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  1. Disagree, thats not a successful six nations, we need to be aiming higher than that. A win in Cardiff or Dublin coupled with above will give us a good chance, which we can deem successful. I wouldn't imagine any other team, bar Italy, would see that scenario you outlined as successful?
  2. Andrea Rayner is a shoe in Dominatrix in her spare time.
  3. I'd be very surprised if he hadn't informed then, obviously he is a compulsive liar so probably said he didn't. Completely right about the phones though, although the useless bunch would be better just playing tetris for what its worth
  4. Wouldn't go near this tournament. Saving up for Germany 2024.... We should (fingers crossed) have a great chance to qualify.
  5. We do, but a 7th or 8th place finish would have given us Leicester tigers or Harlequins. Very winnable....ergo. we fucked up
  6. An absolute vile character with no relevance in Scotland except with minority of weirdos like the 'wheel woman' Effie Deans.
  7. On the contrary, they need to be experimental now ..or they will go down. Their so called established players have lost interest
  8. Dreadful by Glasgow, completely unacceptable. Let's not blame the ref. Ogara getting one over us again
  9. Ah cheers[emoji106] Can now go back to supporting them.
  10. Why are Scotland playing 7s again this weekend. Thought that was abolished for a GB team?
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