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  1. He was, but Gatlands standards must be way higher than the SRU standards which is extremely worrying and unacceptable
  2. A very worrying comment by Stuart Hogg in the professional era. So WTF was the Scotland set up all about. He laughs at the mention of the weight issue. "When I got Six Nations player of year in 2016 and 2017 I was 101 kilos and my skinfold (body fat percentage) was ridiculous. Horrendous. I was in heinous shape. Well, maybe not heinous, but I wasn't in great condition. It was only when I went on the Lions tour in 2017 that I realised what it was all about.
  3. So what do you suggest? A man gets accused of various crimes, goes to court and is found innocent. Is the legal system which basis our civilisation a joke? Or do we have to accept that many people were putting the boot into an innocent man?
  4. I presume all people who came on here to demonize him will be offering their apologies?
  5. We live in a democracy. Innocent until proven guilty, therefore he is innocent. People that don't accept this don't accept civilised society.
  6. Pay back to who, everyone is in fucking debt, this is the big global lie. America are trillions in debt yet have announced trillions in economic stimulus. Big lie to keep citizens quiet.
  7. If only there was another thread on this offering sound advice.........
  8. Salmond couldn't have hoped for a bigger distraction. Unfortunately for him his wife is old with underlying obesity
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