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  1. I would have probably kept Donnelly if he was on squad player wages. With that in mind I was expecting him to leave. Can’t wait for the Bathgate Maldini socials.
  2. AWB will likely end up back at Palace. I always thought Victor Moses would too.
  3. I’m guessing Spittal would be replacing Roberts. He’s a decent enough player to bring off the bench and occasionally start.
  4. Donnelly reminds me of Carl McHugh a wee bit as he’s not really got an outstanding position. He’s alright at both defence and midfield. Good luck in India Liam.
  5. Zack Brown was a Brands Hatch yesterday checking on one of his development drivers.
  6. I’m glad Ukraine got their token sympathy win at Eurovision last night, so we can now pump them at fitba.
  7. Cowdenbeath have hit the woodwork twice but have offered very little. Not really impressed with Bonnyrigg either but they are more composed in the final third.
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