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  1. 4 leagues are crap if they want to leave the spl as is then the bottom divisions should go from 3 to 2 adding brora and kelty 12 ,16, 16 easy
  2. Agreed so 1million realistically is what the club has lost .
  3. We are 2 or 3 players short if we have injuries , we are playing in a league which has some robust challenges . Yes the players look a bit more quality but we need cover 17 players doesn't isn't enough . If you look at the season tickets from last year over 3000 and now just over 2000 that is a lot of money , £200,000 which would have more than likely been given to RM in his budget
  4. Its a no for me he has done so many things against Bairns supporters he can do one .
  5. The only way forward is for the Msg , To tell us how long this is likley to carry on for . I myself am no a share holder and non season ticket holder now . There is an impasse between 300 or 400 supporters that showed there frustration at the end of last season . IMO the majority of supporters going to the games feel the same , but are not willing to see the team have no support in the ground , wish i was one of them . I am making a stand in the only way i know buy refusing to buy merchendise and attend games .
  6. Watched this boy today in a Navy Blue is he any good . RUARIDH LANGAN
  7. Was at the Reserve game today and new player on the Team Sheet Ruaridh Langan
  8. I can only but hope that we get a result against this Manky Mob , i don't want to be all nicey nicey . All i want is at the end of the game is 3 points and rub their noses in it . If it goes the other way then f##k it till the next time . I for one will never support the inbred black and white mob even when and if they play the BIGOT BROTHERS
  9. Was right infront of me and it was a blatant Red Card , Mvoto never looked at the ball . Would have been done for assault if it was in the street ,
  10. Naw nothing to do with them being dickheads but rather finding it rather inappropriate that Andy Nelson wasnt asked if it could be posted on social media . Why did they not do it personally through the clubs . It should have come from Mvoto for an terrible attack on a player and nothing from your manager on Sat night .
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