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  1. Motherwell FC - A Thread For All Seasons

    Mind folk were raging we gave a Kipre a contract extension after a few weeks? Should have let him run down his contract first imo.
  2. The Three Team Mini-League

    Did he have a good feeling about him?
  3. Hibs vs The Lanarkshire Homophobes

    Westboro Baptist Church MSC
  4. Motherwell FC - A Thread For All Seasons

    That's how I imagine most of yous on this thread tbf.
  5. Motherwell FC - A Thread For All Seasons

    I'm sure I seen Simon Ramsden in the away end today. Or someone who looked very like him.
  6. A View From The Terrace.

    I would unironically watch the CGT show
  7. Hibs vs The Lanarkshire Homophobes

    Also, from the BBC match report the ball literally got stuck in the mud about a dozen times.
  8. Hibs vs The Lanarkshire Homophobes

    Thought there wasn't much in it, but Hibs probably deserved the 3 points in the end. Even if Aldred was unlucky with the penalty, Hibs could have scored another 2 or 3 in the first half, whereas we only really had that early Hastie chance and Turnbull's effort. Second half we dominated, but Hibs had taken their foot off the pedal as it was pretty apparent we weren't going to score. There were no really substandard performances imo, but Turnbull had one of his worst games for us so far and Ariyibi came back down to earth after last week. In that situation you're relying on a striker to pull a rabbit out of a hat, neither Main, Johnson or Scott are the answer up front right now. Gorrin or Hastie motm for me.
  9. Hibs vs The Lanarkshire Homophobes

    Aye, mate, I genuinely thought Jake Hastie, recently linked with Rangers, was scoring to score in the 16th and 90th minutes. It was a totally serious post and you've absolutely done me there.
  10. Hibs vs The Lanarkshire Homophobes

    Least successful Easter Road trip since the bus got stuck?
  11. Motherwell FC - A Thread For All Seasons

    It's like those before and after pictures of US presidents where they go totally grey in the space of a term. Though I imagine being the leader of the free world is a lot less stressful than dodging Well Fans II for a living.
  12. Race for the top half...

    Imagine seven #TB4 fixtures post split?!
  13. Motherwell FC - A Thread For All Seasons

    I didn't go to Ibrox because I had an exam and I would appreciate it if nobody ever brings it up again.
  14. Motherwell FC - A Thread For All Seasons

    One of the weirder parts of that season was the two week spell where we somehow clicked and looked like 1970 Brazil, put 9 past Accies and St Mirren and beat somebody else (Killie?), then immediately forgot how to play football again for the rest of the season.