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  1. Are Livi in financial bother? Why are you all so arsed about finishing Top Six?
  2. I can't remember who it was that started calling them Right Said Fred but that was probably the highlight of the season for me until Turnbull showed up.
  3. I don't think the Sammon signing was that bad in isolation but given we already had Main and Bowman upfront at the time... what the f**k are you doing man?
  4. KVV is fine imo. He's never going to be a Moult or a Higdon I don't think, but he's more or less stepped up and filled the hole Cole left. If you're going to be a middling Scottish Premiership striker you might as well be a big radge Dutch c**t that nutmegs defenders and hates Aberdeen, IMO.
  5. 21 goals in League One sounds way out our usual price range. https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/local-sport/motherwell-join-transfer-race-23-26617915#l1i9jpw4isn0blqxtsr
  6. I've actually quite liked the look of him whenever I've seen him but aye, given we've signed about 6 wingers since he came in it's not looking good.
  7. Robinson deserves a statue at Fir Park if he pulls this off
  8. In the space of a year we've went from literally never scoring equalisers to needing one every week. Encouraging amount of spirit in the squad though, I still have no fucking idea what Alexander has been playing at for the last three months but at least he doesn't appear to have lost the dressing room.
  9. Callum Slattery needs to have the game of his fucking life today for the sake of my reputation
  10. Like most folk my age who are too young to remember 98, this is the first genuinely good Scotland team I've ever experienced, apart from brief and fleeting moments under McLeish and Strachan. Aside from that, for the two decades I've been aware of the Scottish national football team, they've generally been shite. How did this happen? How did we manage to completely drop off a cliff from 1998 onwards from being perennial qualifiers before? Was it just a regression to the mean after a few decades of overachievment? Did we just stop producing good players randomly? Were we gradually getting worse but nobody noticed until it was too late? I've read a few Soccernomics-y explanations about the fall of Communism introducing about a dozen more countries that we had to compete with for qualification spaces, which makes at least partial sense to me, but you'd think there must be more to it than that.
  11. Alexander is trying something new with his hair. Maybe this is the catalyst our season needs.
  12. I see the club have Mahon down until June 2023 but his agent (or someone doing a very weird and niche joke) are saying 2.5 years. Assume that just means there's an option on someone's end.
  13. Didn't Accies name their training pitch after Johann Cruyff or something when he died? Strange, strange club.
  14. I think this is fair and it's definitely been blown out of proportion a bit but it still is something I've got a bee in my bonnet about. I could almost accept Slattery disappearing from the squad and would probably assume he'd done something grossly unacceptable to merit it. As it is it feels like our (IMO) best midfielder has been demoted to the bench for either petty personal reasons or another one of GA's weird footballing decisions. I'm leaning entirely into baseless speculation here but the "official" AGM version of events strikes me as a half truth from Alexander at best.
  15. I will still find it incredibly funny if we make Top 6. I really hope we're all singing Graham Alexander's Well Army at Almondvale after a 1-0 and a 0-0 get us over the line.
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