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  1. I mind a game at NDP where Main rightfully lost the head at Cadden for constantly getting in a decent position down the wing then sending a cross halfway to the Strathy park.
  2. I'm sure Cadden mentioned at some point that he was really personally affected by criticism on social media etc so cyberbullying could be an option.
  3. So far today we've had criticism of Lionel Ainsworth, a few pages worth of Craig Samson discussion, 6 points taken off us and now rat Cadden is officially back in the country. It's like the universe is trying to wind me up.
  4. Yeah essentially I don't think we ever should have had the points to begin with but it was a laugh while it lasted. Ultimately this is probably the fairest outcome, just with the standard healthy dose of SPFL f**k up.
  5. Samson is honestly one of my least favourite footballers of all time. Maybe even least favourite people in general tbh, I fucking despise him.
  6. On the Rooney thing, if it's true I'm on the fence but would probably end up in the f**k it, he'll do camp. He was quite overrated at Aberdeen and has presumably dropped off a bit since, but he seems like the sort of p***k we could do with upfront and Alexander we'll know whether or not he can get a tune out of him still.
  7. It's just struck me that I've never really seen/heard many interviews with Lionel. Seems a fairly complex character if he's simultaneously bold enough to spark Robinson out while also being driven to tears by fucking Mark McGhee.
  8. He's looking forward to wasting spending more time with his family
  9. To be fair I can't really think of anyone else currently in the squad that I'd have any confidence in scoring from that sort of opportunity
  10. Famously good Motherwell Man™ Nicky Devlin there https://twitter.com/NickyDevlin6/status/1348336495736795137?s=20
  11. Also I now think the Killie game being rearranged but the St Mirren 3-0 being upheld is actually the funniest possible outcome tbh. Just do that @SPFL
  12. Not surprised Cadden wants out of America as soon as Trump's gone
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