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  1. Do you think Catholics should be allowed to become King/Queen Deegas? What about Blacks ?
  2. IF the SUN 'Newspaper' isn't supporting independence it will be a blow. Idiots are swayed by media bias.
  3. Not content with ruining the TA forum and Misc Football, Savage Henry stumbles into Gen Nonsense. I normally like to catch up with this, but pages of turgid shite tonight lads.
  4. £15-17 would be my guess. Cheaper if you book with a private firm.
  5. It is a slog. Play it off the black tee's and its 7700 yards and the closest thing in Scotland to playing the US Open. I've played it off the green tees before (5800 yards) and it's quite a good golf course, from the Blacks it's absolutely superb. Break 80 and you've played really well (even if you play off plus figures)
  6. Do you like the old course Mid-table? I respect It but I'd much rather play the Dukes or the Torrance when in St Andrews.
  7. Every year the date of easter changes, sometimes by several weeks. Why is this ?
  8. Don't get your logic. Currently the polls (average out at) YES 34% NO 48% Unsure 18%. If by the end of the year we're sitting with YES 41% NO 57% unsure 2% I wouldn't suggest progress has been made.
  9. Another convincing win for the Red Barcelona today. 2nd place is now very possible.
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