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  1. Selected Half times or near about Arniston 1 - 3 HRAU Coldstream 1-3 Tynecastle Easthouses 0 -1 IHS Edinburgh 2 - 0 Dalkeith HOB 4 - Jeanfield 2
  2. Edinburgh U20 squad, not the EoS set up if I have it right
  3. Dennis put the beer back in the fridge and get tae bed.
  4. Getting a wee sniff that former Penicuik 3 and currentl BRFC player is a " more than potential" signing .
  5. Rummaging through a wee box and came across this old fella from 1985 me thinks. That's all I can find!
  6. Bonnyrigg have borrowed it
  7. And here's me thinking you were an armchair football fan " old Twinkle toes"
  8. Nearly choked on my tea GordonS ,I'm praying like fu** for you.
  9. Don't ask, not my cup o' tea, 0-0 if I remember rightly, replay then another replay ,with the Original Rangers winning via Arthur Duncan's back ??
  10. Another fan that follows clubs for a short time, looking for glory? ; )
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