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  1. This is the worst I’ve ever seen Celtic play.
  2. Is it just 1 team that goes through from each group?
  3. I’m a big fan of that Turkish boy at the back. Leicester are brilliant to watch.
  4. Leicester should have finished this off but for a few shite passes in the final third.
  5. The person that does our highlights was having a laugh including those first two shots. I thought our disallowed goal was onside at the game and the highlights show that two defenders are definitely playing Campbell onside by a couple of yards and a third might also be playing him onside as well. It’s as bad a decision as Ross Forbes disallowed goal against the original Rangers all those years ago. I’m also a wee bit annoyed that Donnelly’s glorious hack wasn’t in the highlights.
  6. Hi I’m Gianfranco and I’m a Jermaine Hylton fan.
  7. I have the fear a bit as well. Many pish Hearts teams have won at Fir Park in recent years. However, we are scoring for fun so 3-1 Motherwell.
  8. I was expecting a tough match tonight but for the first time in a while Saints were not hard to beat. They offered very little going forward as well. Hylton was class for us again and the work rate of Polworth was incredible in forcing Saints to go longer.
  9. My chromecast has cut out so many times I’ve stuck a film on instead.
  10. My stream from prime has cut out 3 times already.
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