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  1. That should have been a red card for Jimenez. VAR up to the old tricks again. Son was sent off for less vs Chelsea last season.
  2. That’s what Spurs get for being so lackadaisical in the second half. Mourinho will be fuming.
  3. I bet Davie Moyes wishes he’d stayed at home today.
  4. Booked for time wasting at home to fucking Brighton.
  5. Vasquez has found McBurnie’s missing socks.
  6. Whoever’s decision it was not to kick for the three needs to have a look at themselves. Still it’s good having Scottish winners.
  7. Good play by Finn again. Game on.
  8. She was very over excited. I enjoyed today’s programme although Partick Thistle are added to the coupon busters list.
  9. I thought Jonny Gray would have been cup tied. I think a colour blind person would be struggling with the two shirts today.
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