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  1. Interesting listen from the manager and chairman on the league shutdown.
  2. Would imagine Stranraer will have a decent chunk of the Rangers cup money left.
  3. Unfortunately our cameraman missed the first penalty shout 😷 but here's last night's highlights.
  4. If they can't win, they should be mercilessly flogged on the Castle Green. In all seriousness, if we don't win on Saturday it becomes an even taller order, the players will know that and if they play like they have been doing, they're capable of a result. If it's as simple as turning up and rolling these teams over through sheer desire, I'm getting my boots out of the loft.
  5. Having played you back to back, both you guys and Falkirk seem to have lacked a bit of ruthlessness and grit to grind out a result. Looking like a two-way scrap to the death but think you might just edge it.
  6. You'd think the pitch was on the moon or something. The surface isn't good, but it's a grass pitch in winter, certainly bobbly and mushy in patches but not unplayable. Teams have been playing on much worse for years. As for plastic, I'm sure the surface at Falkirk is a bowling green but I've seen more sh*te games at the likes of Airdrie etc than I care to remember. With average crowds ten times that of Stranraer and a budget to match, you should be able to adapt. You didn't.
  7. Div was a good player for us last season but has spent most of this season injured, Ian has been injured for most of his time at Stranraer and IMO didn't show enough when he did play. Would have liked to see Jones stay but we have better options up top. Johnstone, Stirling and Hamilton could all be back next week and there's another signing awaiting international clearance. Lewis McIntyre hasn't really put a foot wrong yet so may turn out to be a useful option too.
  8. Purely from a football standpoint it might end up being a good thing as you say. Maybe not heartbreaking but the home club takes a hit when a Saturday game is postponed for midweek. It tends to knock a good chunk off the already slim attendance and means some of your regulars for both sides can't make it, plus there's other losses like programmes already printed, hospitality refunds, etc. Also a ballache for club volunteers who spend the week putting the work in ahead of Saturday's game, only to have to do it all again for the rearranged fixture 😑
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