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  1. There could maybe be money-spinner in signing loads of North Macedonian squad filler jobbers
  2. In my head there's a turn of events where Aldred comes back to us then takes Gallagher's place in the Euro squad too
  3. If Gallagher wants to be here then I'm happy to have him. That said he clearly doesn't, we'll maybe struggle to find someone who can replicate his 19-20 form but we can easily find an upgrade on him this season. Is Tom Aldred bored of living in a Covid free paradise yet?
  4. I'm getting bad vibes off of Lawless. He ticked so many boxes coming in- knows the club, proven in the league, at the peak of his career, ex-Livi- that conversely it makes me think it just won't work out for whatever reason. I don't think he'll be a disaster or anything but we'll maybe get a year out of him before he goes back to Firhill to see out his career in League One.
  5. There's obviously more to it than this and I think Decanter is a great player on his own merits but there's something very funny about Robinson spending 4 years going through about 12 different strike partnerships and still being unable to find a consistent goalscorer among them only for Alexander to immediately rock up and go "eh, have you tried playing a striker through the middle?"
  6. I don't have anything against Robinson as a player and am sure he'd be a decent enough fit for us, but at this point I'm just bored to death with recreating the 2017 Livi team. Please just sign someone else.
  7. Long is a weird one, if you take his almost 2 seasons at the club as evidence then it's pretty hard to make a convincing argument for retaining him. But... I just have something in the back of my mind suggesting there could be an absolutely cracking Motherwell player in there if somebody coaxes it out of him. I'm assuming Cole's away tbh, which sort of swings me towards keeping Long to avoid having to go into the new season with Watt+ an entirely new set of untested striking options.
  8. If Hamilton stay up by less than 3 points they honestly owe Aaron Chapman a bonus
  9. Never knew Alexander was a vegan, no paneer for him then. Hoping I run into him in the 13th Note after lockdown
  10. The best St Mirren team in 35 years two points ahead of an absolute gang of a Motherwell side is it?
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