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  1. Thanks mate. Didn't think to try the welsh language option For anyone on Virgin its Info then scroll down to the 4th option where you can change audio track - then choose 'welsh dolby'
  2. It won't be Ferguson apparently https://12ft.io/proxy?q=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.thecourier.co.uk%2Ffp%2Fsport%2Ffootball%2Fdundee-united%2F3680425%2Fdundee-united-next-manager-timeline-duncan-ferguson-liam-fox%2F
  3. Some pictures and a bit of history about the European run against Cologne back in the day https://12ft.io/proxy?q=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.thecourier.co.uk%2Ffp%2Fpast-times%2F3655945%2Fdundee-cologne-pictures%2F
  4. Bowyer in the courier saying its his knee after a bad tackle from behind but hoping its not too bad https://12ft.io/proxy?q=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.thecourier.co.uk%2Ffp%2Fsport%2Ffootball%2Fdundee-fc%2F3659755%2Fdundee-gary-bowyer-hails-ridiculous-zach-robinson-strike-queens-park-concern-zak-rudden%2F
  5. It did for me the other day too but seemed ok again when I tried it today Think they are probably getting grief from the companies they are doing out of money tbh...
  6. They are saying passport problems but I suspect you are right given he also seemingly wants away. We supposedly also want to let him go so fk knows why we didn't let him leave over the window
  7. There's a story in the courier today. Its just their speculation for now though - does say we still have Chapman though @Girth https://12ft.io/proxy?q=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.thecourier.co.uk%2Ffp%2Fsport%2Ffootball%2Fdundee-fc%2F3654844%2Fdundees-deadline-day-frustration-what-happened-next%2F @Girth
  8. Keep hoping, its not us thats spunking crazy money on shite any more. Saying that, give us 75k and we'll take some of your shite. You can keep Davidson, Crawford and McPherson though - you'd need to give us a lot more to take them
  9. Give us a big wedge of money & we'll maybe take some of your dross off you. & then give us a big wedge of money and we might consider selling you McCowan
  10. Don't suppose we got a sell on clause in with the 50p and a packet of crisps fee for Kamara did we?
  11. Its McBookie so probably pish but here's the latest odds he's offering
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