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  1. Beating Aberdeen has been really really funny over the last few years. Doing it tomorrow just seems implausible though. 3-0 Aberdeen.
  2. Stating the obvious here but if we can't better at least two of United,Killie or County between now and May or beat a Championship side over two legs after signing 8 players in January then we will fully deserve to go down.
  3. Dan Casey Danzaki Dan Casey Danzaki Dan Casey Danzaki Dan Casey Danzaki Dan Casey Danzaki Dan Casey Danzaki
  4. I don't even trust Aberdeen to beat us and put us out of our misery, the p***ks.
  5. Massive tangent but Livi/Martindale is an interesting one. He's definitely a talented guy but it's rare for a manager to stay at a provincial team for more than a few years without it going stale in a McInnes, Robinson way. I wonder if he can avoid that.
  6. Everyone keeps saying how much they like Stevie Hammell. I'm not sure I like Stevie Hammell.
  7. Aye sorry I was only joking. Not sure I can bring myself to go, like.
  8. I don't think we'd be any worse off points-wise if Alexander was still here.
  9. We won't hire any of them, and they all have their obvious flaws, but just looking in our own league the last few seasons, I'd have infinitely more trust in Goodwin, Ross, Courts or Levein in coming up with some sort of plan for this team between now and May.
  10. Dropping Mckinstry and Johnson. Thinking a midfield of Slattery, Goss, and Danzaki would work. Swapping Aitchison, Danzaki and Crankshaw about multiple times. That double sub at halftime. Going 4-4-2 towards the end. Flexibility is a good trait for a manager but there comes a point where it's obvious there's no actual fucking plan.
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