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  1. I have a feeling we'll win either this or RC next week. I'm going to Dingwall but not today, so 3-0 Motherwell.
  2. Interesting that Alexander isn't anticipating a free flowing game.
  3. I mean if we get back to that thing of giving the opposition 72% of possession and winning 2-0 every week we could end up in the Group Stages no bother. Scottish sides seem to have found out Alexander's "give the ball away" strategy but the continent will have no idea what's hit them.
  4. The social media department was still finding its feet back then. Nowadays we'd have enrolled him in a gymnastics crash course as soon as the rumours started.
  5. The social media department was still finding its feet back then. Nowadays we'd have enrolled him in a gymnastics crash course as soon as the rumours started.
  6. Gave Bevis a wee nod, assuming that Kelly will win pretty comfortably.
  7. The football top market just baffles me these days. I'm probably not the target demographic really, I'll buy a Motherwell top every season or two to get something new for Fives and to chuck the club a few bob, but it's wild to me that there's a third party market for Motherwell tops approaching £100.
  8. I'm basically holding out for a mid-30s Turnbull comeback as our next iteration of this tbh
  9. This might actually be the weirdest season I can remember following Motherwell, which, coming off the back of the Covid season, says a lot. I don't even know how I would try and describe our style of play or what we set out to do each Saturday. Alexander seems like a gruff, miserable weirdo but part of me still quite likes him. The team look like they've never met each other most of the time (half the time they literally haven't) then will randomly stage a miraculous late comeback every so often. Hopefully it all makes a bit more sense in a few years after some sort of retrospective.
  10. I like Robinson a lot and have a lot of nostalgia for that 2017-2019 period but he must have one of the worst records in world football right now. Basically been unable to buy a win since January 2020. Edit- aye going off Wiki his record in that timeframe is P:69 W:14 D:17 L:38 which almost makes me feel good about our last few months.
  11. Getting this in before his hat-trick on Saturday...Tony Watt has been outscored in 2022 by Joe Efford, Jordan Roberts, Connor Shields, and now Ross Tierney.
  12. Burrows will be too busy plotting Rangers' route to the Europa final and calculating the different coefficient permutations if they win.
  13. Ojala against Sakala and Diallo could be brutal viewing
  14. Even aside from the short notice, it's the sporting reasons that f**k me off. If its on Sunday then Rangers have to decide whether or not to rest players, or otherwise tell them to conserve their energy. We've just gave them an extra rest day to mitigate that for no reason.
  15. I reckon it'll end up getting moved and I'll be raging about it when it does happen if we've agreed to it. If they're that arsed about the game on Thursday then they can rest folk against us and we can hopefully benefit. If we agree to give that advantage up and move it forward a day then we've made an absolute c**t of it.
  16. I've been harsh on him previously but he seems to be finding his level in the Bottom 6.
  17. I'm still really surprised at how well he's doing. I loved him for us but I never seen anything to suggest he could be a top end Championship midfielder.
  18. I'm probably naively optimistic a lot of the time but in a scenario where we have to simply have to better either Ross County or Dundee United's point totals across 5 games to guarantee Europe I'll always be confident. They'd be entitled to feel the same way about us though of course.
  19. Randolph-Hollis must be one of the biggest quality dropoff between two players ever? Ones gone on to get 50 international caps, become a Premier League #1 and marry Alexandra Burke and the other one is apparently playing for 'Benburb'.
  20. The best St Mirren Chief Operating Officer in at least 35 years imo
  21. Us only ever getting the Old Firm in finals is quite annoying but on the other hand I think it at least means the defeats are fairly forgettable. Losing a final to St Johnstone or something would probably leave me rattled for years.
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