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  1. Interested to know how you think most coaches and players want to keep playing?? Not a dig btw, just interesting to know if you’ve spoke to a lot of players etc. The players / coaches I’ve spoken too are mixed on the subject.
  2. Tbh mate, I think it’s very naive to think that football is not contributing to spreading the virus!! The problem is we don’t know if it is or isn’t.! Until we are completely sure that it isn’t, then it should be stopped. I love the football and I’m lost without it on a Saturday and during the week, and I really do want it to continue, but I feel it’s too risky at this point and I didn’t think it should of restarted when it did!! from a selfish point of view I’m happy it’s on and I’m still taking part in football even though I know it’s not helping get rid of this coronavirus. That’s the problem and I’m part of the problem, so are a lot of other coaches, players etc who will know that by turning up in large groups, having contact with each other potentially spreading a virus that they don’t know they have, isn’t helping the pandemic but will continue to do so as it’s allowed!! it’s the kids I feel sorry for, they can’t play football, they are the future of the game, some of the boys will have missed out on there first year at 7s , 11s , last season before they go to adult football, yet this level is allowed to play. Madness! If by stopping football at our level for a few months meant the kids got back playing sooner I’m all up for that. If by stopping for a few months helped get rid of this fucking virus quicker I’m all up for that too. Just my opinion, doesn’t make it right or wrong, we’re never going to all agree on everything. Stay safe
  3. I agree mate, absolutely no need for friendlies with all that’s going on!! I wonder how the players feel about having to play just now. There will definitely be some players who aren’t comfortable with the situation. Players will be self employed, or have family members with health issues. I would imagine the majority would want to play but there will be some who don’t fancy it but maybe don’t feel confident enough to speak up and say there not playing. Might feel like there letting there teammates and club down.????
  4. And here is the problem!!!! It has no grave danger to young people is not the problem!! It’s the spreading it that is the problem!! people need to think about other people rather than just themselves!! That’s one of the reasons we’re back where we are! imo eos should be shut down until feb as a minimum!! See how it’s looking after that!
  5. So you will have 18 players pouring bottles of water over themselves in the changing rooms/ in the stand after the game, and cleaning themselves with baby wipes?? Perfect 👌
  6. That’s terrible for teams with long journeys. Especially this time of year when most pitches will be mud baths
  7. Serious question, will players be allowed to use showers after the games???
  8. Don’t see the problem?? It’s the player’s decision. He can’t play amateur just now so why does it matter who he plays for. It’s the team paying £1500 for a player who is going to leave them as soon as amateurs go back, that should have a problem with the deal!!!
  9. Was meaning vale put 4 past the shire
  10. I’m sure vale put 4 past them a few seasons back? Not sure the final score though??
  11. Yeah devlin and Scott and also mccallum haven’t played all season, maybe they were still signed incase if emergency???
  12. Did they get a fee for him or did they just release him?? Seems strange they let quality players go for nothing if they claim to be on the bones of there arse?? Or maybe happy to get him off wage bill??
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