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  1. Ciftci looked good in flashes for us without ever threatening to be prolific, but Robinson never really seemed to know how to get the best out of forwards. I don't think he's a bad signing but I'm not sure how much I'd want to be relying on him in a relegation battle.
  2. Deal until 2024 for Maguire. He doesn't strike me as someone we'll ever be fighting off bigger teams to keep ahold of but he's probably shown that he's a reliable option for the level we're at, hopefully he can progress a bit more and nail down a starting spot.
  3. Nadz to St Johnstone. Nobody talk to me for the rest of the week.
  4. aye fair. I basically meant that I know he's been playing as an attacking midfielder, but he strikes me more as a central midfielder who's been playing further forward, than a natural attacking player we could use as a striking option. But I could be wrong.
  5. I've honestly not seen enough of Murphy since he came back up to have much of an opinion, but it has a bit of an air of inevitably about it for me. We could probably do a lot worse, anyway.
  6. I said as much on Steelmen but I'd definitely be looking for a wide forward to play off the left of Van Veen rather than compete with him for the central position. James Scott hasn't set the heather alight for Hibs, but I know we were linked with him in the summer, which makes sense if we had half an eye on Watt leaving. Scott's already played for Hull and Hibs this season so wouldn't be an option, but I'd be looking for someone in that mould if possible. I suppose the issue is that Van Veen will inevitably miss a few games due to injury/radgeness and I don't fully trust Shields to lead the line for any significant period of time yet. Maybe Tierney could play CF at a push but everything I've read seems to suggest he's an 8 playing as a 10 rather than a 10 that could potentially become a 9, if that makes sense.
  7. The Hibs goal was his only one against the Top Six this term too.
  8. We've already got more points than Hamilton got all season last year, and are one win away from 34 which is usually enough to avoid 11th. So, yes I'm pretty comfortable.
  9. Yeah if anything it should probably cause more concern for the midtable teams, there's still a long time left to get dragged into it.
  10. I think it's only counting the pre-split games, which would explain St Mirren dropping from 6th to 7th as that obviously couldn't have happened any later than that.
  11. On paper none of that is too wild but it's a bit of a brass neck complaining about not getting a chance in the 4th best team in the country while signing for joint bottom of the Championship.
  12. Yeah, aside from having a vested interest in hoping it goes poorly for them, I'm genuinely quite interested in seeing how it all works out. At the time, quite a big deal was made about Robinson putting an arm around him and all that, but it wasn't until Alexander had a "chat" with him that he went from "decent" to an actual goalscorer. I don't really know enough about Courts to predict how well he'll be able to manage Watt. As an aside, I don't rate United's squad particularly highly and, unless they make a few more signings of Watt's calibre, can't see them troubling the top 6 again for a few years, but that's for another thread.
  13. I've loved Watt for us and think that, in the form he's been in this half season, he's pretty much the perfect striker for a team at our level. I did find it funny when somebody mentioned the other day that he's scored 2 in his last 8, doesn't take too many more goalless games before you can start questioning how much August-Nov 2021 really was a purple patch, relative to his career.
  14. However will we replace a talented, inconsistent maverick with Celtic connections and a rack of past clubs?...
  15. I'm convinced we're going to re-sign Cadden eventually and I'm already wound up about it.
  16. I'd like to retract my remarks about not selling to United because they're a direct rival, based on the evidence that we're class and they're absolutely fucking shite.
  17. I was buckled watching the stream yesterday and seeing that, in a socially distanced crowd of 500, folk were still standing up the back row of the East Stand, leaning over the barrier. Old habits die hard I guess.
  18. Has anyone (Capt Oats) mocked up a calendar year league table yet? There's one on Transfermarkt but IIRC they don't count post-split games.
  19. Apparently Bevis is pals with Miss Africa. Fair play to him. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Judith_Heard
  20. Wonder if Martindale still thinks we'll finish behind United, Livi, St Mirren and St Johnstone.
  21. How much would you be prepared to pay for Watt in January? Could really make the difference in this relegation battle.
  22. Footballers seem to be particularly weird about the jag, even for an occupation that isn't exactly famed for it's intelligence. I'm not sure it's out of some misplaced fear that the side effects will be something that rules you out for half a season rather than just a sore arm and fatigue for two days, or if it's just a result of finishing training in the afternoon and having the rest of the day to spend being radicalised on WhatsApp. On the Steve Baker thing, Kelly strikes me as a fucking idiot, but not one that's a keen observer of Conservative Party internal politics enough to actually know who he is beyond some guy saying "lockdown bad" on the news. Maybe I'm doing him a disservice though.
  23. Tell United to fork up or we're implementing a paneer only diet from now until June.
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