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  1. My initial reaction is that this has the potential to be a good banter appointment.
  2. I thought McGinn’s miss in the first half was also really bad.
  3. I think we missed Slattery. Dean was definitely an upgrade on Maguire when he came on. Apparently Tierney’s shot in the first few minutes hit the outside of the post, so we hit the post 3 times, the bar once, had a marginal offside goal and Gordon made a couple of wonder saves. On another day we could have scored 3 ourselves. We are playing much better football but the first and third goals were honking defensively from us. Lamie’s header falls right for the striker for the first and McKinstry loses his man for the third. I’d still rather lose 3-0 playing like that than Alexanderball or Robinsonball.
  4. McInnes’ face is bruised all over in his interview. Has Del boy been battered?
  5. Argentina are a brilliant team to watch. Enjoyed that second half.
  6. I decided not to listen to Sportsound today because of the lack of open all mics.
  7. I just want to point out that I hate Sunday games.
  8. 4-3 to Motherwell with penalties and red cards everywhere.
  9. What a miss [emoji1787][emoji1787][emoji1787]. This has been a cracking watch because of the poor quality of both teams at the back.
  10. Aye that is a scary one for Albon. I had my appendix removed when I was a teenager and can confirm it hurts like a b*****d, nevermind having respiratory failure on top of it.
  11. I very much enjoyed binging the new season this weekend. Great show.
  12. Apologies if this has been posted today already but I’m very proud. Silky Hammellball with a mix of thunderdome is exactly what the doctor ordered.
  13. That’s one of the most one sided nil nils I’ve ever been at. KVV really should be up the road with the match ball. We played some nice stuff at times so I’m still feeling positive. Dundee United have no pace and very little threat. I can see it being a long season for them.
  14. I think Wednesday was the first time Joe has played out on the right to be fair to him? I’d be picking Joe over Shields out there for now anyway. I’d be sticking with the same team today with a view to build up fitness for the new signings to eventually claim a place in the team.
  15. It’s going to be great having Moult, McKinstry and Aarons coming off the bench instead of Morris. Hopefully we can build on Wednesday night. 4-2 Motherwell with braces for KVV, Moult and Watt.
  16. I can’t even remember the last time we did any highlights.
  17. Hammell’s ruthless deadline day begins. I want Barry Maguire out on loan to be the next departure.
  18. The lack of nonsense rumours is disappointing. Who’s at upper crust?
  19. That was much better tonight. On Saturday our centre backs struggled to get the ball to the midfield and we ended up going long and losing possession. For the first goal I was expecting Goss to pass backwards again but instead went forward and it was a well worked goal. Slat man found a lot of space with his first touch a few times and had a good game. Joe actually looked decent out right and had good build up play but the final ball let him down a bit. I’m warming to Spittal who had a good game. McKinstry had good composure and I liked how quickly he plays the ball. Rolando is the new leader of the receders with that hair doo. He looks like he’ll take a wee while to get up to speed but he was dangerous. Tierney was great at finding space tonight. There was a bit of play in the first half that was exceptional. He got a chipped ball from Kelly, Chested it under pressure and then headed forwards it in the same motion and took about three ICT players out the game. I’d have loved it if he scored from that late run. The slight change of shape to a more 4231 definitely suited him and gave us more balance. My mate was saying that last season Billy Dodds talked on the radio about not doing any defence training yet. He might want to start that soon as some of the defending was atrocious. KVV laughably bullied the right centre back in the box a couple of times. It was pathetic defensively from them.
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