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  1. Rise of Astro Pitches

    Gtaf. You honestly think that the ball bounces the same on astro as grass? It really does not.
  2. Your 13 points behind them and have 18 from 26 games. Your no catching Livingston, neither are Dundee. You could literally double your points from so far and still no catch them.
  3. RT @PiltonComHealth: ????CROWDFUNDER LAUNCHES TODAY!???? Help us raise £50,000 to #SavePCHP @ https://t.co/aKmUwvH619 @TomKitchin + Martin Wisha…

  4. The Hibernian Thread

    Why the f**k would keeping the manager who'd won 2 games out of the last 17 be inspiring? He'd every chance from me to turn it round because he done it last year, but he'd be sackable on both results and performances this season.
  5. Quarter Final Draw

    I forgot entirely that drawing someone in a semi final doesn't count as drawing them.
  6. Quarter Final Draw

    Aye, the year and a half since Hibs last played Celtic in a cup is a pure eternity.
  7. Quarter Final Draw

    ICT/Ross County v Hibs Partick v Dundee Utd Aberdeen v Hearts Rangers/Kilmarnock v Celtic
  8. RT @WestPilton: Hibs Bus to Dundee on Friday 22nd Feb ???????? Harp n Castle at 4.30 Pick ups at Telford Arms 4.45 Tesco/Tony Macs on Q’ferry Rd…

  9. Hibs vs Aberdeen

    Worst of it is that they're a decent side. When they had to play today when they went behind they were excellent. They're Livingston with a history and a bigger budget.
  10. Hibs vs Aberdeen

    Hibs weren't cheated, we were done by the snidiest team we play every single time. I don't blame Aberdeen or Mcinnes for this, it's up to us to deal with it. But f**k watching that week in week out. It's neither wonder Aberdeen fans are a shower of greeting faced c***s.
  11. Hibs vs Aberdeen

    Fair fucks to Mcinnes. He'd get Prince Harry through a dna test.
  12. The Hibernian Thread

    How would Gauld be talking about what "apparently" happened at training. He'd have been there... This is complete baws imo.
  13. They'll give it to Stubbs till the end of the season imo. If he does well (which will basically mean finishing at least 4th which looks an extremely long shot atm, or winning the Cup) the job will be his. There's a structure in place at the club re signings where he's been generally shite elsewhere. He's obviously already got relationships with a lot of the players which is important if there have been dressing room problems.
  14. The Hibernian Thread

    Stubbs comes back and Hibs win the cup. Then leaves because Hibs only gave him a contract to the end of the season...