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  1. Check out Daft Punk's new single "Get Lucky" if you get the chance. Sound of the summer.

    1. forkboy


      Aw right Limmy pal, calm down.

  2. Reputation of #420. #SWED.

  3. Just noticed that at least one person has rated me 1/5 stars on my profile. Not cool guys.

    1. Addie


      You just got 5 from me young man! It's alright, I can afford it.

    2. YassinMoutaouakil


      Brought the average up to a 3, thankQ.

  4. RIP in peace BarraJag gbnf.

  5. People without profile pictures freak me the f**k out.

  6. Clyde SuperScoreBoard makes my ears bleed.

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    2. YassinMoutaouakil


      Apparently Joe Ledley's goal against Partick Thistle is a signal of his intent to stay at Parkhead for the rest of his career.

    3. Addie


      Scottish Football needs a strong Hue Keevins though.

    4. Albino Rover

      Albino Rover

      Yep- and Gary Hooper must have been really keen to stay at Celtic with all those goals last season!

  7. Why are you angry,Angry Mum? *hugs*

  8. Hearts beat Hibs-Check. Aberdeen beat Motherwell- Check. Nacho Novo f*cks up-Check.

  9. If Rangers fans could stop getting the Nicky Law song wrong,yeah that'd be great.

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    2. callum-ayr


      As opposed to the 5 year olds at Rangers who sing it?

    3. )typically


      Well said Tedi

    4. YassinMoutaouakil


      Well that's me telt.

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