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  1. This has been crazy. How strong is that Mercedes by the way? It’s had contact twice but Hamilton’s pace is still tremendous.
  2. Sweep on what time this race finishes? It’ll be lucky to make the 4 hour time limit at this rate.
  3. The Mercedes have got lucky with red flags and safety cars earlier in the season. They were maybe due a bit of bad luck in that regard.
  4. The defending for all three Rangers goals is embarrassing. It looks like both linesmen forgot their flags at Pittodrie. A lot of questionable decisions for both teams.
  5. The referee is having a nightmare for me. Didn’t even check the Dortmund penalty that looked like one and then gives a penalty to Bayern for that.
  6. Max was so far up as well. The pressure of the championship?
  7. No penalty for Hamilton for ignoring double waved yellows which is fair enough when you read the reasoning.
  8. I’d be offering him a shree year deal on good money. He’ll definitely be weighing up his options which is fair enough as long as he keeps doing what he’s been doing.
  9. Also I loved that Bevis attempted a volley at the equaliser.
  10. Hamilton going to the stewards for double waved yellow flag infringement. Possible 5 place grid penalty.
  11. I wanted Duncan on the pitch at the winning goal. I’m not angry. I’m just disappointed.
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