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  1. We created the better chances in the first half but then fell out of the game. referee was an utter disgrace bottling the penalty and the clearest sending off I've ever seen.
  2. Quite enjoyed Warburtons a fanny and the Icelandic clap TBH. Some atmosphere where I was. Get some more hot dogs in the pie stand though. Ran out again.
  3. Verdasco must have found a new gluten free diet over the off season the way he's been playing.
  4. You should tell him about the fab refs changing room. Sure he'd walk from Dundee to see such a sight.
  5. Almagro now beginning to look like the latest jobber in a long line of jobbers.
  6. Breaks Murray to love. Looks like he's bricking it right enough.
  7. Strange if true. Sign here and we'll give you money and training etc. Well I'm not really feeling 100% so don't want to commit. Who needs money and training anyway. I'd rather take this risk of never getting fit and getting no money. Sounds like the exact opposite of Riordan IMO.
  8. Isn't Frazer Wright about 100 years old? Pretty sure he did.
  9. Not sure what the outrage is about... A part time team could never finish above a full time team in this league Dumbarton could never finish above Raith Dumbarton haven't finished above Raith for half the seasons they've been in this league Raith couldn't flirt with relegation I thought our manager was a clown
  10. More like give the money to the big clubs to fund them bringing in youngsters from abroad. The only reason for this is to theoretically raise quality to get a better TV deal so they can then award themselves a payrise. Wankers. When will these clowns realise that clubs only aim is to do the best for their club. They don't guve a f**k about the Scotland team as it's not their job.
  11. No, you said originally that your terracing and stand were up to UEFA 5 star standard which is clearly absolute shite and would have been even if assessed 10 years ago when those standards were replaced.
  12. For a start there are no 5 star criteria any more. Even if they did still exist it takes a lot more than having changing rooms at least 100m2 to have a ground meet the criteria. What you're actually saying is our ground is great because we have nice changing rooms and making wild unsubstantiated claims about a standard that doesn't exist any more
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