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  1. 38 minutes ago, one m in Motherwell said:

    I’m sure I saw something on the Livi thread about us being in for Sibbald.  Can’t see it personally - is he not basically Mark O’Hara?

    Besides, I thought we’d grown out of that difficult Livi hand-me-down stage.

    I always *think* that I quite like Sibbald but its hard to justify it beyond a few Championship highlights from about 6 years ago at this point tbh.

  2. 3 hours ago, Handsome_Devil said:

    Has there been a single transfer rumour at all for us this summer? Can't remember seeing one if so and even a token linkage to the obvious (McAlear say) hasnt been spotted.

    I guess it's in theory better the club keeps the cards close etc and announces business when done but gossip about targets, renewals, friendlies etc is often more fun than the actual football...

    Some jobber called Alfie May was mention a while ago.

  3. This is a bit Steelmeny of me but I'm convinced we score early in a big home game then concede an equaliser 5 minutes later more than just about anyone else in world football.  Usually against the Old Firm, but Hearts on Wednesday was another example. I'm pretty sure I have the image of our defenders and goalie standing with hands on their hips infront of the Cooper end blaming each other burned into my head, just with different kits and faces each time.

  4. I'm honestly not arsed, their fans will be annoying if they win, but the meltdown from Celtic fans (especially it being Seville) would probably balance it out.

    Objectively it would probably be a good thing for Scottish football.  It would exacerbate the financial gap between them and the rest, but that's probably a lost cause anyway.  There was a serious danger that Celtic's advantage would see us become a literal one team league, if Rangers win this then we'll at least avoid that and have fairly equal title races for the foreseeable, even if its between the same two c***s as before.  It would definitely aide the coefficient and raise the league's profile.

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