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  1. Scottish Cup Quater Final Draw

    Good post. Is there a social club or pubs beside ground? Cheers
  2. Scottish Cup Quater Final Draw

    How can you say lochee have no chance?? They are in the tie so have a chance. Lochee play together as well It’s all about opinions though. I feel sometimes the west just discard the east teams. There are some really good east teams who do really well. I agree beith are favourites but think it’s out of order saying beith will take 3 off lochee especially people who don’t watch them every week. Hope the beith players honk it will be a walk in the park. They might just be shocked. [emoji106]
  3. Scottish Cup Quater Final Draw

    Lochee have beaten auchinleck pollok. Hurlford and arthurlie in the Scottish over the years. Should be a cracker of a tie against beith one of the junior giants. Fancy Bo’ness to beat hurlford. Not sure about Carnoustie v talbot though. Let’s all agree that there is some cracking ties to look forward to. It’s all about opinions. Mon the chee
  4. Scottish Cup Quater Final Draw

    How’s that? What do you know about lochee united? Plus who are Darvel!!
  5. Scottish Cup Quater Final Draw

    Very very hard draw away to beith. Should be a cracker of a game though. Beith will be favourites imo but lochee are very capable of beating anyone. Look forward to my first trip to beith juniors.
  6. Favourite quirks of Scottish stadiums.

    Some good pictures on this thread. Parkhead looked a right shitter back in the day to what it is now. That rangers enclosure pic is a cracker. Ibrox is falling to bits now though haha
  7. Scottish Cup Quater Final Draw

    Tbf the ref had a shocker
  8. Scottish Cup Quater Final Draw

    Talbot? If so yes. If I’m right the ref made one of the teams retake a penalty
  9. Scottish Cup Quater Final Draw

    As I’ve said previously I’d take anyone at home. Who does everyone else want??
  10. Bo'ness United 2017/18

    Cheers. Said on the Scottish thread I’d take anyone at home. Thoughts??
  11. Bo'ness United 2017/18

    Well done Bo’ness. Great result in the Scottish [emoji106][emoji106]
  12. Scottish Junior Cup

    Anyone at lochee for me please
  13. Celtic in Europe - 17/18

    Won’t last long don’t worry
  14. Scottish Cup 7th Round and Quarter Final Draw

    Good luck to Douglas. Hope you win it.