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  1. But he is still registered with us so forms can't be registered.
  2. Fancy Medda to at least consolidate. All about getting the right players for the league. Good luck to Big Mic and Gareth. A return to sourcing players in the local market beckons.
  3. Looking forward to visiting a few new grounds next season and a few derbies to boot. What's the best ground/pitch/facilities and support in general. Always liked Kilsyth.
  4. The route of the majority of the problems was the move to Glasgow. Whoever sanctioned that, needs their head looked. I've said that since day 1.
  5. It shouldn't be the case though. That's basically sponsors blackmailing the West region to giving Pollok a financial leg up year on year. Newlandfield is a great venue but look at the investment in Auckinleck for example or dare I say meadow when our pitch was excellent. These clubs deserve to have finals too. FIFA got shut down for less!!!
  6. Is there a possibility of Medda linking up with a senior team, could be a good move whilst we sort out the finances?
  7. Is it true the wage bill for last season was 75k. And not a kick in the baws aff it this year? After what we have been watching I find that astonishing.
  8. This is an joke. A bad joke. After the last time when the golf company went bust Hibs got us out of jail, but there has been no lessons learned and the same over paying wages to players has happened for the last few years.......it's still happening and that's the galling bit.....lessons need to be learned but ADL here we come. Might be a good thing for the long term for the club. With the redevelopment of Quarry road there will be a few good players come out of Irvine in years to come. Let's hope we are still around to watch them
  9. Is there a rutherglen glen cairn page where you could bam up this wee fella? I'm starting to take an interest in this thread for obvious reasons an 50% of the stuff on it is aimed at one dude.
  10. Sickening but hopefully no permanent damage. Wee tadgers.
  11. Great result and a wee shot in the arm for the juniors tonight. More power to Linlithgow. They've spent the money on their ground they deserve an opportunity to showcase their team. I for one would love it if Meadow could follow suit.
  12. My team has been and always will be IMXI since the days of Alan Johnstone, Neilly Muggins Bomber Brown and Gary Faulds. There are guys that have been on that Meadow committee for 20 plus years and you are trying to blacken their name. I don't think that is fair. Meadow fan indeed. Come and see me on Saturday standing to the right of the home dugout where I always am.
  13. What's embarrassing is Meadow don't have an irvine based player and don't train in Ayrshire. The clue is in the name! Committee mibee just dint want to commute just like the players and staff.
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