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  1. In fairness I'm not sure the 'Daily Express' is a beacon for 'our media'
  2. So it's BJ v EM... That's what it's come down. EU must back EM..... Allez Les bleus [emoji632][emoji1099]
  3. Toby Young will be caught with his pants down in a compromising situation very soon. Nap He's a fucking weirdo, one to be watched
  4. Do you know if you tilted Norway round on its southern most point 180% that it's most northern tip would land on Morocco!
  5. Jackie Baillie, Ruth Davidson, who knows Some fat unionist bint anyway
  6. The fishermen are about to get fucked. Oh yeah [emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787]
  7. Sorry, must have overlooked the continental shift that separated the Rock and the Falklands from ole Blighty
  8. Well it's only fair that we get 1/10 of Gibraltar and 1/10 of the Falklands, considering we are supposedly getting 1/10 of the debt. Perhaps we could do a deal with WM on the rock or the islands...
  9. McTominay played very well last night. As soon as Neymar dropped back, McTominay and Fred dealt easily with him. Diving, cheating, racist accusing c**t..!!!
  10. We can give them back Gibraltar, it belongs to them anyway, and they will vote for our EU inclusion
  11. Totally agree with much that's written. I was in the supermarket couple of weeks back and a small child barged past me, the child's mother reprehended the child and told him to apologise to the man. I immediately looked around for the man she was referring to... [emoji23]
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