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  1. I think we have to be offering Watt the sort of numbers we were talking about for Campbell and Turnbull. We're not going to make a profit on him the way we did with those two but he's a forward of far higher quality than we have any right to attract that's essentially fallen into our lap because he's a bit of a weirdo and stays five minutes away.
  2. Either way, tough game against the best St Mirren side in 35 years.
  3. My first game since the Aberdeen one, are we still good?
  4. Obviously it's Alexander's call but when you look at our squad comprised of fullbacks who are better as wingbacks, centrebacks who will happily header stuff away all day, a shite midfield, ineffective wingers and two very good centre forwards it's a bit mad we aren't setting up in a 3-5-2.
  5. Oh aye I wasn't meaning to knock anyone's motivations, I just think it must be a bit of a head f**k to be someone like Devante and scoring for (relative) fun in one league then go to another and struggle to get a look in. Even closer to home, I can't really imagine it's particularly nice being Connor Shields right now.
  6. Football must be an incredibly demoralising career about half the time. It's easy for me to say with zero footballing ability but I've always thought I'd probably rather earn slightly less money but be a big fish in a small pond than end up as a squad player in a level I'm out of my depth in. I'm pretty sure my mental health would take a kicking if I was training five days a week and spending my Saturdays travelling across the country knowing I wasn't going to be getting a game.
  7. Not sure how likely it is in practice but I think it would maybe be tolerable and possibly an improvement on the status quo if they did it like Tennis and limited the number of "calls"- give every team one per half or something. Watching big English/European games where they go to VAR every two minutes is soul destroying.
  8. Been really impressed with United this season, but I always feel a lot more confident playing them at Tannadice than at FP. 1-2.
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