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  1. Feeling a bit left out seeing QOTS and Annan hanging about without us.
  2. Feeling a bit left out seeing QOTS and Annan hanging about without us.
  3. I've always reckoned it's teams with big fanbases full of odballs that spam votes for any ex-player they recognise, with Goss having Man United and Rangers in his corner.
  4. Goss has been robbed, IMO. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/61202539
  5. Can't be fucked googling but I'd imagine they actually overlapped at Southampton too.
  6. We all know about his technical ability but he strikes me as someone who would hopefully raise standards across the board too, rather than just turn up for a last pay day. Unless his legs have gone I'd be all for it. We are also dangerously close to not having any Northern Irish players which I think contravenes some sort of unwritten rule at the club.
  7. Shaw's a weird one. Didn't get much of a chance but didn't really do anything to merit one either. It'll f**k me off if he goes back to Celtic and turns into Kristoffer Ajer or something.
  8. Lawless was a decent player tbf, just an arsenal arsehole and finished by the time he came back. If we signed him at the same age Spittall is now I think he'd have done fine.
  9. Versatile and Premiership proven, hard to turn our collective nose up at, IMO.
  10. Do folk think Donnelly will stick around? I'd probably rather we look for an upgrade but have a feeling we'll see him renew.
  11. This Euro chat is fun but I really hoped we'd have released some c**t by now
  12. I always *think* that I quite like Sibbald but its hard to justify it beyond a few Championship highlights from about 6 years ago at this point tbh.
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