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  1. Imagine how powerful Alexander would be armed with an actual plastic pitch though. We'd probably get football shut down by about October.
  2. I'm buzzing for Campbell but still slightly baffled at how well he's done. I think Slattery has been an upgrade when he's played tbh so its a deal where everyone involved has came out pretty well, and nobody has moved Ohio to contravene FIFA registration rules.
  3. It does feel like as a club we do pretty well out of the post-split fixtures. There's obviously been years we've finished 6th or 9th or whatever, but the season's been effectively over after 33 games. When we go into the last 5 still in some sort of race to avoid relegation/finish in Europe we generally seem to get shit done. Though I suppose ending up in the playoffs in 14/15 was technically a failure, but gets overshadowed by how much of a laugh they turned out to be.
  4. I'd much rather just beat Hearts obv, but I'd find it very funny if United and County go into the last day needing a 0-0 each and we somehow go 1-0 up at Parkhead.
  5. We should be aiming to beat Hearts but it'd be good if County or United took at least one doing from the Old Firm to square the goal difference up.
  6. I don't think I got quite on board to that extent, but aye they two looked very exciting for a while. Add in Cole, Long and Gallagher being impressive signings, Donnelly turning into a goal a game player and Turnbull waiting in the wings and it did feel quite special. Seems weird to say about a Motherwell team that finished 3rd(ish) but it did feel like that team had the potential to do a wee bit more.
  7. Also, thank f**k the Conference League wasn't around when we finished 3rd a few years back. Imagine rocking up to the Group Stages with Seedorf and Robbie Crawford ffs
  8. Always thought Burley would be a good appointment for us managerially but there was probably never a window where that was realistic. His stock was always too high for us until the point he went off the rails to the extent where we wouldn't touch him.
  9. Less chance of Accies turning us over now I guess. Some Teuchter away days would be a nice consolation to missing out on Europe, though I'd still rather be reading up on the 6th best team in Montenegro.
  10. It's weird where I simultaneously don't rate McCall more highly than a decent Motherwell manager, but the 13/14 season might be the most impressive single season job I can think of. To be fair, the fact the squad was such a state was almost entirely of his own doing, but to take them to 2nd was genuinely bordering on witchcraft.
  11. Bring on Tommy Wright rocking up to Fir Park with some skinny jeans and a point to prove.
  12. Apologies if this was mentioned earlier but it's just dawned on me that we've lost 3-1 to ten men twice in a few months.
  13. Yeah I keep forgetting County picked up a point at Tynecastle for some reason, that plus our GD has made the equation more difficult than my initial fag-packet maths. I'm now convinced we're going to do just enough to be in with a shout on the last day that Bevis is playing the last half hour up top at Parkhead.
  14. We've got a game on Saturday that, if we win, would make Europe pretty hard to f**k up, even for us. Stranger things have happened but I think it's incredibly unlikely that Motherwell sack a manager in this scenario. Edit- looking at the table again I've changed "incredibly hard to f**k up" to just "pretty hard". If we lose in Dingwall I can maybe see some sort of mutual consent deal
  15. Where did Robinson say this? I'm not doubting you, it just sounds very funny.
  16. We were definitely were overperforming in terms of points vs results earlier in the season- but I think we've regressed below the mean now, if that makes sense, i.e. we've been unlucky pretty fucking often since Christmas. I don't agree with Alexander that we were "excellent" yesterday, but it is one of a few occasions this year where we've been the better team and came away with a point or 0. We weren’t easy on the eye in the second half of last season when Alexander initially took over, but it wasn't all smash and grab and I think most of the time deserved to win the games we did. I wouldn't shed any tears if he wasn't here next season, but if he is I still think there's enough evidence to suggest he'll probably keep us between 5th-8th over 38 games.
  17. I have a long weekend next week and my granny lives half an hour from Dingwall. I still can't be fucked going to County away. Aside from me being a poor Grandson, that's a bad reflection on where we're at right now.
  18. This is the worst I've seen United play this season in games against us/TV games, but they still held us at arms length I thought. Watt will probably have been worth the expense when they qualify for Europe and we don't. Fair play.
  19. One thing I find very funny is that his name is actually Graham Alexander. He's the most "Graeme" Graham in the world.
  20. We weren't that bad, just toothless up front. That's entirely on us for not signing a Watt replacement/KVV backup though.
  21. This would maybe be acceptable if we can get something from Hearts. I'm sort of hoping that we've lucked out a bit in getting them on the second last day when they'll be in full Cup Final mode, rather than early on like DU and RC.
  22. I have a feeling we'll win either this or RC next week. I'm going to Dingwall but not today, so 3-0 Motherwell.
  23. Interesting that Alexander isn't anticipating a free flowing game.
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