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  1. St Mirren are wanks and I'm perfectly happy for our coaching staff to go on Sportsound and slander them.
  2. Also, as far as coaching staff talking up the OF goes, this set the bar pretty fucking high.
  3. I've obviously no idea what goes on internally but based solely off their public appearences I'd feel a lot less worried with Ross as manager than Lasley if it comes to it.
  4. I usually lean slightly to wanting Celtic to win rather than Rangers but overall make my decisions based on the funniest outcome. In this case, it's Rangers winning the league this season and Celtic bankrupting themselves trying to go for 10 over the next decade, resulting in liquidation.
  5. Buckled at the idea of someone sprinting from Easter Road to Haymarket, running straight by Waverley
  6. I talked my brother into staying in February when we were 4-1 down to St Mirren because I had a feeling we'd come back. Drew 4-4 and lost on penalties so very much a phyrric victory that one.
  7. The decision I mentioned is a weird one, I'm sure it was to take us from 3-0 down to 3-1 so nobody was particularly arsed at the time. Then as we pulled it back to 3-2 and were struggling to find a 3rd folk gradually decided they were absolutely raging about it. Like you say, an absolute shithouser but you've got to respect the art IMO.
  8. The night Connor Sammon tore us to shreds? Cerny managed to talk the referee into chalking off a perfectly legitimate Kipre goal too. (I stayed the full 90 minutes and also fell several times in the streets of Maryhill)
  9. I left Scotland 2 Liechtenstein 1 at about 70 odd minutes. I was dying with the flu reached the point where I genuinely couldn't give a f**k about the result and just wanted to get home and in bed as soon as possible. A bit scunnered now as I don't think I've seen anything as late as a 90+6 minute winner since but I don't particularly regret my decision.
  10. Our squad of internationalists will have far too much quality for a bunch of Paisley binmen and posties.
  11. 1. Celtic 2. Rangers 3. Aberdeen 4. Hibs 5. Killie 6. Dundee United 7. Motherwell 8. Livingston 9. St Johnstone 10. Ross County 11. Hamilton 12. St Mirren
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