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  1. Aye protesting too much I think. St.Mirren didn't stuff his reputation, he did. What a load of dross he signed. Would make an interesting debate, who signed the worst players? John Coughlin, Ian Murray, Tommy Craig or Stubbs?
  2. Update on fuckwittery down under. All 24 of NZ cases are in managed isolation having returned from overseas. No community transmission. However, 4 muppets thought escaping from luxury accommodation used for managed isolation was a cunning plan. 2 in jail, one out on bail. 1 still to make court appearance IIRC. Even more screwed up is that part of the reason for the spike in cases in Melbourne was that the security guards watching those in isolation were engaging in sexual relations with their charges. So quite literally screwed it up.
  3. They did make a bit of a splash in 'Murrica https://www.billboard.com/music/wet-wet-wet/chart-history/adult-contemporary Four weddings and a funeral...
  4. The unknowns who had their kit sponsored by the Libertines, wasn't the first instance of that. Who could forget Clydebank F.C. and Wet, Wet, Wet
  5. Like the home top body a lot. Don't get the can't make it's mind up if it's a round neck or a v neck. As the wee white v appears at the top of a black stripe, it looks odd. Same configuration of collar in black would be better IMHO.
  6. Restrictions lifted just over half and hour a go. Not just no new cases, no active cases in the country.
  7. Update on New Zealand. Of particular note is the one active case. No- one in hospital. Most people have been back at work for two weeks and gatherings are up to a 100 limit as of today. For the seventh day in a row, there are no new cases of COVID-19 to report in New Zealand. Our total number of confirmed cases remains at 1,154, which is the number we report to the World Health Organization. Our combined total of confirmed and probable cases remains at 1,504. There are seven additional recovered cases meaning this total is now 1,481. Only one case remains active. There are no additional deaths to report. There is no one in New Zealand receiving hospital-level care for COVID-19. Yesterday our laboratories completed 4,162 tests, bringing the total number of tests completed to date to 275,852.
  8. In my humble opinion, Kevin McCarra back in the day was much better than Tom English.
  9. On Thursday morning, all NZ businesses except bars will be open. Schools return on Monday. People can travel throughout NZ including internal flights. Bars can open next Thursday. Social distancing, hygiene measures and business contacts being logged will be in place. There are plans in place to lock down localised outbreaks going forward. 90 active cases in NZ, 2 in hospital, 0 in ICU and no increase in fatalities still at 21.
  10. Cases Scotland 12,437 NZ 1,488 Active Cases Scotland 3,130 NZ 151 Deaths Scotland 1,620 NZ 21 (more than half of these from one dementia unit in Christchurch) Government meeting on Monday to review. We could all be back at work on Wednesday. It wasn't rocket science, NZ went early and went hard. Went into strict lockdown 3 days after the first case of community transmission. Nae herd immunity pish here.
  11. Absolutely. I just finished re-reading the excellent All Hell Broke Loose by Max Hastings, and he gave an astonishing figure of 4.7 million German combatants killed by Stalin's lads, compared to half a million German military deaths inflicted by the Western Allies. So aye, 90% Russia 10% UK/USA. British resilience and American resources were important, but it was Russian blood on the Eastern Front more than any other factor that won the war. 20 million Russian people (military and civilian) died in the conflict.
  12. Haven't seen much reference to this. The U.K.'s first instance of community transmission of the virus was March 1. Lockdown was announced on March 23rd. NZ 's first case of community transmission was reported on March 24 the country went into full lockdown on March 27th. Yet, the UK Govt. claiming that they weren't too slow in responding. NZ easing lockdown measures next Monday for two weeks then reviewing the alert level at the end of that period. Scotland 8187 cases 902 deaths. NZ 1440 cases 12 deaths.
  13. I think she's a bit more than that. Didn't muck about changing the gun laws after the Christchurch shooting either.
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