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  1. I'm not remotely close to panicking about this season yet. For better or worse, Robinson's seasons have followed the pattern of slow starts and grim performances while he figures out his best team and style of play, before we eventual click and start playing like a Top Six team -sometimes too late to actually finish there in the table though. This time three years ago we were mounting last minute comebacks to scrape by Edinburgh City and losing 4-1 to St Johnstone. Two months later we were at Hampden. This time last year we were lucky to draw 0-0 at Almondvale, getting horsed by Celtic and going out the cup to the worst Hearts team in decades. We finished 3rd. He's dug us out of much deeper holes with significantly worse squads on multiple occasions before and I think it's pretty ludicrous for folk to write off his chances of turning it around this season already.
  2. How did Turnbull get on? Slightly concerned he's crocked but that might be my fault for expecting him to be on double figures by now.
  3. Tbf we never start seasons well under Robinson and it usually ends up working out okay.
  4. I'm still pretty confident about the season ahead and wasn't that dismayed by Monday, that said, it would really fucking annoy me if we lost this, so I'm pretty sure that's what'll happen. Sticking with 2-1 United. Seedorf for us.
  5. Ethics of the gambling industry aside, I'm not sure how what we're doing is actually helping raise awareness of missing people in any conceivable way? You'd think displaying their names/ faces in some way might be more useful than, er, anonymous black silhouettes?
  6. Working on a theory that Sherwin has Lionel Ainsworth syndrome- i.e shit hot at the beginning and end of seasons and mainly anonymous in between. Obvs last season being curtailed leaves it unproven for now.
  7. Nah that was definitely the time we were linked to Polworth and within an hour he had a dozen gifs of his best Inverness assists.
  8. Aye the way he protested it he looked genuinely shocked but surely to f**k in the English lower leagues that's not a fair tackle
  9. Someone's desperate to start a Next Motherwell Manager thread
  10. Yeah that was poor in parts but don't think it was a massively worrying drop off or anything. A bit of better luck/ decision making both tactically and on the pitch and we'd have scored a couple. County looked a lot more solid than last term. Edit- Sherwin is a baller again.
  11. Aye I reckon this reaction has been way OTT. County have edged it slightly but we've had the better chances since the goal. Turnbull at left wing is bizzare though but I'm pretty sure it'll be rectified soon.
  12. I'm almost afraid to say it but could this be... Turnbull False #9?
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