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  1. Hibs v Celtc, Easter Sunday

    You're lucky to have him. Such disrespect. Hope you get relegated. Etc. Et fucking c. Lennon I think is a good manager. And weirdly I think he'd actually do better in Europe with you than Rodgers did. But he's got f**k loads of faults too. He plays to the opposition a lot. If you've got better players then you should have a system which beats them. Stuff gets in his head where he's lost games and he's convinced his next change will fix it. He loves matching up to opposition strengths and trying to negate them. Celtic being more reactive would probably be a good thing for you in Europe imo. Rodgers sent his players out for rodgering all the time. You're no Ajax (despite the same budget) who can dictate what happens in a game. Domestically it will be annoying as f**k but.
  2. Hibs v Celtc, Easter Sunday

    You mean there isn't a dogzilla?
  3. Is the SPFL getting better?

    You could make up the difference in the fixtures by making the league cup stages home and away with home clubs keeping the gate money. That gives everyone 20 guaranteed home games.
  4. Is the SPFL getting better?

    Mcgeouch and Mcginn were in the league because Hibs were paying top 6 Premiership wages.
  5. Hibs v Celtc, Easter Sunday

    Aye, think I want a Killie win on Saturday. Definitely don't want a draw.
  6. Hibs v Celtc, Easter Sunday

    Nah, wins against them cuts it to three points. That's doable in 4 games, especially if we're winning two of the other ones. My issue is that I think Hearts, Rangers and Celtic could all be on the beach to an extent. Celtic and Hearts will definitely rest players pre Cup final and we'll get no benefit from that.
  7. Hibs v Celtc, Easter Sunday

    Think if we've got any hope of overhauling either Aberdeen or Kilmarnock we'll need at least a point here. Thinking is that we'll need maximum points from the games v those two and Hearts. But one of them will likely get maximum points against the other on Saturday, and you'd expect both them to win at least one other game each. Which would mean we need to collect at least one additional pt to finish ahead of one of them. Ibrox is basically our training ground, but don't fancy having to win our last four games regardless of that.
  8. Was there away goals then? I thought it was the 70s before they were introduced? Or was that penalties?
  9. @ballboymusic Fair point, I stand corected.

  10. You think there's going to be public transport infrastructure set up for 20 games a season like? I think I've said in this thread before that building it near a rail line would alleviate the transport issues and you can scale that. Expecting 20k to rock up in cars and buses with no issues seems wildly optimistic. Fucking Mcdiarmid Park at half the capacity, nearer the city, and a fifth of the crowd is a pain in the hole.
  11. So Pittodrie is an ideal location for anyone using public transport. The new stadium has virtually no public transport and you're entirely reliant on cars or the proposed shuttle bus supposed to be running. I've no idea about Aberdeen, but I know that in Edinburgh lots of people specifically don't get cars because they can get public transport. A cursory look at the car ownership percentage in Aberdeen City suggests about 41% car ownership for over 17s according to Scottish government figures. Which isn't much higher than Edinburghs 35%. Seems awful like about 60% of your city will be relying on lifts or the shuttle buses. So possibly is a bit relevant.
  12. Pittodrie is about a 20 minute walk from Union Street. Half an hour from the station. Pretty sure the new stadium is further away than that.
  13. Hearts v Hibernian

    I wanted him punted at half time in the **** game and had a proper tantrum. I'm still a wee bit unconvinced with the way we're starting games, but absolutely no complaints at how he's making changes during games. He's also doing it with about 12 fit first team players.
  14. Hearts v Hibernian

    Gtf. Claire thought he'd been fouled because Stevenson knocked the ball off him. The wrong decision there was that Hearts got a throw in that should have went to Hibs.
  15. Hearts v Hibernian

    Bit racist.