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  1. To be fair the Rose CFC were in the top league in the SAFA with Bo’ness Cadora. But a different association than Thistle.
  2. They weren’t at all. Thistle played in the Edinburgh AFA and Linlithgow CFC played in Stirlingshire AFA. I don’t think they ever played each other before they went junior.
  3. I’m confused. Which one is the real Bo’ness United?
  4. I get that but PpG on only playing teams once with all the distruption there’s been just doesn’t give an accurate reflection. As a Rose fan I felt we turned a corner and still have nearly everyone around us to play twice. I’d have fancied us to challenge even at 50% of the games but it’s obvious it wouldn’t be fair especially at the bottom end of the league.
  5. It’s a no brainer. 50% at league two you play both teams home and away. I see an argument for that but half the games means PpG is flawed. For 17 games realistically there’s onto two or three teams that can win the Premier so why would the rest bother to vote to restart?
  6. Yeah I was thinking if we play to 50% to decide promotion and relegation then a lot of teams would be playing for nothing as it would be mathematically impossible so what is the point.
  7. Oh and on that neutral venue point. We played Kelty in 2007 in front of 9,300 people. No playoff series will generate that level of support.
  8. Oh right I didn’t realise. Wiki seems to say Brora won it last season. you are right about the playoff, but that’s two clubs. Bring in a cup with prestige like this and you could have really big crowds from the last 16 onwards imo. I really don’t see a negative and can’t really understand why we’d keep a cup in the south to qualify for something we already qualify for through licensing. It’s in its very nature defunct.
  9. The North of Scotland Cup too. Another poster pointed out there’s been no interest from the HL for another all in Cup but surely this is the sort of cup that would market well. Regionalise the first two or three rounds then all in even. Im only saying as binning a cup that has probably the third largest pulling power for fans in Scotland (yes I mean bigger than the challenge cup) seems silly to me because of some politics. A final of Kelty vs Brora for example at Inverness or Pitodrie would draw a good crowd. That excitement for that cup never left the Juniors.
  10. I agree with everything except for retiring the cup. I’d love for there to be a place for the old trophy. it will take time but you could argue the qualifying cups have been superseded by licensing. Why not merge the three cups for an all in non league cup? What a spectacle it would be and the competition would match the history.
  11. Is this official now. Looking forward to the trip to Whitburn when it comes. It’s been too long.
  12. Yeah fair point I hadn’t thought of it like that. It just feels like joining the Highland scrapping any sort of local game for tayside clubs. It’s a hard enough move over without completely changing culture like that. previous poster about it not being the juniors, I get that but the pyramid should be trying to get everyone involved and to basically condemn a number of clubs who have played south of a line for years for basically 10 mins more travel time for me feels a bit harsh. Don’t get me wrong I don’t miss travelling away up there either but they are good clubs and we don’t want to lose them due to a geography point.
  13. Yeah I meant north as in north. im just saying for Lochee, most likely to be promoted they would really be looking at least a 4 hour round trip to around 80% of the league games. The closest would be Inverurie, 1.5 hrs away. that’s unfair surely at tier 5?
  14. I see your point but no one should have to do a 9 hour round trip for a league game at non league level. It’s just ridiculous and the construct of the league won’t change quickly, could put teams out the game. For me it’s common sense.
  15. The other East Junior clubs should be allowed to join the EOS. it’s the same distance to Lochee as it is to Tayport so I don’t see an issue really. Localise as the leagues get lower to make sure it isn’t too much financial stress. Lochee to Eyemouth is two hours but Lochee to Wick is double that journey. There’s a reason the North is mainly Inverness and above. Feel really sorry for these clubs.
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