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  1. This topic has me really worried about the future survival of some of our clubs , a , when will we be able to resume , b. what are the financial implications for some of our clubs who rely heavily on the generosity of sponsors ,who due this situation will not be in a position to continue sponsoring organisations in their local community,
  2. Thanks Phil nice to see you at the game , I don't know why the fuss was concerning this fixture , as you said earlier the wind did not affect this game , if I had any gripes it wpuld have been the rain which again although constant did not effect the game in any way, I did not see any criticism about the games played on Saturday. which had been played in conditions which where slightly worse if anything.
  3. tonights game Johnstone burgh v Lugar Boswell is on 7-30 kick off
  4. Johnstone burgh home game this week has been switched to New Western park Renfrew on Friday night with a 7-30 kick off ..game Johnstone Burgh v Lugar Boswell Thistle . We wish to thank Renfrew for the use of their facilities.
  5. Johnstone Burgh manager Jamie Mc Kim and Assistant Davy Hill are on the radio show this coming Friday
  6. Johnstone Burgh are looking for a friendly next Saturday ,if interested please call 07719323744 for details
  7. The West Region Bus leaves from the side of Queen Street Station at 10am
  8. The west region bus leaves from the side of Queen Street Station at 10am

  9. I have for the past 5 or 6 years proposed at the west region to change all kick off times to either a 2-30 or 3 pm kick off , however despite getting support from the better supported clubs this proposal has constantly been defeated , excuses have been 3pm would mean being stuck in a traffic jam from Ibrox , or being unable to go out with the Mrs as excuses not to vote for change, my argument is how often do Rangers play on a Saturday nowadays ,or do we really need to put ourselves in direct competition with Sky games which Kick off at 12-30 and finishing at 2-20 , I honestly think that we give ourselves a better chance of attracting fans of preferably a 3pm kick off or at least if we get a 2-30 kick off ,will put all junior games kicking off at the same time..
  10. Todays game Johnstone Burgh v Annbank is on 1-45 Kick off
  11. Johnstone Burgh are on the lookout for local businesses to sponsor in various ways , we are looking for businesses to advertise around the perimeter of our park, also on the lookout for sponsors for playing staff sponsorships if you can help then please contact me on 07719323744
  12. Got a message from someone at BSC THEY REALLY LAUGHFULLY proposed a west region of the pyramid ,this is coming from a team who play their games at Alloa which is in the east region , coming from a club without their own ground is a non starter

    1. Jerry Macguire

      Jerry Macguire

      So forward thinking is restricted to those clubs with their own grounds?

      Take note East Stirlingshire, Stirling Uni, Edusport, & Cumbernauld Colts. An argument could even be made for the current league champions being added to that list as I believe technically the football club don't own K-Park.

      Playing in Alloa is a temporary situation until we can sort out a more permanent solution in Glasgow. A West of Scotland league is a sensible idea and judging by some of the threads running on the Juniors forum one that is being viewed in a positive light. But you carry on telling anyone who cares that the idea should be ignored because BSC don't have a ground of their own and play in Alloa.

  13. My proposals are based on attracting interest in our game , the sectional league cups are boring ,they do not attract new people to come along and see a junior game , my other fear if we don't change then we could lose clubs due to a failure to attract a younger fan base and in the long run people to keep serve on committees/ many committees that I encounter are worryingly old As you will no doubt be aware we are finding it really hard to get our leagues and cups sponsored at the moment . this is another indication of how unattractive our current set up is to the business community . Scottish junior Cup no sponsor and it is getting harder to attract sponsors for the other cup competitions and leagues
  14. my proposal is as Kenny has laid out, if end of season league cup are scrapped then it would pave the way for a better organising of the Evening times trophy which could be played for by the 4 league winners plus the winners of the west league cup and sectional league cup as said if we start the season on the first Saturday in August you could have your sectional league cup finalists known early , and you could say by the 12thAugust have 2 league games played and by the end of August 6 league games played you could also have the winners of 16 sections played on wed 9th quarter finals on the 16TH and semis on the 23rd .
  15. I did put in a proposal , it was to scrap the ardgath and central sectional cups and replace it with a west region sectional league cup , as we have 64 clubs the idea was to split the teams into 8 regional sections Of 8 than from each section have a draw and from each 8 draw 2 sections of 4 meaning 3 games per section then the 2 winners play each other to decide who goes into the quarter finals ,second year reverse the fixtures and when we get to every 3rd year we then redraw the sections , this would mean that the competition would be much better , this would mean a maximum of 7 fixtures for the finalists. this proposal will be put to the delegates at the west region A.G.M
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