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  1. Any Scottish lads in PGA this weekend?
  2. Gatland is a disaster. His Warren ball is yesterdays news, it doesn't work in NZ, not now.
  3. No disrespect Philby, but that looks like the most depressing bar in the world.
  4. No one cares, everyone knows who is to blame for brexit...the gammons. Scotland is going it's own way Sent from my VFD 710 using Pie and Bovril mobile app
  5. In Ireland, straighT to Tesco. TonighT sorTed. Cheers Sent from my VFD 710 using Pie and Bovril mobile app
  6. Personally think he is droll and awful, would put you to sleep, but that's just my opinion I guess
  7. Liverpool pool were class this year, head and shoulders above the rest...but how Henderson won Player of Year as opposed to De Bruyne is anyone's guess
  8. Vodafone sponsoring the Lions.. Ha ha, England sponsored by O2
  9. You know he just pumped her once camera stopped rolling
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