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  1. yes your Wright Cowden loyal but nothing worse when you know your best players (loanees)are off when you need them most. Maybe just maybe a solid team might do better in the long term
  2. I think it's time to stop taking players on loan, looking back on the last couple of seasons the loanees were doing great but when they left the team s confidence went to f"@k let's give the young ones a decent run
  3. i like a good kdy exhibit zen is that the same as a hibsit mmm
  4. ahh the pars are we in 💷💷💷💷
  5. Hope we just go out and take the game from the off don't leave it till next week 2-1 Cowden
  6. get te yer bed min (afore yer sister) tomoz is another day lad
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