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  1. It is in fairness, they do that all the time. Don't like the BBC but don't think they are biased on this occasion, it's a pretty big story tbf.
  2. Scotland has always had a history of snatching defeat from the jaws of victory. Normally it occurs when, on the cusp of victory, factions turn on each other. I firmly believe we are on the verge of independence here but yet again this Salmond/Sturgeon war could have disastrous consequences.
  3. I actually thought it was a competition for that bumper prize
  4. This whole article has been written based on the opinion of former Brexit Party MEP Ben Habib. Yup...me neither
  5. Please change name of thread to CANZEU
  6. Absolutely, anything that offers faint praise to Johnson most certainly is. My money is on Gove hacking P&B
  7. Good post, SNP need 50% on constituency vote. If they got 48 and the greens got 4, our biased state media would claim no mandate
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