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  1. Even if these lads from the LOI are total ballers it's still a signing policy to be avoided IMO, reeks of St Mirren.
  2. The stars don't have to align too much for us to go 8 points clear of 6th here. All the more to suggest a victory for the plucky Dees.
  3. I think logic dictates we should probably be favourites here but I'm uncomfortable ever predicting us to win three on the bounce, would take a point.
  4. I see Cole Stockton scored an injury time winner from his own half for Stephen Robinson's Morecambe in their derby yesterday. Fair enough.
  5. As each week goes by I get progressively more raging about the League Cup game at Dens
  6. I appreciate this was probably Hearts worst performance of the season but they were absolutely fucking dugmeat, it's definitely not inconceivable we could finish above them IMO.
  7. I think Hearts being utter shite also played a part in that
  8. have a look at our possession stats. I'm not as bothered as others because I think it's broadly working but aye, there's been grumblings.
  9. I've not really seen much of Hearts this season, they've a good squad but I might hesitantly suggest they look like they could struggle to break down teams that give them 70% possession and defend from deep?
  10. I think Open Goal is very dependent on a good guest and Alexander was imo, as unforthcoming as he is in press conferences he can definitely be a very good speaker when we wants to be
  11. We must have a pretty decent home record against Hearts over the last decade or so tbf. I'm maybe exaggerating, but it feels like Hearts historically must have one of the biggest disparities in home/away form in world football. Though Neilson seems to have sorted that this season.
  12. I've been critical of him in the past and even earlier in the night but as soon as he beat the Danish boy to the ball you could tell he was going to absolutely bury it.
  13. I agree that nobody else is likely to get sacked this season, but if someone is its going to be Ross imo. There's a few other underperforming managers but it feels like their chairmen/owners etc are a bit more personally tied to them than he is with Gordon.
  14. I'm not old enough to remember him as a player but I feel a wee bit bad for the guy tbh, I think we should just give him the job next it comes up out of politeness.
  15. You wouldn't be fitting out an office if you were planning on moving house at the end of the season... right?
  16. KVV's first is reminding me a bit of one Moult scored in a 2-0 at Pittodrie in I think the 17/18 season. Moult's probably a better finish though.
  17. I'm not sure if the stats actually bore it out but is the popular narrative not that Leicester won the league doing essentially that?
  18. We didn't lose a league game up there for 7 years or something did we not? There was a phase where you would pump us out of cups regularly though.
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