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  1. Thought he answered the questions very well, couple of trick ones in there!
  2. Thanks for the GoPro footage Colin. That's me just woken up, was editing til half 2 😂
  3. Great to see local fans starting to return to Stair Park. Lots of hard work has gone in behind the scenes, so hopefully all goes well on and off the park. I'm expecting a tough game, with Rovers taking confidence from an excellent win against Elgin City and Matthew Aitken looking a threat up top. Other than a sloppy second half at Ochilview we've looked good in recent weeks, so it'll be interesting to see if Faz makes any changes with the likes of Stirling, Hilton and Elliott all champing at the bit.
  4. In this case it's one guy with a camera in a virtually empty League Two ground on a non-matchday, so not really comparable for me. You've also got the likes of BBC's A View from a Terrace filming bits at matches across the tiers. Football exists as entertainment, so where do you draw the line? Obviously clubs need to limit personnel, but there's a balance to be struck. It's also a time when fans are unable to watch games in person and may have very little else in their lives, so media coverage is more important to people than ever. If every home club had the resources to produce a quality, unbiased representation of the match across all platforms (and it could be that they largely do in the Championship), then fair enough. At our level, there's a lack of resources, issues with footage quality and an understandable tendency towards slightly biased edits and commentary. There's a noticeable reduction in live updates and other forms of coverage this season with media volunteers either not attending, or juggling competing demands of streaming. All this while people are stuck at home, many struggling with mental health, and relying on a stream which may be poor, or worse, not work at all. For me that's enough reason to allow a couple of media volunteers from the away club.
  5. I'm told there's an agreement between Championship clubs not to send videographers to away games, but no such agreement applies in L1/L2.
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