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  1. You are obsessed with Sellick.....be happy. The Rainjurs won today[emoji1360]
  2. Paddy Flannery,StuartMcIvor and Jim Duffy spotted naked at Dumbarton East Station after the game.
  3. Mark Yardley spotted at Broadwood trying to squeeze into a number 3 shirt.
  4. Are your mob still singing F*** the Pope & F*** the Queen ya Thistle tramp?
  5. I remember a few year back sitting with you at a friendly against Stirling away and we got totally humped. We were worried about the season ahead but managed to get promoted.[emoji1360] I personally don’t care about friendlies because I trust Danny Lennon will get things right when the league kicks off.
  6. I said “Worst strip in years”. You like the outfit and I don’t......it’s all about opinions.
  7. Superstitious crap. I’m not necessarily talking about the socks.....I’m talking about the white t-shirt that we wore.
  8. Worst strip in years. They even done away with the red socks towards the end of the season.
  9. Chortle !! It’s 2019 and you are stalking Clyde on p&b. Are you raging??
  10. Aye that was me. How’s your boyfriend by the way??
  11. First game was at Shawfield in early 70’s nobby.
  12. I’ve known cfcuk since Shawfield days......chuckle.
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