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  1. These two are pish. When is it we’re scheduled to run into one of them? I think we’ll pump either of the two of them when it comes.
  2. Nile Rodgers & Bernard Edwards > Lyndon Dykes.
  3. Any Americans that think the constitution is some kind of holy document that can’t be changed should be prohibited from drinking booze.
  4. I'm not sure what the worry is. By Game 3 we'll be on 6 points, already through, and taking advantage of that by rotating our squad.
  5. I assume the astrophysicist still hasn't got his hole, then?
  6. Presumably they’ll bring on Toto Schillaci near the end to score the winner to complete the 1990 retro feel.
  7. A gun’s not a weapon, Granny, it’s a tool. Like a butcher knife, a harpoon or an alligator.
  8. Reporting Scotland can f**k right off. Made the national BBC News though. Quality acting always rises to the top IMO. ETA: On BBC News 24 every hour too. BBC: Great bunch of lads.
  9. Transcript of the off camera interview: “What’s it like drinking inside again?” ”Sorry?! I’ve been drinking inside every single day since March 2020, thank you very much.”
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