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  1. Was meaning vale put 4 past the shire
  2. I’m sure vale put 4 past them a few seasons back? Not sure the final score though??
  3. Yeah devlin and Scott and also mccallum haven’t played all season, maybe they were still signed incase if emergency???
  4. Did they get a fee for him or did they just release him?? Seems strange they let quality players go for nothing if they claim to be on the bones of there arse?? Or maybe happy to get him off wage bill??
  5. Not a good start, but got to get behind yanni and the team. It’s difficult times just now, and hard to get players in. Yanni knows his stuff though and will be as gutted as anyone about the start. Give him time and he will get results, will take time with a younger squad.
  6. It’s different being a manager of a club, than just turning up as a player when your needed. Really need to be 100 % committed to being a manager and it’s much more than just training twice a week and game on a Saturday. He packed in whitehill in about April /May, It’s now October. He obviously thought his business would be back up and running by now and he would need to put all his time into that. As we know it’s no worked out like that. What is a suprise is yanni hasn’t got him back playing for ww, considering the amount of goals they have conceded. Maybe he did ask him, who knows????
  7. Most clubs will only pay wages for about 40 weeks out the year( I heard Berwick we’re paying 52 weeks). An average of £100 a week per player, is only gonna be affordable for a select few clubs. Most teams will be well below that I would think.
  8. fowler23


    Didn’t realise he was back playing mate. As I said if he’s fit and playing regularly he’s a good player, and a good laddie. Good luck too him.
  9. fowler23


    Brads a good player if he’s fit and heeds in the right place. No really kicked a baw for about 4 years
  10. fowler23


    Your wasting your time explaining yourself to some people on here mate. currie, Scott Wilson & Dicko great signings.
  11. 🤷🏻‍♂️🤷🏻‍♂️ Lol
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