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  1. All going well at the sticklebrick I see https://www.eveningtelegraph.co.uk/fp/dundee-united-fans-groups-in-mark-ogren-qa-no-show/
  2. I dont particularly but given you've paid Pawlett and a number of other utter haddies a decent wage, I'd not be overly surprised if they had
  3. Interesting quote from the interview with Ashgar "When asked if Courts is the cheap option, the United chief added: “If you see his contract you wouldn’t say that! “We’ve been very lucky he has been in the building. “That cheap option tag is unfair on him. He certainly isn’t that. I hope he is eventually somebody we are trying to hold on to." I do hope you've decided to not only hire an inexperienced manager and then pay him a hefty wedge of cash in the process too...
  4. Pmsl, just came on to post an article with Legzdins saying he's loving life here - totally can't conpete with that chat though 😂 For anyone wanting a look though https://www.thecourier.co.uk/fp/sport/football/dundee-fc/2296714/exclusive-adam-legzdins-talks-love-for-dundee-excitement-for-premiership-bow-and-respect-for-no-bulls-burnley-manager-sean-dyche/ Sorry though Gus, I'd have the sexy b*****d back in a heartbeat too
  5. He's hanging off waiting to see if he'll still be getting paid by the start of the season tbf
  6. I hope for your sake you dodge that bullet mate
  7. We all tried to convince ourselves of this. Trust us, he's pish! We still haven't figured out how he not only got capped but McCann actually paid a fee to get him from Hearts. We never would have got promoted if it hadn't been for dropping him in favour of Legzdins
  8. Google Giovanni Di Stefano mate, his life reads like the most unbelievable trash novel (Saddam's lawyer and 'friends' with Milosevic and Arkan to pick out just a few). Luckily wasn't in total charge here but played a part in us going into Administration Eta - here's a Wiki link for a taster https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Giovanni_Di_Stefano_(fraudster)
  9. Not really telling us much about the stadium other than the finances are nearly there and they've appointed a project manager but interesting enough... https://www.eveningtelegraph.co.uk/fp/dundee-excited-after-taking-next-step-in-camperdown-stadium-plans-and-owner-tim-keyes-promotion-celebration-revealed/
  10. Didn't realise McDaid was signed up. Thought he'd have been offski after we tried to punt him to Partick last season
  11. I think they have done enough to deserve to be kept on but time will tell if he offers the likes of Hamilton and McDaid a contract too... Like you though I think we do need to be strengthening and a good CH has to be a priority as well as a decent backup keeper
  12. Kerr and Legzdins have been offered new contracts but Sow is away to play in Thailand https://www.thecourier.co.uk/fp/sport/football/dundee-fc/2265619/exclusive-dundee-offer-new-deals-to-out-of-contract-duo-as-one-set-for-dens-park-exit/
  13. Yeah, good he acknowledged the fans and the staff + good to hear we should be about breaking even once the insurance money comes through too.
  14. Decent article with Nelms thanking the fans and staff + explaining where we are financially. Seems like its part of a series as it finishes saying still to come - info about the stadium, celebrating with Tim Keyes and sticking with McPake. https://www.eveningtelegraph.co.uk/fp/exclusive-dundee-chief-john-nelms-hails-immense-fans-and-bravery-of-dens-players-and-staff-for-getting-dark-blues-through-financial-mire-of-the-pandemic/
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