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  1. Unless you're in a very tight SNP/Tory marginal you should still vote Labour if you want a Labour government.
  2. He wants rid of the Tories, so voted for the only alternative party of government. Makes sense.
  3. All is forgiven. (hopefully he doesn't find out I suggested he was an IRA sympathiser half an hour previously)
  4. I won't believe anything until I see him posing in a Celtic top with Neil Lennon.
  5. Aye. Just feels to me like he's been around for much longer than 2 years and a couple of months. Comes with being the most box-office man in Scottish football I guess.
  6. "It's tough watching it and wishing you were out there but I know my time will come" Is that a subtle dog whistle to Celtic fans? He's essentially just used the club Twitter account to say Tiocfaidh ar la! TURNBULL OUT.
  7. Turns out I've been a sent a polling card in my gaff in Edinburgh as well as my parent's house back home.
  8. Saturday being Hartley's 50th appearance for us has fried my brain. That's less than Josh Law or Zaine Francis Angol.
  9. We'll either get an absolute doing next Sunday or the East Stand/Peter Hartley will psychologically break Morelos beyond belief.
  10. I wasn't there yesterday but that goalie patter reminds me of when one of those absolutely useless Dundee United haddies punted the ball into the East Stand about three times. Folk around me were irate as if he was going out of his way to injure someone rather than just being a goalie in a shite Dundee United team.
  11. Aye I've heard that the thinking behind increasing the Maracana's capacity to 200,000 was mainly to cope with Captain Sensible and his pals turning up.
  12. That seems sensible. Daft of me to assume he'd be playing against St Mirrens every week.
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