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  1. Probably because the west juniors only entered the pyramid last season. That’ll equal out now. Bo’ness vs Talbot will be the biggest tie this round by a distance.
  2. The shire haven’t won a game in the LL this year and Formartine are 4th in the HL. Still a decent punt I guess but can’t see the Shire getting a win here.
  3. Really good game yesterday. Two teams that play football the right way. Great result for us, we haven’t had too much joy VS Jeanfield recently! Some top top goals! A couple of cup weeks to break from league duty but four homes and one away to Edinburgh FC (will be an interesting one to test us) to enjoy through September. Hail the Gallant!
  4. Still need to win VS Dalkeith first mind but we played in the covid 19/20 season at Bo’ness last. 4th Jan 2020 to be exact! I think the only time since we left the juniors!
  5. Armadale are comfortably a Premier or division 1 team. It’s just circumstance they are where they are. Rooster was captain of Linlithgow only 12 months ago and although all getting into their 30s. Strickland, him and Leiper if still playing are all good players. Would imagine them and Bo’ness will go up twice in the next two years with Whitburn and Syngenta a year ahead. Will take a good 3 or 4 seasons for everyone to find their right place and these 10-0s to start disappearing. At the end of all this if the LL finally open up the pyramid will have been a great success, but you can already see the EOS has been handled really well, it’s just a shame it didn’t all happen at once and we would have this conference x in the wrong place.
  6. Oh they’re alive! Top of the league and they start talking again. [emoji23]
  7. Blackburn really well drilled and a good defensive side. Thought we were unlucky with a couple of penalty calls but aside from that and a couple more chances we didn’t create much and that’s credit to the home side. Great save from Binnie kept us in it and credit to the boys for fighting to the end to get a point. Not an easy place to go on the plastic pitch. Think Blackburn will have another decent season on that showing.
  8. Optimistic and delighted to see us get our business done early. I can’t remember having a squad sorted out this early since Jim Sinnet when he came in towards the end of the season. Some good young talent there, can get behind that but there’s some great teams in this league so we need to hit the ground running. Can see Jeanfield and HOB up there as well this year. Penicuik but they have a bit of a rebuild to go through.
  9. You’ve probably nailed it with the last bit. If you aren’t in control of the ball it’s not a DOGSO.
  10. No doubt a couple of sleeping giants in Whitburn and Armadale. From a Rose fan those games VS Whitburn at the end of the 90s we’re excellent. It would be great to see you get to that level again but it’ll take a lot of hard work.
  11. Champions! It’s been too long. Commiserations to Gala who showed why they got to the final. Second half 20 mins they were on top and looking like taking the lead.
  12. Not a chance he’s going to Cowdenbeath. They’ll be in the EoS before too long. Big chance for us next season and I’d hope we’ll hold our top players and add.
  13. They’ll be comfortably top half imo
  14. Congratulations guys. Best team I seen us play this season, just didn’t know when you were beaten. Enjoy your night and the Lowland League!
  15. Hope you boys can hold on. Going well so far! [emoji106]
  16. Those nessers are always getting their Fridays and Saturdays mixed up.
  17. Is it not because no one will know until the playoffs will finish? It’s not rocket science.
  18. Congrats to Tranent. Worthy winners! The two games against us showed their character coming back from 2 down twice at the arse end of the season to win the league is top class. Commiserations to Penicuik who have also been excellent. Great league this year!
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