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  1. Heads Gone (The 8MileBU Awards)

    Pics or GTFO. You know the rules.
  2. Next Scotland Manager

    Not sure if I’ve said this on here already (possibly ignored due to being shite) but what about Bielsa if Leeds don’t go up? Not saying he would definitely leave them for us even if they stay down in any case.
  3. Arnold Clark Horror Stories

    It says she is 16? So surely that would be 13?
  4. Abbey park end of an era

    During the 98/99 season I saw a superb heads-gone from a player with the away side. His team were getting lashed about 7 or 8-0 (midweek game towards the end of the season, possibly a cup) and one of the Buffs fans was giving him and his team a fair bit of a slagging. This was right in front of the changing rooms area of the pitch. Anyways the opposition player was taking a throw in and instead of throwing the ball and carrying on with the game he threw the ball and then proceeded to turn round and start swinging at the Buffs fan. Red card followed and I think the fan ended up following him into the changing room.
  5. Apart from Alloa

    Whilst this is my usual style this isn't my intention here. The Championship has a lot of similar sized clubs and I thought it would be a good debate.
  6. It's getting hot in here!

    So are you going to share your twitter handle or no?
  7. It's getting hot in here!

    I searched for #calnshep and found a tweet from a Karina (wid) back in 2014 saying "Adam you are such a fucking loser".
  8. Arnold Clark Horror Stories

    No idea who Greta is. Obviously its the female in the pic I get that but who is Greta?
  9. Who is the smallest club in the Championship currently?
  10. Arnold Clark Horror Stories

    Is this the new poster Adam101 or whoever it is?
  11. Arnold Clark Horror Stories

    Just on the emissions I believe. Which doesn't bother me one bit.
  12. Worst pub in Scotland

    Only ever been in once and that was purely because I was told it was a shitehole and potentially a bit dodgy. Had a great night to be fair.
  13. Pub Etiquette

    Even better - just know what you want. Don't get the bar and go "ohhhhhhhhhhh I don't know" accompanied by a wee cute laugh. Followed by a period of thinking about it only to order the same drink you get every single time we go out. This applies to women with food too.
  14. Arnold Clark Horror Stories

    I bought my current car from Arnold Clark and never had a bit of hassle with it or them to be honest. It is a Golf right enough - if you are buying Skoda's etc then you take that gamble. (I know its part of the same group but so is Frasers and Sports Direct). Be less poor.