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  1. What Was The Last Movie You Watched?

    Just been to see Beats. I've officially made my big screen debut.
  2. Eurovision

  3. Eurovision

  4. Eurovision

    Bum notes ahoy!
  5. Eurovision

    I'm so excited. Shit, that was the Pointer Sisters.
  6. Boxing Thread

    The Beast. Keep pushing.
  7. Eurovision

    Boxing is about to start, for anyone that's interested.
  8. Eurovision

    f**k. Right. Off.
  9. Eurovision

    Here's the rest of my money.
  10. Eurovision

  11. Eurovision

    Here's the money.
  12. Eurovision

    That's the bloke that won it for Austria, isn't it? Do I win £5?
  13. Eurovision

    Che roo beeeeeeee. I love you.
  14. Eurovision

    There's a tune on?
  15. Eurovision

    First tune to go up the tone at the end. 9 tunes in! We have a winner. Songwriters clearly don't know what they're doing anymore.