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  1. Whenever I hear one of these songs individually I always sort of expect them to bleed into each other.
  2. I've never seen the photos of the players drinking cups of tea on the pitch before. Sensational
  3. I'm not a fan of Muse in the slightest but I've got a special place in my heart for Starlight due to its use in Sky's coverage of our Euro 2008 qualifiers. That was my first proper Scotland campaign that I was really invested in, and I was naive enough to genuinely think we might do something. If I close my eyes I don't have to look at that whiny pointdexter Matt Bellamy and can instead see Lee McCulloch curling one past a Ukrainian goalie.
  4. Given we knocked back their Turnbull offer in summer, I'd be interested to know what they were offering for the entire club.
  5. If the season ends here I'm claiming we relegated Hearts at Tynecastle and nobody can take that away from me.
  6. To think we were all supposed to be watching Eamonn Brophy score a late winner in front of the South Stand right now.
  7. I've been waking up in cold sweats after nightmares about us facing a St Mirren side spearheaded by a front three of Marc Corcoran, Andy Dorman and John Obika.
  8. Surprised Hearts are chucking it before they're able to list Covid19 alongside the First World War in their Honours.
  9. I see we're taking part in a Fifa tournament ran by Leyton Orient and The Sun. Get rid.
  10. I'm genuinely up for a match thread where we react in real time
  11. I sometimes forget that the Rangers 3-3 game actually happened in the real world and wasn't just a fever dream in Peter Hartley's head
  12. If we somehow manage to spin a global pandemic into a by to the Europa League group stages it might be the most establishment thing we've ever pulled off.
  13. On the contrary, the revelation that somebody is punting counterfeit/misleading Tony Straker merch has made my day
  14. I'll be honest, I'm really fucking tempted. https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/MOTHERWELL-TRAINING-SHIRT-SIZE-M-2014-15-SEASON-PLAYER-ISSUE-ANTHONY-STRAKER/392578813266?hash=item5b67854d52:g:D4sAAOSw0VBcdqqJ
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