each team keeps their home gates and the SPFL take 50% of the profits, after a 15% cost expense is deducted - I believe it helps to partially fund the parachute payments from Premiership to Championship for relegated teams. There are also minimum prices that were introduced after Rangers charged everyone a 5er for their play-off v Motherwell.
  12. I heard that Queen’s Park were looking at an alternative venue for their playoffs but nothing has been confirmed. Thistle are, almost, in the playoffs too so work will begin once the final game has been played by ourselves and QP in May.
  13. Our directors sit in a directors box within the Jackie Husband Stand rather than the box your directors were sitting in this afternoon - it's been that way all season.
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