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  1. The special relationship [emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787] https://www.rte.ie/news/ireland/2021/1201/1264353-us-article-16/
  2. That was dreadful, what a waste
  3. Strange Kearney isn't getting that gig seeing its his last pro rugby game
  4. I hope you are having a pleasant night too mate....but you really are overthinking this.
  5. Just a Christmas card to a member. What a strange comment you make
  6. Can't see Ukraine, North Macedonia getting near it. Austria, Czechs & Turkey maybe. Polish definitely
  7. Murray and Raducanu to play exhibition in abu Dhabi mid December
  8. Scotland always get the short straw on that one
  9. Some stat. However Aussies didn't lose in my book.
  10. I'd have loved Scotland to have a crack at NZ this autumn. They look tired, unorganised and frankly dreadful
  11. Totally agree with that. I was watching match with my son and kept saying to him, why are Denmark even bothered?. It was evident that they were there to win.
  12. Mctominay currently doesn't deserve to be in first 11...
  13. Not sure of your point tbh. Thats all he had done to that point, plus he absolutely fucked up the nations league and the Euros. Not once did I call for him to be sacked. But he's come very good now
  14. Time for Clarke to leave imo. Hes been a complete disaster.
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