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  1. Wasn’t with us all of last season. Yeah he had a job which meant he couldn’t commit. Was a big loss!
  2. The fans forum on fb has the up to date squad. Fuzzy has it above. Donaldson is a midfielder rather than defender though.
  3. I would suspect Scullion will move to a role sitting on the bench. Can’t see where he fits in in this team. We are clearly building a team for the next few years.
  4. This is rubbish. A great place to run and the only track in Edinburgh just now. ffs.
  5. He has another year on his contract. Would be surprised if he stays as I can’t see him in the starting 11.
  6. Just delaying the inevitable. If change is embraced the clubs will realise there’s going to be a novelty factor in a large non league LL where you only play each other twice.
  7. I like the look of him at the start. If you can set up a defence to let him play he will create and score goals imo. We were just that bad we couldn’t afford to have a player like that in midfield this season. lightweight but no doubting his ability. best of luck for the future Dan.
  8. I didn’t mean anything other than mentioning those who have finished bottom recently and been saved by an unfair playoff system.
  9. If this happens and no promotion from LL or HL and no automatic relegation is included in the reconstruction I for one will convert my efforts into going back Junior. it will be nothing short of a disgrace especially if Cove and Edinburgh are involved. A fair promotion relegation from league 2 will show that those lingering at the bottom being replaced by their non league equivalents as an annual thing and might even galvanise those who have stagnated like Cowdenbeath and Brechin.
  10. No, Linlithgow have always previously been in the top division. Have to say you boys deserve the league, although HOB will be disappointed. Hopefully a two up and playoffs type move comes of this!
  11. Great to read this has been resolved guys. Will be interested to see how the Junior Cup fits in and hope common sense prevails in future to open it up to all non league and redescover it's prestige.
  12. I disagree. Merging or bringing it back would convert many pyramid doubters.
  13. It's a beautiful cup and has great history behind it. Personally I'd retire the South and north challenge Cup (if the latter exists).
  14. The Junior Cup would be a great addition to the pyramid run for all below league two. Keeping it for what's left of the juniors is an affront to what it used to be. The prestige died when the east left. Its just a west junior league Cup now.
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