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  1. Every sensible person forgets about Northern Ireland, after all their Irish. Except of course the NI pallet burners and the Rangers. #nobodycares
  2. Look i feel sorry for any family who loses a loved one, and of course RIP. But all this nation grieving shite which the media is spouting needs firmly put in sea. I for one certainly am not grieving as I didn't know the guy and he's as much relevance to me as some old geezer in Maidstone
  3. The two heavyweights of Scottish politics [emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787]
  4. I see redpath is back for bath this weekend. Good news that he's over injury. Are Scotland playing any matches in summer, usually they tour even in Lions years? Persume covid has probably prevented this?
  5. This is getting ridiculous now, SNP and Greens are going to storm this, the rest of them are rabid clowns [emoji1782]
  6. Actually took Patrick Reed ew at 28/1. Bob said he had good tips so that's fine by me. Sandy absolutely deserves his place as past winner but maybe its time for him to stop taking a spot? Just go every year and swan about in your green jacket m8
  7. Really think you are being way to pessimistic here. With the country starting to open up,plus news the Euros are coming etc I expect the SNP to handily get a majority
  8. Luxembourg are much improved, the difference between their and ROI. ranking is seriously skewed due to the way rankings are done. Currently there is not too much difference between teams with many of Luxs players playing at a higher level than the benched championship players that ROI have. Anyone that thinks we will bang 5 past Luxembourg is for the birds.
  9. How many list seats are there in South, let's say there are 4. Please explain why Galloway gets 1 of them with 6% of vote..considering SNP are unlikely to get many of the constituency seats so will hoover up some lists as they are probably at least 20plus percent list in South Scotland. That's not to mention what labour and greens will get on list as they won't near winning a constituency. I would suggest galloway will need at least 15% on list in South Scotland to have any chance.
  10. I was actually offering my opinion on Tommy Robinson there..posted on wrong thread, but just found this very interesting article. Written by Sophia, bit of a coincidence??[emoji1787] https://medium.com/@sophiabotha74/yes-george-galloway-you-are-being-a-racist-dick-43ed650602ce
  11. The SNP really are the big team, they live in the Torys heads.
  12. Tbh, I stand by my Salmond comments, I'm looking at the process here, not the person. I'm a member of the SNP and they will undoubtedly get my constituency vote but my fear is there are clearly internal issues within SNP as this has been caused by left to right beliefs being held together by the independence cause. Perhaps another independence party might not be a bad thing going forward. Appreciate it will cause issues in a FPTP system as it will dilute vote but not sure there will be many more of them for our nation.
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