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  1. I think it's a good idea in general but St Mirren fans are all lunatics so they'll likely be bankrupt within a year.
  2. Tbf 2,000 is still only 10% of the allocation we usually give St Mirren
  3. I've had season tickets on/off for years based on geographically/work situations at different times so I'm not doing some "season ticket= über fan" thing or anything, but it does seem weird to complain about not getting in without a season ticket in this season of all seasons. People are well within their rights to not get one for whatever reason they want but surely it was obvious that for as long as there are capacity restrictions it would be hard to guarantee anything?
  4. While we're on Robinson, his son going from being in and around our squad and getting Europa League minutes to signing for Clyde then patching football altogether to move to Dubai within a year isn't a great look for him in hindsight.
  5. I'm actually pretty buzzing about away fans getting in. Will hopefully feel like a "real" game now. Probably a good idea not to be areseholes about this sort of thing too when we'll likely be hoping other clubs return the favour.
  6. It's probably because I'm a) too young to remember Airdrie as our regular rivals and b) couldn't watch the game but I wasn't any more bothered about the Airdrie game than I would be if we lose to Montrose or Alloa
  7. By my estimates Motherwell have won 17, drawn 1 and lost 2.
  8. Van Veen is going to go about 10 games without scoring and break his duck by lobbing someone from about 40 yards
  9. I said in the first half that the Annan #11 looked decent, have now discovered that he is former "mini Messi" Chris Johnston. Glad to see my eye for a pler remains intact.
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