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  1. Hamburg wasn't it? Tbf they did actually sign David Bates so who knows.
  2. I have the fear abou this. Say what you like about Morton but you knew where you stood with them.
  3. A good listen as always but I had thus far been enjoying the world cup while pretending that Motherwell FC didn't exist and this has snapped me out of that blissful ignorance so I'm holding you responsible.
  4. The #bitored boys seem pretty certain about Blaney. Given his role in GA getting the sack he'll probably come in with as much goodwill as is possible for a new signing.
  5. Hope we keep signing anyone who plays well against us. Jota next please.
  6. I don't think Cadden is Premiership quality as anything other than the right of a back 5.
  7. Christ. For someone that only left us in Summer and is still in the league I'd practically forgotten he existed.
  8. It's a low bar, but Spittal having 3 goals by November feels basically unheard of for any recent Motherwell midfielder not called David Turnbull?
  9. I like Robinson but I do think folk are placing a MASSIVE amount of stock in St Mirren having a relatively decent 3-4 months. I'm not sure we'll be clamouring for anybody in their side come the end of the season.
  10. He will be here for ~15 years then, after a string of poor successors, take over as manager. With mixed success. Then sign a good left back.
  11. Good to see Moult approaching match fitness right before a month break.
  12. This feels pretty unique in that I actually quite enjoy watching this team but I'm also fucking desperate for the season to be over already as long as it does with us 10th or above.
  13. What happened off the ball a few minutes before H/T? Kelly and a few others going mental at the ref?
  14. Just watched the Moult presser too. If I find out what journo was talking to Louis like that he's getting chinned.
  15. I'm not sure if people are still hung, drawn and quartered. But if they are?
  16. I've stuck up for KVV but I'm not happy with "Moulty" ngl. A bit of respect please- "Mr Moult" at the very least.
  17. I'm far from a Maguire fan but I do think he's slightly more likely to attempt to tackle an opposition player at some point than Slattery, Goss or Spittal, although I prefer those 3 purely as footballers.
  18. I do rate KVV but sometimes I wonder if he has literally ever been coached properly, even a little.
  19. Basically imo we're playing like the 18/19 Robinson team but without David Turnbull, Ally Gorrin, Gboly Ariyibi or Tom Aldred. That should be the scouting remit for January IMO.
  20. Scunner of an afternoon but good to see Moult balling out as predicted. Winner on Wednesday.
  21. Goss, Slattery and Spittal works well in an attacking sense but teams are running through us far too easily right now. I'm actually pining for Barry Maguire a wee bit ffs.
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