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  1. The UK policy is 12 weeks between doses. Loads of info on efficacy, policy etc if you google it. Thanks very much for that.
  2. Not really been keeping in touch closely with how things are going in the U.K. or this thread for a while. A question, My 88 year old mother got her initial vaccine in mid January, the expectation was that she would receive the second dose in three weeks. She is now telling me it will be 12 weeks before she gets the second jab. WTF?! If what was promised was three weeks is now twelve weeks, does this mean that there will be a reduction in the efficacy of the vaccine? P.S. she contracted COVID a few months ago and survived. She's a tough old gal.
  3. If you had been playing the Rangers, brother Dallas would have awarded four penalties for one of those incidents.
  4. Ok this one is a bit like the St.Mirren were the reason Hearts didn't win the league in 1986, in that it's nonsense. This was the offside rule at the time... A player was considered offside unless three players of the opposing side are in front of him (includes goalkeeper). The "goal " was adjudged offside because when Iain Ferguson shot, there was a United player on the goal line. So as he struck the ball , a United player was in front of him and offside. The United player on the line, had at best, two St.Mirren players in line with him, not in front of him if they had been in front of him they would have been out of play as they would have been over the goal line, I hope that clears that up. Check the video from 2:00 in.
  5. A St. Mirren top or maybe a Rangers one...
  6. Yes Lennon was great for lolz in the cups during that period.
  7. Just texted my wife, Get the sussies oot the night! It's still morning here...
  8. When was the previous occasion when neither of the Old Firm were in the semis of a cup? Discounting the Rangers period in the seaside leagues.
  9. Paul Kinnaird, shudder at the thought. He was decent for Motherwell, rotten for us. Could have been a stunt double for Beavis...
  10. I think we are talking two different Galloways here. You are talking Gavin Galloway. I was talking Steve Galloway.
  11. That's a comprehensive list. Richard Brittain had 37 games though. I remember him well. Gerhard? Fellner allegedly an Austrian centre back. The boy Galloway and another striker from the Tom Hendry era I think, not sure if his surname might have been McVitie. If that was his name we would have been better off with a digestive biscuit upfront than him
  12. That handball. Basically it was heading for his head and he chose to bat it down with both hands.
  13. A maximum of six players can now be signed on loan by any one side in the coming season - up from four previously. And clubs will also be allowed to loan two players from any team in the same division - instead of just one -and four from sides in different levels of the Scottish league - up from two.Jul 21, 2020
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