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  1. Angie Dickinson's reaction to that line was brilliant. https://www.facebook.com/watch/?ref=search&v=330608417663264&external_log_id=fccf8c7e-c20e-4269-b0ce-0223941b08b2&q=welcome as a fart in a spacesuit
  2. Star sign Sagittarius, half man half horse, licensed to shit in the street.
  3. Fair points. Can't argue with you on brakes and suspension. However, Mazda tend to stick to tried and tested drivetrains. So no CVT/DCT transmissions and most cars have naturally aspirated engines. The 2003 Mazda MX5 that I sold in 2015 is still going strong today with only drop links being required since the new owner has had it. On the rust front all Mk2 MX5's get rusty sills. Two years ago I bought a 1999 Mazda Premacy it had no rust on it. Similarly I just sold a 2007 Mazda 5, again zero rust on it.
  4. They are introducing hybrid models in some markets. Mazda 3 hybrid is available here in NZ now. However only in the top spec model so isnae cheap. Mazda 2 hybrid is available in the uk
  5. If it was me I would buy a Mazda 3 over a Corolla every time. Depends on how you view cars. I like them to be fun or at least engaging to drive. That's where the Corolla falls down for me it's as dull as dishwater to drive. All Mazdas seem to be better driver's cars. Also, nowadays Mazda are just as reliable as Toyota and often cheaper to repair. The clincher for me is the quality of the interior of the Mazda. If you are going to be spending a lot of time per day in your car. The Mazda is a far nicer place to be. With some notable exceptions, Toyota are the masters of mediocrity for me.
  6. 2022 Polo is 1751 mm wide. Length 4050 -4080 mm. 2022 Yaris Cross 1765 wide. Length 4185.
  7. Have you considered a Yaris Cross hybrid? Phenomenal fuel consumption on them and the white one looks like star wars stormtrooper from the front.
  8. In more recent times, definitely Stelios. Eating the thrown chocolate bar will surely never be forgotten. Mark Yardley for me as the all time cult hero. For a chunky chappie he scored a ridiculous amount of goals. His last for the club vs Morton was probably one of his best. Zero scored an incredible free kick against us at Love street that had some of the St. Mirren fans applauding. Only other time that I've seen that was Charlie Adam's goal from halfway for Ross County.
  9. Is it nonsense ? Take the population of the UK (67 million) and divide it by the number of Covid deaths 216,000. See what number you get.
  10. In the U.K. 1 in 300 people died from Covid. In N.Z. 1 in 2000. I know which odds I prefer.
  11. For me tattie scones taste like hot cardboard. But hey each to there own. I like a fruit scone. £100,000 would do it
  12. Not likely, he hated that song. R.I.P. The guitar hero's, guitar hero.
  13. I want to rent a TV. A decade later ... I want to rent a video player
  14. Not a tank but definitely bigger in the trouser department than any Russian APC I can think of.
  15. Thanks for that. I was watching that second goal from Carter's corner. If my dodgy memory serves me correctly Frank back heeled it over the keeper. One of my all time favourite St. Mirren goals.
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