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  1. Any roadworks regarding the Stadium would be Bear Scotland as it's off a trunk road. There's shitloads of crappy wee jobs getting done badly by Tayside Contracts all over Dundee at the moment, as others have said Kilmac dont do roads - unless its repairs due to service access or for new openings onto existing roads.
  2. Hahaha, hadn't spotted that before but yeah looks like it! The pic is from an article in the tele about our first three internationals back in 1894
  3. Thats a quality picture, definitely well up for us get some random animals as mascots! + Love this picture too. Really want to know the story behind all the bling & the huge plaque style badge too
  4. Not quite in the sea but close enough for me!
  5. Spotted that there myself - might be why they're so pissed at us 😂
  6. They hope to have everyone that wants it vaccinated by the summer so unless theresy a mental new variant youd have to think things would be back to some kind of normal by then
  7. Yeah he moved across the road after a year with us. His lob against Hearts Did he not also manage the most epic Moussa-esque miss from about 2 yards out where he skied it over the bar?
  8. Very glad to hear it, I'll maybe stop wetting my knickers so much.
  9. Yeah fk knows, I'd probs rather we played them than Forster anyway but seems a big ask.
  10. One of whom said he prepared for the game by finding out Raith even were and then watching YouTube clips of their strikers... I hope they both play a blinder but could ruin two youngsters throwing them under the bus like that if it goes wrong
  11. Yeah it's mental, if you stay 'loyal' and dont get a new quote each year they try and fleece you. If you'd even gone back to the same company for a quote it would have gone down too...
  12. Didnt think there was much hope of McDonald so went for a google and found this... https://footballleagueworld.co.uk/fulham-player-facing-career-dilemma-following-championship-transfer-interest/ We might actually be in with a shout 🤯
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