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  1. I quite like Craig Telfer's Palace gear. It's cool.
  2. Halliday's missus probably doesn't even want to shag Andy Halliday.
  3. Lennon and team pocket £400,000 from Hibs. Celtic get a new manager for free. Hibs get Heckingbottom and mediocre signings.
  4. I hope that Celtic hump Lazio because it's Lazio.
  5. Archie is a cheeky b*****d as well as a pompous old political extremist.
  6. What a great name. I wish I was called Gavin Bazuka.
  7. He always has weird favourites. The one that stood out for me with the national team was Gordon Greer.
  8. I don't think I would've sacked him but remarks like that would see you disciplined in many jobs in everyday life.
  9. What is the significance of McLaughlin starting the game? He's nothing special.
  10. Strachan is actually a good coach, but for a confident man he's crap with his words. He also makes some bizarre moves with personnel.
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