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  1. Cross between a working cocker and collie
  2. Hears the dishwasher opening [emoji1787]
  3. If the great british public could vote for somebody to leave he would have been bounced at the first opportunity. Unfortunately people vote for contestants to stay, thats why utter nobodies will be punted first.
  4. When should we expect the answer from the supreme Court regarding the referendum powers?
  5. No Scottish outfield starters in this Rangers side. Phenomenal local development from the newco
  6. Utter minter behaviour from some Dundee posters last night, I'd expect some sore heads this morning. Terrfic win and well deserved. If not for our makeshift defence it would have been an utter paddling.
  7. French Calais politician with some brilliant trolling tonight. But, you wanted to take back control. Viva France
  8. What would probably mortify be more is a Welsh prat, who was hailed as a messiah, blowing a major trophy for my club cause he didn't give a shit. Then said messiah getting a WC finals badge for his CV.
  9. So Truss in charge is a gift to the independence campaign? Did we not say that post Johnson pick?
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