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  1. Cmon Europe, but hopefully Poulter falls on his arse
  2. This. It was airbrushed at the time because we won 2 penalty shootouts
  3. There really is no curse, its just an annual bottle job
  4. Amazing composure, never seems to panic at break points
  5. Real question marks over Clarke now. His tactics in first half were amateur beyond belief. Oooh I have a wee surprise, well fuk off Clarke, Robertson can't play right wing back. Also, not changing personnel earlier.. He won two penalty shootouts and was hailed as the messiah, thats all he's done..and clearly doesn't learn from mistakes. Shoogly Peg
  6. WTF is he doing [emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787]
  7. Good, now he's going to need one of his infamous toilet breaks pre the 5th
  8. Murray needs to conserve here, very important though that he serves first set 5
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