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  1. 29 games due to be played yesterday, 18 postponed, for the end of March beginning of April that is absolutely shocking.
  2. Oofftt ano Jon, sadly we've just got to be content with some of the rare aerial photography. I have a belter of an adamslie aerial shot from the 1980s, will dig it out and post. I remember it was a company taking aerial shots around Kirkintilloch and surrounding villages then going to peoples doors and trying to sell them, fair enough business idea me thinks, but the guy came to our house and was looking for £20 for the aerial shot of our house. My Dad being as sharp as a tack offered the guy a fiver backing it up with "who else is going to buy a picture of my house??? Deal done lol ha
  3. Brilliant, technology is the dugs bollocks eh
  4. The highlights packages being produced and edited now are getting better and better with each passing week. Alot of great work bring done by a lot of devoted fans all over the country. Well done to everyone who is involved.
  5. That was a good wee documentary, and I wish the guys well in their endeavours to create some sort of tangible and permanent memorial in Glenbuck, it will be interesting to follow its progress and see how it works out.
  6. Aw brilliant mate thanks, that is the book in question thanks for sharing this excellent piece of history EBay can stick their £28 where the sun don't shine ha
  7. Definitely, I'm going to try and get a hold of a copy and at least take a photocopy of it. Friend of mine at Kilsyth Rangers recently gave me a photocopy of the original Rob Roy history book published in 1960. A great read, the journalistic quality was so much better in those days, there was none of the silly nonsense that you get in many publications nowadays.
  8. There one of these books on eBay with a buy it now price of £28, it's called "The Cherrypickers -- A football nursery". Or you could go into your local Ayrshire reference library and photocopy it for a couple of quid.
  9. Sounds a gem and a treasure trove of a book, the local councils used to produce very good publications on various forms of local history. Not so much nowadays.
  10. Yeah will do the same, love football hstory stuff, especially if it's got a bit of local interest which this has.
  11. Looks a good book aswell at a decent price, popped it on my list for ordering
  12. Very interesting article. www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-scotland-35659252 While I am on does anyone know how to copy and paste while using a tablet? I ended up having to type the link, there must be an easier way of doing it? Cheers
  13. Looking at the forecasts, quite cold tonight and early morning, but warming up with plenty sunshine late morning and all afternoon. Should be a full card. Hopefully.
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