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  1. Edinburgh United have been deducted 2 points. Ineligible player 17 September * Edinburgh United have been deducted 3 points. Ineligible player 18 March
  2. Sonic Youth - Pacific Coast Highway
  3. Big Shed Brewing Smash Gordon Smash Pale Ale. The contents not as good as the can.
  4. The Raveonettes - Endless Sleeper
  5. Waiting on a prescription being filled and pub next door. Coopers Pale Ale imperial pint all day $9 special.
  6. The Saints cover much better than The Easybeats original
  7. Not better but I like it’s a good cover
  8. Try this one even though it’s not better than the original. This one is better though.
  9. Nathaniel Atkinson, Kye Rowles and Cameron Devlin are part of a 23 man squad for a friendly against Argentina in Beijing on 15 June. Not sure if he’ll be back on loan with you but Garang Kuol wasn’t selected as he is with the Olympic squad for the Maurice Revello Tournament in France.
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