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  1. The UK wating until three weeks after the first community transmission before going into lockdown will have seriously messed with their ability to cope. NZ went into lockdown three days after the first community transmission case i.e. not tied to cases that were traced to kiwis coming back in from overseas.
  2. It's not balanced because adopting a herd immunity approach without a vaccine is horrific,a joke etc. Maybe you can present the argument that balances by telling us how the herd immunity approach is a good approach without a vaccine?
  3. Given Boris' faulty herd immunity approach it won't be long before more fatalities . Some NZ reaction to the herd immunity approach... Vallance estimated around 60 percent of the UK’s population - roughly 40 million people - would need to catch the disease to achieve herd immunity. The suggestion of a herd immunity strategy for Covid-19 was met with horror by University of Auckland associate professor Helen Petousis-Harris. “At what cost? Throwing people under the train? There are younger people getting seriously ill as well.” University of Auckland microbiologist Siouxsie Wiles is also horrified at the thought of attempting herd immunity without a vaccine. “I thought it was satire at first, I thought it was a joke.” There’s no knowledge about whether herd immunity through prior infection is possible - or how long it might last. “I'm horrified. Absolutely horrified. And I know that many people like me are. This is an experiment and we're just flabbergasted that you would do an experiment on this scale.”
  4. Aye UK are really poor about keeping people informed. NZ health ministry have a daily live briefing. This is in a country with eight confirmed cases. However in terms of people arriving here, if you got off a plane from overseas after 1am Monday morning you are required to self isolate for two weeks. The TV stations were interviewing people at the airport saying "I'm not going to self isolate, catch me if you can". One absolute dick got tested for coronavirus in Australia (so it can be safely assumed he was a suspected case). Next thing he does is jump on a plane to NZ and go out to restaurant in Wellington, the following day he is confirmed as having the virus.
  5. How many people are confident that the Cockwomble will come up with a decent solution?
  6. NZ effectively closing their border. Anyone coming in from anywhere except the pacific islands must self isolate for two weeks. Effective as of tomorrow.
  7. Looking like the NZ government are going to stop flights from Europe within the next 24 hours. That'll be my trip to Scotland in April fooked then.
  8. A friend of mine from Irvine has just been diagnosed. She already had respiratory issues. Hope tae fook she is ok!
  9. That might be true, but the peak doesn't mean the end. End likely to be August from what I have been hearing .
  10. Aye there is shite refereeing and then there was that. After being told that "he didn't know what he was doing" by Saints fans, he willfully just decided to give Saints nothing and Hamilton everything. One of the roles of a referee is to protect players. I would expect the club to strongly complain about that referee. Hopefully, we never see him again.
  11. I would imagine this is what is being talked about... https://www.changemakers.com/economicopportunity/entries/kibble-employment-and-training-programme . So no, not replacement for existing staff but the creation of training and work experience opportunities for unemployed people. A tried and tested approach in the third sector.
  12. Pretty much everybody signed by Messrs, Murray, Craig and Stubbs
  13. Thanks for the tip. I'll see if Gordon and McPhail 15YO is available in NZ. Thats's the problem with drinking good whisky, once you start it's hard to stop!
  14. True, one man's meat... If you are willing to pay the postage from New Zealand, you can have it for free. Only one dram light of a full bottle.
  15. Got a bottle of Mortlach 14 from my Mrs for Christmas. Decent not up to the Balvennie standard for me but I would have it again. On the other hand the Ancnoc 12 year old that I bought to try something new was pretty dire. Tasted more like Pernod than whisky to me.
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