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  1. Absolutely as expected. Fair fucks St Johnstone, enjoy your night.
  2. One in four in Scotland over a 38 game season is 9-10 goals a season. He's 25 so you wouldn't expect huge amounts more development. If Dundee Utd sell him it will be for well under 1m. It's also true what I'm saying regarding trying to punt him fwiw.
  3. Why would you have? No one was interested at the price Dundee Utd were looking for. He's a 25 year old striker who wasn't very good in the Premiership. Previous to this season there was a chance he was going to be very good but just hadn't had the opportunity at a higher level. Now he has, and that has fucked his value.
  4. You misunderstand, Dundee Utd were actively trying to punt him for that in January and got no takers at that price. Why would any club double a price neither they nor anyone else bit on previously?
  5. Dundee Utd were looking for 700k for Shankland in January. Him playing a season in the top league has tanked his value because he's no that good.
  6. Think he's still got 2 years left on his Hibs contract and what you describe above is pretty much exactly the role he has at Hibs (David Gray is on an identical deal). If you wanted to sign him and play him more regularly than we have I could see him going to do that.
  7. I'm not actually sure if the Vicky has a tele tbh. Been in a few times but genuinely can't mind seeing one. Will check the next time I'm walking past and have a look.
  8. You're possibly totally fucked for it tbh. We got a cancellation at Meadowbank last night for five of us after a fuckload of looking. Exact words from Robbies when asking was "it was booked out for the whole day and night within 20 minutes of Hibs going two up in the semi". Your best bet might be giving it till quarter past one and see if anyone hasn't turned up and take their place.
  9. Aye, but in terms of coming close to it that's pretty much the closest anyone has since Aberdeen last did it in 1990. If hibs go out and win 3-0 or something on Saturday I'd say they came closer than St Johnstone have this season.
  10. We lost the league cup final to a last minute goal. I'm no sure how much closer than that you're talking about.
  11. That is absolute shite. Boyle is still at Hibs only because he's had two cruciate injuries. He's the most improved player over a period of time I've ever seen in Scottish football. He developed composure which rarely happens. He's still quick, but he lifts his head now. He had raw talent when he first got to Hibs, but it's developed into a player no team in the league wants to play against.
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