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  1. 1 minute ago, WATTOO said:

    You've taken a grand total of 11 points from a possible 24 and are currently sitting 7th in the league while you've already been humiliatingly papped out of the Europe by a bunch of part time welsh dumplings that Partick Thistle have even managed to slaughter.

    Perhaps you would have been better (and much cheaper) to have hired a "local diddy" as your Manager as opposed to an expensive foreign one............

    Aye ok Gordon.

  2. 13 hours ago, diegomarahenry said:

    Finding out the wage might cut the six down. 

    My thoughts are, it would suit someone Glasgow or south, with media work to supplement the wage. By that reckoning I would say Huston fits the bill.  John Hughes travelled through as a player and does stuff with the SFA in Glasgow. 

    Ayr fans so used to supporting a diddy club that they only consider candidates who live reasonably close to Ayrshire whilst Kilmarnock are hiring managers who have been heavily involved with Juventus, Chelsea and the Italian national team.

    ”John Hughes travelled  through as a player”

    What a time to be alive 



  3. 22 hours ago, IainMorton said:

    15 minute walk from Cessnock to the city centre? How fast do you walk? :o 

    Its a 1.8 mile walk so he must walk at 7.2mph.

    The last Britain to win a gold medal for walking at the Olympics (if my calculations are correct) walked at 8.2 mph whereas the average man walks between 3.5-4 mpg.  So it would appear we have a pretty fast walker on our hands here.  


    ETA - The average speed of an Olympic level speed walker is 7.7mph.

  4. 9 hours ago, Ludo*1 said:

    He's second to Prichard for me. JR is alright, but there's something off putting with the voice of my childhood suddenly becoming very outspoken when he's toed the company line for pretty much the majority of my lifetime.

    None of the topics that have been covered by Arn are of any interest as of yet and by and large, I associate him to a larger degree with 80s wrestling which I'm not as interested in.

    Finally, TS seems to have a focus on watch a longs.

    I think JR is getting too old, he repeats a lot of stuff on his podcast and goes off on tangents. I actually think Conrad doesn’t enjoy doing the JR podcast and I don’t think it will last as long.

  5. On 14/10/2019 at 16:19, Jambomo said:

    Thanks folks. I would need parking so that might narrow down the options a little. I would probably want something in an area without dealers/junkies/rangers fans if I possibly can 😂

    I say this to lots of people but if you are driving then you should consider living somewhere just outside Glasgow.  Barrhead, Johnstone, Blantyre etc.  All shiteholes but you'll get more bang for your buck with your house/flat.  It amazes me the prices people will pay to live in or close to the city centre.

  6. 46 minutes ago, dumpweed said:

    Bischoff to aew?


    hope not!

    Can't see it.  The accusation labelled by many from his time in WCW and this run in WWE is that he is a bit lazy at times.  

    I enjoy his podcasts a little bit but probably my least favourite of all the Conrad podcasts.  Bischoff takes himself a bit too seriously.

  7. 10 hours ago, RandomGuy. said:

    Because theyre in a different world, and for some reason we've been getting humped off them over the past few years yet still doing well against others. Youve still to play Celtic anyway.

    For instance one of them has Edouard, and the other has Morelos. You've got Danny Mullen. So forgive me if I dont find results against them as relevant. 

    As for your first point, we've conceded one more goal, while scoring more.

    This defeatist attitude when it comes to the Old Firm does my head in.

    As for the game, how do the Perth farmers normally do at Celtic Park?

  8. 37 minutes ago, Gianfranco said:


    I’m watching the England game and I’ve only just found out about UEFA’s new three step protocol on racism.


    1) The referee stops the game and the Stadium announcer tells fans the game will be suspended or abandoned if it continues.


    2) The suspension of the game. Players could go to changing rooms for a period of time.


    3) The match is abandoned. I’d assume the other team is awarded a 3-0 win but I can’t find that information yet.


    Could and should Scottish football apply the same protocols to sectarianism? Motherwell might win the league this year if they did.




    That would mean the SFA/SPFL having to admit we have an issue in this country.  Personally I would love to see Steve Clarke lead from the front on this.


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