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  1. Jackson Carlaw MSP ✔@Jackson_Carlaw Delighted to have convened the Holyrood committee which chose the design & approved the route for this @FRC_Queensferry
  2. Smally 😉 and Johnny, the auld double act
  3. Shakes his head in disbelief 🤔 999 pages later
  4. If you only knew, you would be well surprised, welcome back Rab.
  5. Ian Sneddon doing the tango and big Alan Anderson, maybe Jim Brown in the background with A N Other further afield me thinks
  6. "Scotland does not need a referendum on independence. She just needs to send a majority of nationalist MPs to Westminster to have a mandate for independence "
  7. It's awe shit....midfield masterclass featuring Scholes, Fletcher, Brown etc. etc. Back to the drawing board for me.
  8. Rumours abound that Paul Scholes and A N other, have arrived at the Oriam at Riccarton in the last 20 minutes. Media are in the vicinity.
  9. https://twitter.com/ToryFibs/status/1190345366438371329?s=09 No " mights " .......just nothing from your main man
  10. "if you vote for Johnson you're voting to hand the NHS to Trump" and they do this without any facts or evidence. Have a wee gander at Dispatches, Channel 4 Trump's plan for the NHS , October 28 . Just a journalist trying to do a job
  11. Just can't see it Baldie, but then I never thought Scotland could put 6 past San Marino. Maybe the final will be in Edinburgh? 😊
  12. Selected Half times or near about Arniston 1 - 3 HRAU Coldstream 1-3 Tynecastle Easthouses 0 -1 IHS Edinburgh 2 - 0 Dalkeith HOB 4 - Jeanfield 2
  13. Edinburgh U20 squad, not the EoS set up if I have it right
  14. Dennis put the beer back in the fridge and get tae bed.
  15. Getting a wee sniff that former Penicuik 3 and currentl BRFC player is a " more than potential" signing .
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