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  1. This is the Government that got elected with 3 or 4 word slogans. They know exactly that 'half price meals' is completely different to '£10 off'. Then later they can say stuff like: , full in the fucking knowledge that the people won't read things properly. The "half price meals" slogan was purely to make the Chancellor look like Jesus getting the takeaway order in at Bethsaida, and I bet there are poor b*****ds working up and down the country having to deal with arseholes being arseholes on the back of it.
  2. In yet another entirely predictable result of government spin and misdirection, Mrs JJJJS tells me that most people at her restaurant tonight were kicking off because they weren't getting 50% off their entire bill.
  3. "The proof is in the pudding". No it fucking isn't. The proof of the pudding is in the eating, you tit.
  4. Pleasantly surprised that the coverage hasn't been 25 minutes of Celtic & Rangers followed by a quick run through the teams.
  5. I like it. It opens up time for more soccerball as they don't need to waste time on the post match interviews.
  6. In a party of c***s he comes across as an absolute c**t so it would be of no surprise in the slightest. My sweepstake wouldn't be coming in though which is a shame.
  7. You missed Sweet Caroline and some fireworks. Gutted for you.
  8. Current MP who is an ex minister cuts down the options, certainly. I've got Jeremy Hunt in the sweep.
  9. I think this is absolutely correct. The 'cover up' is actually nothing to do with carrying out the event, but everything to do with the authorities trying to cover their own arses. The inconsistencies end up giving oxygen to the nutty theories.
  10. Lawrenson at least has a slight streak of humour. Murphy is the football equivalent of Father Paul Stone.
  11. No arms dives aren't always the best idea.
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