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  1. Doubt our Directors/Owners (including Strachan) even know enough about us to know who the fk he is either - other than an ex celtic player for Strachan
  2. This for me, we won't get Wieghorst though ad much as I want him, so I voted for JR
  3. What gives me the fear is I can only really believe the first paragraph. I don't trust Nelms and Strachan not to do exactly what you say they won't in the second... Seriously hope I'm being overly cynical but my nerves are jangling at the prospect of Strachan making an absolute c*nt of the choice of the next manager.
  4. According to the courier there's a new book out for any Dee's that would rather read about some better times than another Strachan inpired omnishambleshttps://www.thecourier.co.uk/fp/past-times/3279974/dundee-european-cup-book/
  5. I've no idea if Strachan's work with the kids has been worthwhile but even if it had been, his part in us hiring Mark f*cking McGhee should have seen him launched in the sea along with McGhee and the Farley's Rusk
  6. Ahh its ok though, he'll be a better St Johnstone manager next year apparently https://www.thecourier.co.uk/fp/sport/football/st-johnstone/3279542/callum-davidson-st-johnstone-manager/
  7. "Club to bring in a hungrier manager" Cue McGhee being back not eating again...
  8. I could get behind this idea tbh mate. Maybe get them to tow his blubbery arse a bit further out though just to be safe
  9. Get this right in the sea, then harpoon the fk out of it https://www.thecourier.co.uk/fp/sport/football/dundee-fc/3275723/lee-wilkie-why-mark-mcghee-may-stay-dundee-manager/
  10. Similar here mate. My Dad was off getting shot at in some arsehole end of the world but my granda, his father in law was there and my dad spoke of getting it described to him in the letters he got from him. Years ago now but those days and the guys up in the high stand now are why I'm a Dee til I die no matter how shite things are at times
  11. Which fan base is that? Its sure as fk not us - he's a good guy and will give everything but unfortunately that's not very much when it comes to football management
  12. He's just one small, albeit action packed chapter of our submission for the award too
  13. The courier have an article online with some unseen photos today too. Also has a link to the footage of the game if anyone fancies a watch https://www.thecourier.co.uk/fp/past-times/3235823/dundee-fc-title-photographs/
  14. I hope you're right Johnny, I'm dreading him giving McGhee or some other fandango the gig. I did wonder if Ross maybe had some sort of clause in his Hibs pay off that meant he hadn't taken any of the vacant jobs on offer yet myself. Yours is probably more likely though
  15. I'm fine with that, if he is then it means we've won - I just don't want to see it
  16. Didn't see that, just the bit with him saying we nearly signed Toney on loan. Instead we had Moussa...
  17. https://tenor.com/bbgKO.gif Doesn't seem to want to embed the gif but here's a nice visual for you...
  18. Happy birthday Girth, hoping you're having a good one!
  19. Some wild stories in this interview with Duffy - we don't half attract batshit owners https://www.thecourier.co.uk/fp/sport/football/dundee-fc/3208079/dundee-legend-jim-duffy-unique-remit-ron-dixon-hide-goalposts/
  20. Ruptured achilles tendon and yeah he's on a two year deal
  21. Brave moves, neither of them are exactly mobile enough to run away when Gowser gets angry
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