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  1. Hamilton shouldn’t have pitted, the wee fud. All on him and his team.
  2. “Not for me to say, but a lot of people might be claiming that this is an absolute disgrace and they’re all cheating b*****ds.”
  3. The 5 figure annual interest income on your tax return might be a bit of an issue too.
  4. Mrs JJJJS is always complementing me on my expert fingering.
  5. There’s four places: There’s The Yellow Yard. That’s on Third. There’s Yellows R Us. That’s on Third too. There’s Put Your Cards There. That’s also on Third. And Flash High Sweet Yellow Card… Matter of fact, they’re all in the same place: The Yellow Card complex down on Third.
  6. I was at the dinner tonight and am disgusted there was no sign of Straker. Delighted when Petravicius came out the hat to win the raffle, all the same.
  7. Interesting to see the attitude of the ‘control our own borders’ crowd to the revelation that the border has now miraculously moved to Dover.
  8. No need to get the popcorn in. It’s the half term break or something like that. Lazy bassas.
  9. I wouldn’t be travelling to anywhere with that nonce on the loose anyway.
  10. Big fan of a commentator who isn’t Eddie Butler saying Fickou. Normally a heads gone from me.
  11. I know f**k all about the rules but at one point there a Wales player was literally in the SA backfield.
  12. Shagging Edwina Currie is worse than invading Iraq on false pretences, IMO.
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