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  1. I've probably a bit of a brass neck given I would happily have had him hunted a few weeks ago but I do think we've been particularly unlucky in a lot of games since January. That's not to say Alexander hasn't exacerbated it by making really weird decisions but whether it's Calum Hendry and Dylan Levitt scoring the best goals of their careers against us, SOD passing to the opposition, Donnelly and Bevis selling the jerseys against Hibs or refereeing decisions going against us, we really haven't had the rub of the green an awful lot until yesterday. During the winless run we took 4 points from the Hibs, St Mirren, Ross County x2, Aberdeen, United, Dundee and St Johnstone games. That's not to say we weren't shite for the most part but our performances in those games would probably have merited at least one or two wins 9 times out of 10 imo, which would have us practically sealed 4th already and Alexander fully vindicated. We obviously got lucky in a lot of games pre-Christmas, but a fucking ton of stuff has conspired against us since then. Edit- I realise I've worded it in a way that suggests our defenders being shite isn't our fault. It is, and the way Alexander sets a team up means your liable to mistakes costing you more. But it is hard to account for generally decent players doing daft things.
  2. Without trying to be snide to any more Livi fans, I think that's us undefeated against them over the last two seasons? 4 wins and 2 draws since the Bevis/Manzinga up top game? Bit surprising given the general perception of our record against them in our fanbase.
  3. I'm genuinely quite sad about Marky Mark going. He's probably literally the most average midfielder in the league but I've always had a soft spot for him. Don't get me started on Lamaldini.
  4. If I was Livingston I would simply have taken more than 1 point from the last 4 games.
  5. Woolery owns Rangers, we'll be fine. I'm dreaming of Dingwall away final day.
  6. As much of a weirdo as Alexander seems, he's instilled some fucking character in this squad. I still have no idea what's gone on for the last 3 months but hopefully we can draw a line under it and look forward to a very achievable European spot.
  7. Good of us to help keep the wolves from Livi's door for a few more weeks
  8. Martindale's a dickhead imo, I've accused dozens of folk over the years of having weird vendettas against Motherwell but he's probably the first that does actually appear to.
  9. I'm not saying this outweighs the negatives but to play devil's advocate, I suppose that we'll probably end up missing out on a few decent players, but bigger clubs hoovering up any young player in the off chance they strike gold has probably made us few hundred grand on boys that would never have made it at us anyway-Ben Hall, Hastie, Robbie Leitch etc.
  10. Are Livi in financial bother? Why are you all so arsed about finishing Top Six?
  11. I can't remember who it was that started calling them Right Said Fred but that was probably the highlight of the season for me until Turnbull showed up.
  12. I don't think the Sammon signing was that bad in isolation but given we already had Main and Bowman upfront at the time... what the f**k are you doing man?
  13. KVV is fine imo. He's never going to be a Moult or a Higdon I don't think, but he's more or less stepped up and filled the hole Cole left. If you're going to be a middling Scottish Premiership striker you might as well be a big radge Dutch c**t that nutmegs defenders and hates Aberdeen, IMO.
  14. 21 goals in League One sounds way out our usual price range. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/local-sport/motherwell-join-transfer-race-23-26617915#l1i9jpw4isn0blqxtsr
  15. I've actually quite liked the look of him whenever I've seen him but aye, given we've signed about 6 wingers since he came in it's not looking good.
  16. Robinson deserves a statue at Fir Park if he pulls this off
  17. In the space of a year we've went from literally never scoring equalisers to needing one every week. Encouraging amount of spirit in the squad though, I still have no fucking idea what Alexander has been playing at for the last three months but at least he doesn't appear to have lost the dressing room.
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