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  1. Hopefully Clyde will be keeping a close eye on the two Rangers signings incase they end up at any illegal gatherings or parties.
  2. Let’s not forget Rangers players twice going to parties and no points deduction.
  3. Have these Partick pansies been deducted points yet for choosing when to play their games?
  4. Why did Clyde enter this shitty Cup?
  5. Dungbarton......what a boring b*****d of a club [emoji1360]
  6. 2-0 to Clyde with Goodwillie scoring both goals and Partick fans following on Twitter because they are boycotting the live tv feed [emoji3][emoji3][emoji3][emoji3]
  7. Agbonlahor spotted up Cumbernauld town centre trying on football boots.
  8. As said previously.....Thistle and East Fife home strips are absolutely honking. Airdrie kit is smart and Clyde top is far superior than last years white t-shirt.
  9. We already had that crappy plain white top last season
  10. I hear Nobby sports will be this years suppliers. The strip will be all white with no badge due to club trying to keep costs down.
  11. Any statement coming in soon from our leaders at Clyde on reconstruction?.......I won’t hold my breath
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