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  1. They’re definitely in the “could do a job” bracket. That saved a lot of time for for everyone, you’re all welcome.
  2. Nice to see plucky wee Celtic win the title against all the odds for the 52nd time out of 125 attempts. Miracles can, and do, happen.
  3. There’s nothing inhumane about pointing out a huge swing and a miss, champ. Stick to the cold meat and mayo.
  4. I can read Spanish. Maybe run that through a translator, you malnourished welt.
  5. Well they have. Maybe you should check before making utterly shite points worthy of derision.
  6. If the beardy c**t had his arse out, you never know?
  7. They should get Hugh McIlvaney reading the P&B thread instead IMO.
  8. Moldova only ahead of Germany.
  9. I’m deaf and I definitely think Spain were the best.
  10. I just made the mistake of revealing one of Paulo’s posts. Still utter pish. The only thing missing was a picture of Colin Montgomery.
  11. I’d hope it would be Dougie Vipond doing a drum solo while Nick Nairn tosses a few pancakes on stage.
  12. Wash your hands? Don’t tell oaksoft.
  13. I’ve bet Poland as they win the phone vote practically everywhere. Tune is pish, though.
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