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  1. In absolute fairness, I thought before the game that a point wouldn't be bad. The additional midweek game for Hibs I thought would cause an issue without any changes to the side. After the game I'm thinking that was the first time that Hibs had been significantly better than Kilmarnock since Clarke took them. Dropping points is going to happen, but Hibs will finish ahead of Kilmarnock comfortably.
  2. Actually think Hallberg has been decent. Ask him to be disciplined and hold in front of the defence and I think we'll be much better.
  3. Dunno, feel like they weren't desperate to get rid of him. If he'd pulled a rabbit out of his arse and we'd won Saturday then they might have thought it would be a turning point. You could just about see the fans changing their tune if he'd went on to win a cup next month. We played exactly as expected instead. Conceded 11 in two visits to Glasgow this season, the place where you have to be able to get results to win anything...
  4. Someone at the game yesterday said it is a genuine retirement. Apparently his wife isn't keeping great and that's why he's calling it a day. Nice old guy apparently so I'll wish him the best.
  5. Sign Mulumbu and Efe and win the league. Both stopping "10" and making the **** reincarnation keep going longer than (deep breath) ICT, Ross County, Hearts, Kilmarnock, St Mirren, St Johnstone, Aberdeen, Celtic, and fucking Hibs without a trophy.
  6. I wouldn't be against signing him fwiw. The thought that someone who's done well in the 2nd and 3rd tiers of Scottish football will have Hibs selling thousands of additional season tickets is the bit I had an issue with.
  7. We should sign Naismith. Would not sell a single additional season ticket, but it would be funny.
  8. Would it f**k [emoji23] "we've signed a player from Ayr, here's a thousand new season tickets sold". The only single player we could remotely sign that would shift a significant number of STs beyond what we'd sell anyway is Griffiths.
  9. Kamberi with some service is absolutely fine as a striker. We won't be playing two up front very much at all imo as Horgan, Boyle and Allan are all going to play, having 4 strikers is just going to leave one of them barely playing.
  10. Don't think we'll sign any strikers unless Kamberi is punted or Shaw goes out on loan. Pretty sure we'll have paid fees for everyone we're going to prior to the deal going through to stop the fees rocketing.
  11. Far better to grind their faces into the dirt and let them liquidate themselves trying to keep up imo. Best practice and all that.
  12. It will be definitely included. But we've now got a half a million quid a year supporter subscription which could potentially be converted to funding capital investment instead of buying shares. I genuinely don't think we'll remotely be spunking a stack of cash on players.
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