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  1. And Munster shit face it again in a dreadful game. Fair play to them, they know how to win, unlike the Scottish teams
  2. Sexton having no class really surprises noone
  3. He's a dreadful poster. Seems to think typing thank you after his posts is good patter.
  4. Some pics from last night. Dreadful performance but credit to Toulon. Just outmuscled us.
  5. Superb match. Brilliant to see arrogant Leinster win the same amount of trophies as Zebre. Peypers performance in 1sr half was shocking..Leinster flying into rucks of their feet and winning turnovers. Best team won, don't like ogara but will take it to see Leinsters tears.
  6. Last couple of weeks in championship have been superb. Obviously I'm Thistle biased but the glorious prem wouldn't have produced as good a volley as Brian Graham's opener on Friday, nor a team goal as good as Tiffoneys second. Championship has some really good moments. Stick the EPL up your arse. And if Jamie Carragher has a problem with that, I'll spit on his face
  7. Going to match on Friday, got tickets last week, can't wait! Big night for the team so hopefully many make the effort to travel!
  8. Not sure Sharks will have much say in the game tbh
  9. Sooner Slab back independence the better. SNP are a victim of their own success. Humza needs to engage a real civic movement here, unfortunately I fear he will sleepwalk into Einsteins definition of insanity
  10. Our two substitute props were dreadful. Re. The hooker, Turner wasn't great but I'd stick with him. I'd have Cherry in the mix too. Brown is mince at this level
  11. The whole first half was anti ref. Big Duhan should have walked with penalty try, he didn't. I counted at least two occasions when we were off our feet in rucks and one from the side. No pens given to Ireland.
  12. First half yes. Not sure they will be too worried about us come the WC. They will 100% believe they will beat us, not sure we can say that about them.
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