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  1. All things Dundee FC

    No confirmation on the Kamara deal anywhere yet so might not be able to sort any other big wage deal just yet?
  2. All things Dundee FC

    It's a good picture! Might need to change mine, if the three of us all have the same one tho
  3. All things Dundee FC

    As far as I know the housing and crematorium need to be reviewed a bit further than the original plans due to it not fitting the land use proposed for the site. I have heard the council had knocked back a previous housing development on the North of the site before so I assume they will have concerns about access, noise etc but these can all be ironed out usually. As for the crematorium there is a need for another one (Dundee has one of the the highest prices to get cremated in Scotland) but there is a council review going on about locations/pricing with regards to that so it's maybe been slowed down by that too. Eta - don't know about the transport link but I had heard a rumour that they'd sorted that with Bear/Transport Scotland... Might just be a rumour tho. I'd guess it's maybe also been slowed down by the club coz it'd be a bit mental building a new bigger stadium if we are still looking at the drop since there would be an extra outlay of cash required to get us back up if we did.
  4. All things Dundee FC

    Fitbatweets has got it summed up about who's in the shit so far
  5. I'm struggling to think of it - we were maybe worse under Kernaghan or Rae but it's a close one
  6. Soft to me I thought he got the ball and Rogic tripped over his feet turning
  7. Hamilton finally comes off his line and goes running off like he's away for half time pie
  8. surely every dee attending will be entitled to a full refund? could be worse than the 7 aberdeen gave us Especially after charging £30 for the privilege of freezing their baws off to watch it too & Yeah thats what he said - I'm sure someone else said it was 17 or 18 a couple of matches back tho so f**k knows...
  9. Kusunga is at LB - Fml we're getting raped
  10. if he is at it then well played. im close to a heads gone! If he's not then it's McIntyre that's trolling the f**k out of us... That's the Jack cracked open in preparation for us getting bent over and fisted
  11. surely dodds is at it! surely I fucking hope so - if not then we're looking at an utter spanking
  12. Oooh ya fucker - I know I wanted Kerr in at RB but even he'd be a better shout than Kusunga against their pace & Wtf - has Kallman ever played in midfield before in his puff?
  13. kerr back in at LB? hes an empty jersey out there I know that too but just think that's where he'll be played after McCann had him out there... Hope for his sake he's allowed to play his position tho
  14. This but swap Deacon with Curran imho (& Curran with Kerr)