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  1. Utter minter behaviour from some Dundee posters last night, I'd expect some sore heads this morning. Terrfic win and well deserved. If not for our makeshift defence it would have been an utter paddling.
  2. French Calais politician with some brilliant trolling tonight. But, you wanted to take back control. Viva France
  3. What would probably mortify be more is a Welsh prat, who was hailed as a messiah, blowing a major trophy for my club cause he didn't give a shit. Then said messiah getting a WC finals badge for his CV.
  4. So Truss in charge is a gift to the independence campaign? Did we not say that post Johnson pick?
  5. I think she will be ok? Does the booster job not have to be within 9 months of the 2 primary vaccinations? Not sure there is a booster expiry. Could be wrong?
  6. Couple of sunny days and the media goes into a tizzy. Appreciate that climate change is a real issue which needs to be tackled, but for this week just enjoy the sun
  7. Flying to France next week, doing some research re entry requirements and getting mixed messages. Both myself and my wife are fully vaccinated plus boosted but the 3 children are not? Seems to suggest any children over 11yrs need to have a negative antigen test? Is this the case, can anyone who has gone recently shed some light? E.g did the arlines and border control insist? Thanks...
  8. Agree, some of the early names were low brow just to increase numbers. Will be good to see the postman punted and watch him come crawling back.
  9. A lot of continental Europeans will just refer to the UK [emoji636] as England [emoji636] Actually what I did there was just click on the auto flag that comes up whether I type in England or UK. Kinda gives more strength to my point.
  10. Its a fair point but it wasn't messaged quite like that in campaign. UK unionist politicians spread fear across the settled EU ex pat populations living in Scotland plus the EU itself (obviously not anticipating the 2016 referendum) said we'd be out and at back of queue. This wasn't strictly true as we met all conditions and would have been fast tracked in; not to mention all Scots would be continued EU citizens due to them having UK passports . It was fear, lies and bullshit that was spread.
  11. Absolutely, but on many a vox pop you hear people say they'd move to England blah blah. Least she was being pragmatic and non emotional
  12. Exactly, being an England International will mean a far bigger salary at club level. Sad but true. English players get much bigger sponsorship deals and are far more marketable. If he isn't a heart based die hard Scot(like mctominay), he will be off in a jiffy.. mad not to.
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