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  1. Devante kept autocorrecting to decanter in our group chat so that’s now his name.
  2. Super Joe and his big clown feet that were too big for his body.
  3. Aberdeen getting their pants pulled down by County at the weekend was probably a bad thing for us. Although Derek may try something new against us again so it may work in our favour. I wouldn’t be surprised if it finished 1-1 but expect Aberdeen to win.
  4. Moult in a wheelchair would still be a better option than Jordan White. I still have hope for Long. I don’t know why but I’ve got a feeling he could be important in the second half of the season. I do agree with flinging seedorf, Lamie, White, etc in the bin.
  5. That second half was brutal. At least Lawless made a few passes because not many other players did. Ah well at least we’re off the bottom.
  6. It’s good and all that but the players should have covered the fine.
  7. Everything is pointing to a large Rangers win. I’ll begrudgingly admit they’re actually pretty decent and I can’t even remember the last time we scored a goal a Fir Park - never mind won a game. However, with everything that’s been going on around our club recently, I can see Alexander rallying the troops and creating an everything is against us type attitude. I can also see Rangers thinking it will be easy especially after Celtic’s millionth slip up on Monday. I’ve just got a feeling that we’ll win on Sunday. Motherwell 1-0 complacent p***ks with Lawless scoring the winning goal from the spot.
  8. It’s the end of next season. I think he’ll do a job this season and next season he’ll definitely be a better option off the bench than we’ve had this season.
  9. Did one of Kovalev’s early opponents not die like a week after the fight?
  10. I did notice the bold Flow tweeting that there is irons in the fire over the last couple of days.
  11. It’s probably better than the Aldred at Hamilton one. We have none of that just now.
  12. They need to get ducking on with it. We could have easily played the games by now.
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