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  1. Stuart Carswell 2.0 for me. I'm struggling to think of players who irritate me as much as Maguire does. Maybe he scores loads in training or something but his obligatory powderpuff long range effort every week drives me up the fucking wall. Goss is bad for one too but at least sometimes makes a decent connection.
  2. I've also just found out that Zaine Francis-Angol and Aaron Taylor-Sinclair are international teammates for Antigua-Barbuda They love a hyphen.
  3. aye he was the good one sorry, no disrespect to Tony Straker or ATS.
  4. I don't want to be too harsh on Carroll given he's apparently just spontaneously combusted but our history with left backs is mental, have we arguably had one good one in the last 20 years?
  5. Occasionally Efford will do something that shows a bit of potential, but his ability to then immediately kill any possibility of an attack stone dead straight after is actually uncanny.
  6. I do not like Josh Morris, Connor Shields, or Barry Maguire
  7. Hammell would give me the fear a bit. Nothing against the guy personally (the opposite, in fact) but I think we're in general too big a club to be giving folk their first crack in management, unless they seem to be a genuinely rare talent. There's pretty tight margins in this league, having a rookie in charge compared to the teams around us, like McInness, Ross and Malky could easily be the difference between 5th and 11th at the end of the season.
  8. Dundee United have signed well and have a lot of individual quality but I don't really see how it works as a team on paper. A midfield 3 chosen from Levitt, Sibbald, McGrath or Harkes doesn't make much sense to me.
  9. I sometimes forget that Yassin Moutaouakil is actually a footballer
  10. I find it pretty hard to think of Motherwell games in "entertainment" terms. On an individual level there's definitely been teams with more players I actively enjoy watching than others- Turnbull, Ainsworth, Watt etc- but at the end of the day I enjoyed Alexander wins as much as McGhee wins, McCall wins or Robinson wins.
  11. Has the work permit stuff really changed much in practicality? We seemed to sign the likes of Ojala (Finnish) and Johansen (Norwegian so not EU I suppose) with only slightly more bother than pre-Brexit, and the amount of foreign signings in the rest of the league feels like it has increased, if anything. I was under the impression that the SFA had interpretred the rules fairly liberally compared to the other UK bodies. Not meaning to nitpick BTW, really useful summation of Valikari's career.
  12. I was too young to see Simo play and I don't really know enough about culturally Scandinavian football to judge him but f**k me man, just give him the job to stop him applying. I honestly feel bad for him.
  13. I suppose it's easy for say because I'm generally not the one sprinting on the pitch or getting huckled out by the Polis but I've quite enjoyed the atmosphere at games against St Mirren since they came back up. It's probably the closest thing we have to a derby without Accies or Airdrie.
  14. An impressive performance from Kelly not quite enough to dislodge the Goss.
  15. Welcome back BTW, was genuinely concerned about what the thread might devolve into during your absence.
  16. We're in a pretty unique situation, in that we're looking for a new manager, one day before the season starts and with a month left of the Summer window. I can see a guy that obviously knows the club structure/playing squad and that the board allegedly didn't actually want to leave being a fairly appealing option to Burrows etc, especially if there's maybe a suggestion that Robinson/St Mirren would be amenable to it. I'm not saying I expect it to happen- or that he'd be my first choice- but I can see why his name would come up, at least.
  17. I think there might actually be something in the SR stuff going by Burrows there. It'd be an odd turn of events but I can sort off see the logic in it from all 3 parties.
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