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  1. Kelly Sod Mugabi Lamie Carroll Roberts Slattery Goss/Maguire Wooly Watt KVV I’d take a barely deserved 1-0 win please.
  2. I’d love Darvel away. That’s the closest thing I’ve got to a “home” ground from where I grew up in Drumclog.
  3. Sad news indeed. Watching the 96 and 97 Williams cars as a wee boy and playing the games back then got me right into motorsport. RIP
  4. In my 25 year career watching football, I’ve never seen a referee play on from that situation until yesterday’s game. The Dundee player did stick out a leg to block it too.
  5. Dundee were very good at breaking up the play with fouls as well. It’s a good tactic. You’re not as soft as you used to be. The incident I mentioned there was when we tried to take a quick free kick and it hit a Dundee player three yards away and Napier just let play go on instead of a retake. The tube.
  6. Alexander was quite emotional in his post match interview today. Hopefully we see a reactions vs the dabs.
  7. I wonder if Alexander will be tempted to go with the 442 from the second half on Tuesday?
  8. It was more of an in general comment. Why bother stopping the play? A bug bear of mine.
  9. Why does the referee not just give the penalty instead of stopping the play at that corner? We’re rotten.
  10. This is Accies on New Year’s Day bad. We’re all over the place.
  11. No Goss or O’Hara. I’m guessing they’re injured.
  12. I only really know three of their players. It’s a winnable game.
  13. Finished 4th in my first season with Newcastle and beat Wolves 6-0 in the FA cup final. Raphina, Madueke, Isak and Vlahovic are goals and assists machines. Signed Bennacer, Kalulu, Musiala, Szoboszlai and Reguilon in the summer window to sort out centre mid and full backs before I realised I didn’t have enough English players for registration purposes. So I’ve punted Zakaria, Kraft and Manquillo and bought in an English goalie fae Stoke, and got both Maitland-Niles and Dane Scarlett on loan. Scarlett scored 5 goals in his debut in an 8-1 spanking of Burnley. I don’t think I’ve ever had a player on champy that’s made as good a start as Scarlett has. He’s only two stars as well.
  14. I like to think Paul McGowan’s hair is part of his community service that’s keeping him out of prison. Carry out the embarrassing acts then you’ve got to have embarrassing hair Paul.
  15. The weather isn’t looking great for this. I might take advantage of the stream in a warm house with cold cans.
  16. I wonder if the one that opened the pizza shop is still in business.
  17. Aye I feel like extra pressure has been put on Dundee after tonight’s result. Although I’m very much still looking over our shoulder still to be fair. Fucking Hibs the useless b*****ds.
  18. Same team for us surely. Shields to go on a scoring run with a double here. 2-2
  19. Lamie and Mugabi are the new Jim Paterson and Steve McGarry.
  20. I hated how easily some of them gave up. Number 5 just started walking the other way.
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