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  1. I’m admittedly having a bit of an Alessio love in just now after the Welsh Summer of Pain but when you think about Hearts resources and the players they’ve been able to bring in + the role Levein plays I wonder how well AA would do at a club like Hearts. Clearly he is a head coach rather than a manager and I think he would be a perfect fit.
  2. Unlike Scotland, the rest of the UK don’t want to keep them hence the new border being proposed.
  3. Whilst this Brexit deal (or any Brexit deal) isn’t what I want it could be the first step to getting rid of Northern Ireland which is a big win.
  4. Ayr fans so used to supporting a diddy club that they only consider candidates who live reasonably close to Ayrshire whilst Kilmarnock are hiring managers who have been heavily involved with Juventus, Chelsea and the Italian national team. ”John Hughes travelled through as a player” What a time to be alive
  5. Its a 1.8 mile walk so he must walk at 7.2mph. The last Britain to win a gold medal for walking at the Olympics (if my calculations are correct) walked at 8.2 mph whereas the average man walks between 3.5-4 mpg. So it would appear we have a pretty fast walker on our hands here. ETA - The average speed of an Olympic level speed walker is 7.7mph.
  6. Tramadol leads to the best and the worst sleep ever.
  7. Tell me more about this. Whilst you think about it have a read about our new assistant manager, goalkeeping coach and the resignation/removal of the head of our scouting system.
  8. When I started reading this thread I had a really good example to give but I didn't want to post without checking nobody else had posted similar. Now that I've got to the end of the thread I can't remember what my example was going to be.
  9. Proud that you are a Kilmarnock fan.
  10. I think JR is getting too old, he repeats a lot of stuff on his podcast and goes off on tangents. I actually think Conrad doesn’t enjoy doing the JR podcast and I don’t think it will last as long.
  11. I say this to lots of people but if you are driving then you should consider living somewhere just outside Glasgow. Barrhead, Johnstone, Blantyre etc. All shiteholes but you'll get more bang for your buck with your house/flat. It amazes me the prices people will pay to live in or close to the city centre.
  12. Some daft family member signed me up for babysitting this Saturday but I've managed to pop that responsibility off to my mum so I can now make the game. Which I'm sure you are all delighted to know.
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