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  1. I know Kettlewell won't be picking the team or anything but having a guy around the club that has actual managerial experience can't be a bad thing, given the relative rawness of the other coaching staff.
  2. I'm convinced trips to Dingwall always seem to come at pivotal times in our season. It feels like everytime we go up there we're always at some crossroads that will decide whether we stay up, make top 6 etc.
  3. County game is massive really. A win I think would reassure me that Hammell has enough about him to keep us away from any serious bother, and put us 8 ahead of RC. A loss would put an end to the honeymoon period and suggest we're likely to be one of the 4 strugglers. A draw wouldn't really change anything.
  4. Gallagher is a very good centreback for this level, I'd happily have him back if he wasn't an arsehole. According to Transfermarkt his record against us is P:12 W:1 D:3 L:8. Genuinely hilariously bad, maybe it's better for us that he stays where he is.
  5. I'd be a bit gutted if SOD bowed out without an international goal, he probably deserves one over the piece. That said, I'd probably have been hospitalised if his had gone in at Wembley.
  6. I hope Hammell is searching the filing cabinets for a dusty Robinson-era folder entitled THUNDERDOME.
  7. Glad Goss is justifying the faith we all initially had in him.
  8. I'd probably just have chipped Gordon or maybe nutmegged him. Why didn't McGinn do that?
  9. Yeah I forgot to mention it in my post, but there's a few ways we could potentially fit both of them in a team, though all of them probably involve a wee bit of a rejig or somebody playing out of their natural position. I thought KVV out left during Watt's purple patch last season worked fairly well but I'm not sure if it would long term, I agree that dropping him back a bit but keeping him central is probably the most likely outcome.
  10. I wasn't at either of the United or Hearts games (and I'm not going to watch the highlights of a 3-0 loss to Hearts regardless of how well we apparently played) but is there an argument that KVV isn't really someone we can rely on as a lone striker? It's harsh as f**k given he's our top scorer by miles this season but I wonder if his skillset might be better suited to fashioning chances for someone who's a bit more likely to score the "easy" chances -like Moult. Equally you could say that Tierney, Spittal and Efford etc really need to step up a bit as well.
  11. I both like the Terrace enough to give them a fiver every month and also fully believe they're Hearts b*****ds with an anti-Motherwell agenda.
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