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  1. I sort of get why managers (like Robinson and Alexander) love anywhere-across-the-front-three-ers so much. Competent, out and out, strikers are a pretty rare commodity in our market- we fairly lucked out in ending up with Watt and KVV at the same time, while the rest of teams at our level have to gamble on guys like Cummings and Griffiths or persist with the likes of Kane and Main etc. I do feel this leads to situations like ours though, where our striking options are now essentially a talented, but angry, old Dutch man and four wingers. Even a Jordan White shaped lump to throw on in the last 15 minutes would give us something different imo.
  2. The way you are all talking about him I absolutely cannot wait to see this midget in the flesh
  3. Full disclosure, I haven't seen a minute of today's game. If Slattery doesn't start against Hibs we should all be massively concerned.
  4. I suppose Watt's comments are aimed more at United fans than us tbf. Can't exactly say that he'd have loved to stay at Motherwell but United chucked more money at him.
  5. We should probably have hit at least 7 against Cove IMO but we spent the second half treating McFadden like a make a wish kid for some reason.
  6. Alan Forrest to St Johnstone will be an interesting parallel to our situation with Watt and United, depending on if a deal happens and how much money Livi end up getting.
  7. It seems like an incredibly grim way to watch football, tbh. Maybe exciting if you're one of the teams competing for promotion or relegation, but for half the league their season is over by October and they have to slog their way through 46 utterly meaningless games.
  8. Perfect cheers. Reckoned those might be my best bet but was wary of downloading a massive file only to find out it only done top flight leagues or something.
  9. I'm sure someone (Burrows? Robinson?) made a similarish point about being selective about the clubs we sell to based on their own transfer strategies. Along the lines of it hypothetically being better to sell to a club with a history of developing and reselling players for a profit- with a sell on % included- than accepting a higher initial offer from a club where players go and stagnate.
  10. Anyone know of a Facepack that's fairly comprehensive for the Scottish lower leagues? (I'm on FM21 still but these things are usually backwards compatible, right?) Started a League 2 save and it's a bit lonely being surrounded by blank faces.
  11. Do undisclosed fees (i.e Watt's) usually show up in the accounts eventually?
  12. Still fucked off about the result but Alexander's word choice and inflection on "disease" made me laugh at least.
  13. Was coming on to say similar. I get not wanting to change a winning team or whatever but Slattery is better than Donnelly or Maguire by several orders of magnitude and it isn't really up for debate IMO.
  14. I think we should lay off Watt tbh, it's well known he's in a bad place right now. (Dundee)
  15. Reminiscent of every single post I've ever made containing the words Deimantas Petravičius in a completely different font and text size.
  16. Unlike St Mirren Football Club, I have never been battered in Paisley.
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