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  1. 4 minutes ago, RawB93 said:

    The ears are identical in the photos you shared, that's all I'm sure of.

    Yeah, I'm sure he's the ex Millwall kid Ross posted the pic of, just not sure if he's Christian Dailly's son or not.

    All the stuff on transfermarkt etc about Bobby Dailly says he's English and has been with Millwall u18's but nothing more.

  2. On 02/07/2022 at 22:06, RossBFaeDundee said:

    I was hoping I had deleted that before anyone had seen it @This Charming Man, as I had jumped the gun 🤣

    It is actually Bobby Dailly, who was recently a youth player for Millwall, and is almost certainly on trial for the development squad. No need to be alarmed.


    The courier is at it again, saying he is Christian Dailly's son https://www.thecourier.co.uk/fp/sport/football/dundee-fc/3455943/christian-dailly-son-bobby-4th-family-dundee-dundee-united/

  3. 6 minutes ago, johnnydun said:

    I just did, something to do with an incident involving a Dundee keeper in London, police were involved or something. Could be shite though.

    Ahh fair do's, thought you had more of the juicy details and weren't saying.

    Doesn't sound like Legzdins though, he seems like a quiet family man rather than Gowser 2.0

  4. 33 minutes ago, Girth said:

    Where did Gowser/your mate get his Father Ted done? 

    Uhh…asking for a friend. 


    12 minutes ago, Mr. Alli said:

    Probably Turkey. That's where a guy I know went.

    I'm contemplating Turkey Teeth for my 40th. Few years to decide yet.

    It says instanbul in the article and names the guy Gowser used too for anyones follically challenged friends

  5. 53 minutes ago, Peadar BigDinnerO'Driscoll said:

    I have a mate that's had that done but never felt right about bringing it up to ask him about it.  One thing is, it never grows! Is it more a hairline implant where you just have a close shave look with no bald spots?

    Ahh ok, probably for the best tbh - although would be funny to see Gowser giving his long hair the Pantene flick before raging at someone

  6. 7 hours ago, D TOTAL said:

    Was Sheridan in any of the training photos?


    eta has he had a fuckin trim?

    Not that I've seen anyway.

    The courier had an article saying him, Ashcroft and Legzdins would be being assessed this week at training though so I assume he's back.


    Unlike Gowser we've not had an update on his hairstyle yet either.

  7. 1 hour ago, invergowrie arab said:

    They released some shite about it being based on the V&A design to distract Dees from having Uniteds cast off designs.

    Dundees second biggest sports team did the V&A thing first 



    That stars strip looks like an isometric of a set of shelves...

    Still not nearly as shite as the half arsed scribblings that was on your strip last year. That just looked like someone was in a hurry and couldn't be arsed to finish colouring it in before it got sent off

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