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  1. Thought the draw was the right result. Sending off was pretty harsh, no bad tackles in the game and westlake gets sent off for two nothing fouls. Second half killie defended well and had a few half chances on break. Motherwell didn't create many more chances and samson was rarely tested. If we had 11 men I think it would have been a win. I wasn't sure about Gary Locke getting the job but he certainly has the players on his side. We looked organised and with a game plan which is a lot more than we had under Johnston. If he keeps getting results it's hard to argue against him getting the job permanently.
  2. From what I can remember of the game the first half was pretty even with both teams being a bit shit. Second half caley stepped up a gear. First goal was soft defensively but well worked, second not quite sure what happend, looked like samson had it covered then it was in. Would be lucky if killie even had a shot off target nevermind on target, just never threatend to score at all. Unbelievable start for caley. Hope the fans enjoy it! Better start than last year for killie so there's always that.
  3. After all the talk from Roberts about coming out and having a go its pretty embarrasing to not even have a shot on target. Same tatics as used at the 2012 semi final, sit back and hope for penalties. Can ayr fans really say they were happy with that performance in a derby match? Killie totally controlled it without creating too many chances. Magennis could have done better with the half chances he had, but no glaring misses. Pasca and hammil were the best players on the pitch by a mile. Never felt like we were ever going to lose the game which resulted in it being a bit flat at times. As for the talk of trouble, there were a bunch of ayr fans cornered by the police at the brass before the game, each one got filmed close up before the police let them go. That was about as much as I saw. Bunch of fannies from both sides if there was any trouble.
  4. They will probably try and claim the Ayrshire Cup if they win.
  5. Can see this being a good deal but the club will need to be run very well if there are no overdraft facilities. What do other clubs do during summer etc? Do they rely heavily on bank overdrafts?
  6. It should be interesting game tomorrow, on paper the teams look evenly matched. I'm just hoping for entertaining game and glad the cup is leaving Rugby Park to a good home ie not the old firm! Hope you all enjoy the day!
  7. The fact it is an idependent commission didnt seem to stop Rangers fans complaining about the SPL trying to strip them of titles. Yes there may be a large bill to go through this process, but isnt it better for everyone that it happened? At least now there is some sort of answer over the whole EBT dual contract thing and we can all move on. Is that not worth however much it will cost instead of the petty tit for tat arguing that has been going on for over a year?
  8. This may already have been answered but isnt the fine to the oldco a bit redundant since it is soon to be liquidated? Or does the newco pay this fine as part of the "settle all football debts" agreement? Also, since The Rangers have a decision that they seem happy with does that mean that they want to join the SPL again despite Green's ramblings about never playing in the SPL under his regime?
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