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  1. Did it really? I am asking a genuine question, thistle will always be 1 or 2 players away from being bang average/rotten in the top flight like so many other clubs. I think he done relatively well for us but in no way do i want him back. I still believe we wouldnt have been promoted under Jackie. He brought Osman, Keown first season, Booth, chezny (spelling might be off) and a fair few others who done well for us, the last year was a disaster agreed however if you look at the past even under Lambie we were a shambles until we brought in Derek Whyte, so 1 player can make or break our team and Lindsay unfortunately for us was that player.
  2. I have hope like any supporter and thought the best, but i also wont judge in such a short space of time is my point. I dont think we can just condemn him and say he has failed so easily.
  3. There is no perfect solution, it worked with Jack Ross and St.Mirren and its failed countless times with other managers its about perception of what he has and what he needs ti address. I dont blame McCall as everyone was bleating about the state of the team and the shitbags within it, if he didnt change it and if he did change it and it didnt work right away he would be blamed. I am in the camp of give him time and a pre season to work it out. If he dorsnt get us promoted this year then absolutely its a fail in his part.
  4. Do you expect everything to turn around in one season? You have a mentality issue to start with. The team then needs time to Gel and adapt to players strengths, you have your opinion i have mine i think we will be ok this coming season but time will tell.
  5. I tend to agree, i think he will get us promoted next year, i genuinely believe he is an ok manager and nothing more. He should get us back competitive again and i thought he would have turned us around this season. I think a little time will see him do ok with us again. Sorry for the spelling had a little drink in me the last message.
  6. All managers need a settling in time, i think mcCall will need that also things dont turnaround instantly in football, i expect hin to make us mid level championship bit we will need better if we want promoted again.
  7. it seems to me to be a few different watches? the dial colours are different? the black one agreed is the aqua racer at the bottom, the original pic still looks to me as a breitling with the strap but now moving more to a chronomat
  8. it looks like the Yacht-master two tone to me? Nelms also looks like the Breitling Navitimer, Anyway just a guess based on a grainy pic when I zoom in.
  9. I have a question for the morton fanbase? what is it you expect from the team? Do you see yourselves as big enough to be in the premiership? As you will probably know i am a thistle fan and i see us as a yoyo club who will move between the championship and premiership, so what is it that excluding a fantastic season or two you would deam as a realistic objective year in year out? Personally speaking and i don't mean to be negative but i see Morton as a mid table championship team but i am open to hear what you guys/gals think.
  10. As i say i only heard it on saturday night, what i was told was Hopkin is going with 5 senior players and the rest made up of younger players. I believe your budget is going to be significantly reduced this coming season.
  11. Heard last night that Doolan is off to Morton, Hopkins getting brought in as manager also.
  12. Martin Hardie is back working as a sparkie in Johnstone , he supposedly said "Archie hasn't been given the funds he was promised" doesn't sound promising.
  13. I haven't seen to many games this year so not got a great insight on my part. What I personally think is Archie has set the team out to not lose a lot of the time and unfortunately this team does not have that in them. I feel his thinking was to try and stop leaking goals would help us push up the league, however wether it be injuries or wrong formation he has just called it all wrong. He has been overly negative which has also made a sacrifice to our relatively free flowing football we have played over the last few years. He is still relatively inexperienced as a manager and I feel he has just lost his way and cannot make a positive decision as to how he turns it round (maybe a more experienced number two would have helped), hence all the chopping and changing. He should have in my opinion went down the tried and trusted rout of using Lawless, Erskine, Doolan, Elliot and Booth when fit to form a decent understanding. I get the criticism of Erskine recently but I think it is more down to confidence than anything else. Sammon has stepped up massively in the goals front but I don't see him doing the defensive harrying that Doolan offers. I also haven't seen Osman since he has been back other than the Motherwell game and I didn't think he had a bad game that day. If you keep chopping and changing the side then sadly these erratic performance will continue as no one is really sure of what they need to do and how to cover the other players due to no one having an understanding of each other's style of play. Just my my two cents worth and as I say not seen a lot this season.
  14. Sure, i don't, its just when 1 team is cherry picking your better players its easy to see why some fans get irritated. I personally think it has nothing to do with McNamara as was being made out that's all.
  15. I don't think its anything to do with McNamara i think its more to do with Dundee united taking our players for free, we never seem to get a fee for our players whilst they are coining it in on theirs. If we sign them up then they can have them but come with some cash so we can replace them.
  16. not sure if anyone is looking for a link but if you are try this. http://www.vipleague.is/football/269889/1/celtic-vs-partick-thistle-live-stream-online.html
  17. Yeah i have been, not every game due to working away but when home i go. Their is no doubt the partnership with Muirhead and Balatoni doesn't work. My question to you though is who picked the team? why did we not replace them even after last year when it was clear it wasn't going to work? you can blame injuries all you wish however i don't think the players are motivated, (that's my opinion) they were truly horrendous against St Mirren and deservedly lost the game. They were stinking in the first 20-25 minutes against Caley. Morton again was another very poor game. So yeah i have been but my question is why is it so poor? why do we stick rigidly to the system mcnamara introduced? even against St mirren it was like for like substitutions which says Archie thinks the system was working when again in my opinion it wasn't. Get this right i am not shouting for Archie to go far from it, he criticised the players for not being able to see out games and not being street wise. The same can be labelled at him for not being able to change to counteract changes in a game.
  18. what do you mean just by today? they have been rank rotten for a lot of games this season. Archie has tried to make our defence more robust by keeping a more solid back four in the 4-2-3-1 formation and the result is the full backs are not attacking as much. Granted their is lots of reasons and don't want to go through them all for now but he needs to have a rethink and quick. it was more enjoyable watching them last season even during our dreadful run.
  19. he definitely could and would offer Mcmillan a lot of cover. its just how do you fit everyone into the team? who gets dropped and what formation but its an interesting thought.
  20. I am going to have a difference of opinion from you but i guess thats what football is all about. i thought Muirhead looked like a really good footballer who could come out from the back and make very decent passes. Anyway doesn't really matter Archie is the one who needs to get it right and i think he will. I meant during the first division. i agree on the part about him looking out of depth in the premiership.
  21. Ok then here is a question for you. Has Muirhead had a chance at playing alongside an experienced centre back? i dont think he has but could be wrong. sure Balatoni and Mair did play well together in comparison to him and Muirhead but can we say for sure Muirhead wouldn't have improved? its a reasonable question i think. I have seen a huge difference in Muirhead's play and his confidence seems shot to pieces and looks nervous to receive the ball. He wasn't like that during our title winning season. Its something that everyone knows needs to be addressed but Balatoni looks like he is over confident and leads to stupid errors that should never happen.
  22. He was shocking at Morton as well FYI. The guy is allowed an opinion rightly or wrongly. instead of your snide comments with no real explanations why don't you discuss it?
  23. Never been in the North stand, signed the petition right enough as its a shocking way to treat our own fans.
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