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  1. It's no exactly complicated. Hearts panicked, wonder why. Here's a plausible scenario. People are bored out their tits tbh, so is it really a surprise to you that people would be discussing the slim pickings of football news which are actually occurring?
  2. A mate reckons they hit the panic button after they found out that their insurance didn't cover it. It was so quick to happen when it was pretty clear that the government would have to do something that there had to be an event which prompted it. That would be the type of thing which a club could check quickly, and it would be something which would be a complete disaster when it was discovered. That would explain why they moved so much quicker than other sides to slash costs. Sure someone at Aberdeen mentioned that not all clubs had insurance when they found out that their insurer would not renew their policy which did cover it. Pure guess obviously but it seems somewhat logical. If it wasn't that, I'd guess something else prompted the apparent panic.
  3. You can't unilaterally extend contracts. Players might well be willing to do so, but I'd guess they'd be wanting some hefty reassurances in case of injury picked up during the extra month or two they'd be playing.
  4. I'd suggest Scotlands roughly 1% share of paying this comes from the sides which insist on finishing the season. The Athletic is reliable fwiw. Spent loads on getting very legitimate journalists to write for them.
  5. And if the season is null and void that would result in Dundee Utd at a minimum going out of business. Fucking Hearts are running an 8m wage bill ffs, where do you think your club is getting the money to pay that? You think the Foundation Of Hearts money is enough to keep that ticking over? It would pay for about 7 weeks. There's a distinct possibility of a 6 month shutdown. My opinion is that there will be no relegation. Leagues will temporarily increase in size while trying to fulfill contracts with broadcasters.
  6. Best of luck filling a squad to play those games with no income for 6 months and no ability to sell tickets because everyone's season tickets are still valid. People are understandably looking at this in football terms,but the clubs are going to be absolutely brassic by the time games start up again. Telling them to fill a squad with no money to do so doesn't seem very palatable.
  7. Clubs aren't going to go for less games if remotely possible. We're tending to look at this as fans and trying to come up with a solution which we think will be best football wise. The clubs won't be ignoring that, but they absolutely will be looking at the finances. There is no scenario I see where there are less games played than possible. I think they'll go for announcing this league finished and go with a fixture heavy 2020/21 season.
  8. Honestly can't see how this season can be finished. Players go out of contract at the end of May, and even the most optimistic projections will mean you'll be lucky to be back playing a month before that. I think this season will be declared finished. Clubs take the places in the league which they're currently at. But I don't think that will work with relegation and promotions without legal action being threatened by those adversely effected. What I reckon might end up happening is a fudge. No relegation, multiple teams promoted into bigger leagues, and a temporary move to 3 tiers. Which will last a season and enough relegations to rebalance the leagues in the following season. A temporary move to three 16 team leagues would potentially resolve the promotion/relegation issues. Top four in the championship promoted. Bottom 6 and all of league 1, bar the bottom team, and the current league leaders in league 2 in a second division. Bottom team of league 1, all of league 2 bar the champions, and 2 sides from each of the Highland and Lowland leagues in the 3rd division. Clubs would look to be recouping some money so split each league after 2 rounds of fixtures. 44 league games in the season. One year only. Culminating in an absolute fuckload of relegations. Only promotions would be the champs of each league. Cancel the winter break. This years Scottish Cup you finish off pre season. Change the league cup to a straight knockout. Unless we're aw deid obviously.
  9. I'm not moaning. I was responding to someone who had no idea what Hibs fans could complain about with the ref yesterday. I've given a couple of examples.
  10. The Doidge header looked over the line. Aberdeens second goal came from a corner which should have been a Hibs ball. I can't actually remember Hibs getting a single free kick in the first half, which would be surprising in any game, against Aberdeen it's unfathomable that its correct. Gullan and Doidge were being held every time they went for a ball in the air. There was literally a rugby tackle by an Aberdeen player late on and Beaton gave a free kick and happily moved on. At the game I was 100% convinced Whittakers second yellow was stonewall. I've seen an angle from behind the goals where it doesn't even look like a foul. No convinced with this one at all, but I'll watch it again. So there's quite a few things that people could think that Beaton done Hibs with. I thought the penalty shout for Aberdeen looked a good shout fwiw.
  11. But you look like a shower of c***s.
  12. Never offered a deal at Hibs. Would have came back in a second. Given we're on our third right back signing of the season where he can play, never signed a defensive midfielder where he can play, and he'd be our best centre half I'm no entirely fucking sure why he wasn't offered a deal tbh.
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