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  1. A Partick fan at work is saying that they are looking to release Tommy Robson if they can get more defensive cover in this month. Would we take him back? Maybe move Dixon into the CH. My mate says he has been absolutely gantin when he’s managed to start with Partick. Although he has played about every position on the park and never been settled in one position.
  2. Pretty shite by the looks of it. Best player in the league mind!
  3. It wasn’t even that bad a challenge. A wee kick to stop the player breaking away with the ball. Happens in nearly every game of football. Like you said, the wee p***k was up sharpish once he noticed he wasn’t even injured and more to the point. He was wearing a pair of shinnies, Iv had harder kicks off my wee lad.
  4. Buchanan gets some shielding on this page. Durnan getting blasted for not marking tightly enough for the goal. Buchanan with his signature shite 1st and 2nd touch is what really cost us 3 points when both teams were down to 10 men as we were on the front foot at that stage.
  5. The Raith keeper was rancid, whilst still having ten men on the park we should have been targeting the wee scrote. Iv never seen a player look so ungainly and unnatural with the ball at his feet or in his hands.
  6. I thought a yellow was looking harsh from where I was sitting [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23]
  7. I remember that game. It was Andy Seaton. Took him clean off his feet at the main stand side and out of touch.
  8. No one is just blaming the defence. The whole team doesn’t work as a whole.
  9. For all Durnan is a liability, Buchanan is just as bad. Buchanan isn’t even that dominant in the air, his distribution is honking and he falls about like Bambi on ice. Never seen a centre half throw himself on the deck as much as he does. Yet for all durnan is shite, he’s probably firing balls forward at the instruction of that twat McKinnon.
  10. Where is the figure of 600 coming from. Can’t see anything on either clubs sites or social media.
  11. This is a bang average Falkirk team. Raith creaming it over arguably their best team in 3-4 years doesn’t say much about the aspirations and size of Raith as a club. Still they won’t win automatic promotion and we will [emoji1303][emoji1316]
  12. What Raith fans forget is, even with this “shite team” we will still finish above them. How sad!
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