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  1. The problem with this is that the EU will do fuk all. All bluff and bluster and Johnson knows this so will keep kicking the can. EU should drop free trade, but they won't Turkeys don't vote for Christmas
  2. Ireland progressively looking after its citizens again,exercising their full control levers. https://www.rte.ie/news/ireland/2022/0704/1308256-budget-statement-summer-statement/
  3. Jamie Murray dyeing his moustache [emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787]
  4. He might be tossing salad, he might be pumping Barbara, or perhaps eating porridge.....but one thing for certain hes a far better commentator than most of these privileged bbc lackeys
  5. Castle is nauseating. Can we not get a link set up with big Boris fae the big hoose
  6. Will prob be a bit different when esta style visa comes in.. However I do have to concur, I travelled to Italy recently on my Irish passport, queues were separated at Pisa, EU and Non EU..but both moved as fast as each other. It was a small airport mind, maybe in a busier one like CDG, it may be different.
  7. [emoji1787] SH Pigeons just don't listen...
  8. Hutchinson and Bennett real positives
  9. Whats the deal with these pigeons[emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787]
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