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  1. how many clubs have been promoted from the super 1st and then got relegated from the premier league
  2. You are right Its complete dung
  3. this video was taken on the 30th may and the goalposts were being installed on wednesday 1st june but this shows a wider picture of the surrounding area still to be done https://youtu.be/wFn4A1_HN58
  4. Actually i heard it was the Talbot committee that offered
  5. video of townhead park cumnock taken today 30th May https://youtu.be/_HGZjLZCjiw
  6. He has been quiet since 😱
  7. Best of luck jack, you should get a club no bother at all ðŸ‘
  8. you could say the same about a few teams results this year, 1 week getting gubbed then next week turning over a title chsllenger, who could call it ?
  9. JB Yeah it would have been good to get a result yesterday but it wasn't to be, but at the end of the day it was only 3pts every team loses now and again just like your animals have been doing this season. We move on to the next game on Saturday and as fans are saying on p and b there's still twists and turns to happen in this league
  10. Just checked and there's no game for lugar and saltcoalts in forthcoming matches for today
  11. the good thing is we all know you wont be there
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