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  1. You must have missed last season where teams sauntered through the Hibs midfield at will. Now they don't.
  2. Agree with that. Got some good moments out of him, but he never even made himself an automatic starter over two years at the club. Wish him all the best, but I'm not convinced he'll be badly missed.
  3. Are we light? We've got 3 wingers, 3 strikers, and 2 attacking central midfielders. That's 8 players for a max of 4 places. Murphy was brought in as a replacement for Horgan I think it's safe to say.
  4. Dunno like. I think we've been utterly garbage in what are big games. Only good performances was v Aberdeen at home, and at Tynecastle last season. Shat it in the ER Derby, zero penetration against Aberdeen last two games, and never laid a glove on Celtic or Rangers under him. The Aberdeen strategy of beating the sides worse than you for getting a good league position isn't a bad one, but it's limiting if you're really not much better than many other sides. I think Ross might start stretching patience pretty quickly if we keep looking toothless against anyone half decent.
  5. Guessing it's the protocol for any positive test.
  6. Sky say “indicative positive test” but 2nd test is negative,player will self isolate for 10 days.
  7. Don't disagree that it suits Rangers better, but Murphy was out of contract next summer, and presumably would be on a higher wage which would be the difference to Hibs. Rangers will be paying a bit of his wage that they wouldn't be this season. Finances probably dictated Hibs accepting it for Murphy when they didn't for Mccrorie.
  8. My suspicion would be that Murphy is on significantly higher wages than Mccrorie was so the finances probably wouldn't work for outright signing him. We'll be paying a percentage of his wage rather than all it for the next season then he moves onto a new Hibs wage.
  9. He's on a years contract with us after this season. Suspect we're only paying a portion of his *** wage.
  10. He makes a c**t of something then throws his players under the bus. You can see why he's got a shelf life as a manager.
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