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  1. Celtic had much more will to win and better football knowledge. Simple as that.
  2. Heard? FACT. Tony Fitzpatrick played up front for Uruguay in the final game of the 1950 WC. 197.243 people were there to see him alone. The other couple of thousand were corporate c***s. They didn't even buy a pie. Arseholes.
  3. Voting for the only party that wants to revoke? Because of democracy. We can file your pish in the defecation filing cabinet, then. Thanks for playing.
  4. Non interesting fact number 23: Auto correct changes *midden* to mirren. Up yours Div. St Mirren ETA: Have to put "St" in front.
  5. It's a fact that Pele scored most of his goals against the Maureen's, all while there were more St Mirren fans inside the Santos stadium than Brazilians.
  6. He's no Pele, though. More of a Messi or a Maradona. 1,400 goals a season is fucking ridiculous. I can see about 813 as a maximum. Upward of 624 is likely.
  7. I must have missed the bit about them wanting another Scottish Indy Referendum. Voted for. Approved. All by a vote of the people. Passed in Parliament.
  8. If Motherwell continue to win every single game like we have in the last week, we'll lift the European Cup, if not in 2021, then definitely in 2022. That's a fact. And Turnbull isn't even back from the operation yet. Just let that sink in.
  9. I think every poster forum policeman that thinks this is the case should resign in a ridiculous tearful manner and then come back soon after named after the shittest character in a teenage fantasy series. Willow's girlfriend? She was pish. That'll do.
  10. Correct. Goalkeepers scoring in non punt up the park situations is fantastic. Exhibit A:
  11. Corbyn let him off with it. Zero critique whatsoever. Fucking shambles.
  12. You had to get Blob chaser too. It was like a shot of Benylin, IIRC. Anyhoo, £1.25 rings a bell. Back then you didn't ask for a brand, just a "lager" or a "heavy". People with 5 figure salaries might ask for a Coors Gold but me and my pals were below that.
  13. Not having a vote about anything, of course, is the definition of 'less divisive'. We should cancel football and declare every match a draw, IMO.
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