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  1. If them going for a pint jeopardised my living I probably would aye. And this absolutely does jeopardise their living. If the league is called off clubs are going into administration.
  2. Test results in I'd guess. Expect a statement saying more positives from the Aberdeen squad so unsafe for St Johnstone to play.
  3. Is one of the various factors having worse players in pretty much every position bar, maybe, goalkeeper? Cause that would seem the only factor tbh. Unless Celtic appoint a simpleton as manager, which Lennon isn't, then I don't see how Rangers beat Celtic in any meaningful form. You might beat them in a one off game but you won't out perform them over a season.
  4. Wait till they find out you've absolutely rinsed them on the old loyalty points.
  5. Hibs sold them direct to away fans for a few games. This was complained about by Celtic because it wasn't giving their season ticket holders priority. Like Hibs should give a flying f**k about that.
  6. They ditched it when clubs started selling tickets direct and they realised that they were getting season tickets sold because it helped give priority to away tickets.
  7. January on loan "I'm desperate to play for Rangers" August on seeing the contract offer "No that fucking desperate".
  8. I seen that. Absolutely disgraceful from the chief sportswriter of BBC Scotland. Completely misleading about the context of the statement he highlighted. He goes on about how the SPFL have shite sponsorships, maybe if the national broadcaster weren't lying on social media about stuff they said it would be marginally less difficult.
  9. Bold statement from someone from Kilmarnock tbh. I'm fucking intrigued about the amount of c***s from the biggest smack taking places from around Scotland (Govan, Kilmarnock, Dundee, Aberdeen) thinking this is something to take a dig at Hibs about fwiw. Do you c***s think it's no relevant that you have way worse than Leith drug dependency because it's no got someone writing novels around it? Or are you just no bothered because you prefer to exist in clichés?
  10. Alex Gogic - segundo volante Who knew We're Hibs, we turn the diddiest of teams players into unheard of positions. We'd be fucking box office if we let others watch us.
  11. I'm starting to think they have been a victim of their own marketing. "Only way to ensure you can see every minute at ER is a ST" was the message. Introduce ppv and that undermines that and potentially pisses off some ST holders. TBF none of my mates with ST's are bothered their arse about that, we basically all got ours as donations to the club, but the club maybe weighed up the possibility of there being a loud minority moaning about them lying to them.
  12. Aye, but it still takes a fortnight away from domestic football for every one. I'd personally be in favour of returning internationals to midweeks between domestic football. Any call offs/not available players and the player can't play in their clubs next fixture as a blanket rule.
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