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  1. 1- Uganda. Does that bird have a multi-coloured quiff? Pretty cool. 2-Swaziland Not a country but still a top notch flag. 5-Libya Don't know why they got rid of this masterpiece. 5-Lebanon Is that a Christmas tree?
  2. Implying that Sevco have a hope in hell's chance of even reaching the final.
  3. http://www.telegraph.co.uk/sport/football/teams/rangers/10565590/Ally-McCoist-insists-Rangers-high-wage-bill-makes-sense.html Oh, Ally .
  4. PB,Lexi (may or may not be the same person), Xbl, countless other forgotten victims.
  5. Almost definitely the wrong place to ask, but why did WoP get banned? It seems like all StandFree' s enemies are disappearing... is he getting special treatment from the corrupt authorities à la Andy DuFresne?
  6. A man in his 30s who says 'lol'.Most normal people grow out of that in the womb.
  7. Mass hysteria on Facebook because a Clyde youth teamer sent out a few pictures of his cock.
  8. Clyde SuperScoreBoard makes my ears bleed.

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    2. YassinMoutaouakil


      Apparently Joe Ledley's goal against Partick Thistle is a signal of his intent to stay at Parkhead for the rest of his career.

    3. Addie


      Scottish Football needs a strong Hue Keevins though.

    4. Albino Rover

      Albino Rover

      Yep- and Gary Hooper must have been really keen to stay at Celtic with all those goals last season!

  9. Yeah that really effected all of our day to day lives.
  10. Wait a minute... are Chupacabra and ScottR the same person? I'm discounting the possibility that they both know the same guy as it's highly unlikely that anybody on the internet has any form of social interaction.
  11. Thanks for sharing ,that'll save me a lot of time in the future.
  12. But Brady did have the 'deterrent' of capital punishment- 4 of his 5 murders were done before the abolition of the death penalty.
  13. Woawh, slow down, the Jihadis were bad but you're exaggerating a tad there.
  14. Yes you are. Why on earth do you think it would be a good idea to treat them like normal prisoners when they are ,quite clearly,not?
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