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  1. Been checking on International scores recently and couple of unusual club names have popped up . Namely, Wormatia Worms (Germany) and St. Bruno's Magpies(Gibraltar). As a student I proudly played for Turd Lanark (Jordanhill college's 3rd team) in a league that also featured Melchester Rovers and AC Milanda. Do they still make Milanda bread by the way? Interested to hear of any other unusual club or team names.
  2. I agree. However PR doesn't always guarantee this. New Zealand's last election saw a massive victory for Labour. Removing the requirement for a coalition with the Greens and New Zealand First.
  3. Maybe he dropped the cricket ball too often...
  4. Aye orcs really shouldn't try big words. Stick to being monosyllabic it's much more in character. In the same post "the country wee live in..."
  5. While I like the idea of incorporating the Paisley Pattern in the strip. These efforts are pretty hacket IMO. Option 2 please.
  6. Midfielder Keanu Baccus plays for Western Sydney Wanderers and has played in the vast majority of their A-League Men games in 2021/2022, making 18 appearances overall and playing 1,558 minutes. He has been selected in the starting XI in all 18 of these appearances across their 23 fixtures. The last league game that Baccus played came on April 24 for Western Sydney Wanderers against Wellington Phoenix; a game that he played 75 minutes in during a 1-0 loss. In total, he has scored one A-League Men goal this term, and provided three assists. He has amassed five yellow cards. His opening goal of the campaign came in the 2-0 victory against Sydney on March 5. Next up for Western Sydney Wanderers in the league - who are in 10th position in the standings on 25 points - is a trip to Perth Glory on April 30. In last season's A-League Men, Baccus featured in 25 games for Western Sydney Wanderers, scored one goal and provided four assists. And a cheeky wee goal... https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=170185768238201
  7. Wholeheartedly agree with this. Tait is more of a warrior than Fraser but is as slow as a week in the jail. Fraser an all round better player
  8. Auckland City who play in the same league are professional and compete in the World Club Championship. At worst his team are semi- professional.
  9. Agreed. Lobby the board! I hate the crossover neck either go round neck or v neck.
  10. To be fair to Beaton, he was probably following SFA orders to get Yinitet back in the top flight.
  11. Maybe you meant the mad monk. Aye could have been Kenny. thanks. I do remember we scored a air few route one goals around then.
  12. Yardley wouldn't have played with Chalmers, he arrived a good 4/5 years after Chalmers time with us. My bad, I stand corrected. My auld memory is worse than I thought.
  13. That route 1 first goal was very reminiscent of many Money/Yardley/Chalmers goals.
  14. I never thought that I would say this, but for me the new home kit trumps pozbaird's 2013 design.
  15. Thats true, participation in Rugby union is waning fast. It's manifesting itself at the moment where all of the trans tasman games are being won by kiwi teams. IRRC that's 23 games without an Aussie win. Also true that less young people are taking up rugby here in NZ.
  16. Let me clear it up for you, when Ferguson shot, Kevin Gallagher was on the line standing next to Money .There were no other defenders behind him. Offside then, offside now.
  17. This it's not a penalty if the ball was going out nonsense seems to be an invention of managers. If a player is fouled with or without the ball in the box it's a penalty end of.
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