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  1. This thread has a mental amount of new pages everyday. Mr Anderson is also pretty mental to want to put that kind of cash into our game. Fair play to him, the mental b*****d.
  2. I’m not a huge fan of collars but I do like the petrol blue colours. Have we ever had three better players doing the kit launch? Also was Paddy Power unsponsering us just a one year thing?
  3. I’d have offered Hartley a one year deal over Dunne tbh. Hopefully Carson has still got it.
  4. I’d also have Gboly at the top of my list. He made me like football again after a turgid first half of the season.
  5. I can’t be bothered with Watt’s Celtic tweets. I think he’s a decent player and I’d give him a one year deal but he’s been Unfollowed.
  6. The 1975 album has a lot of good tunes on it - and a lot of filler shite as well.
  7. Ordered this on Amazon for about £15. I got to about 40% about 5 years ago before my Xbox broke so looking forward to starting again.
  8. I started this yesterday. Got to the part where you have a cut scene with Leon meeting Claire in the parking lot early on and I went straight back upstairs - not noticing the cutters or door that was there. Spent about an hour running about the west wing not being able to get anywhere new before I went back down. After playing The Last of Us I miss not being able to kill a zombie by throwing a knife. Also the bit in the library where you move the shelves is ridiculously unrealistic. You could easily jump to get to the other side if the game let you jump.
  9. Gordon played for a few of my mates’ amateur team so I’ve met him a few times. He’s definitely a ‘Well fan and he seems a sound guy as well. I’ve actually been listening to Superscoreboard’s podcast from Thursdays because the quizzes they’ve been doing are quite good.
  10. Goosebumps did it first back in the day on the episode that Ryan Gosling was in. I think it was say cheese and die. Might give that film a swatch.
  11. Money to sponsors and tv companies. Plus all finances would have to be shared equally since no one technically finished anywhere, which they just wouldn’t agree on. Pretty much the same reason we couldn’t do it here.
  12. I’m interested to see what they do in england now they’ve called league 2. On almost every Facebook page about the English premier league they all say null and void, not realising they can’t do that.
  13. That Japapa song just came on one of my playlists. I’m sure I’ve asked this before but what is the script with us playing it when we score? Is it something one of the teams we’ve played in Europe play? I’m sure Maria by Scooter was stolen from Steaua Bucharest as goal music when we played them.
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